Jan Pieter Cardinal Schotte, C.I.C.M. † Jan Pieter Cardinal Schotte, C.I.C.M. †
Secretary Emeritus of Roman Curia - Other
Cardinal Deacon of S Giuliano dei Fiamminghi
Apr 29, 1928
Nov 26, 1994
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French Jan 16, 2005
Le Pape salue la «vie exemplaire» de Mgr Schotte
Nul n'est prophète en son pays. Alors que la mort du cardinal Pieter Jan Schotte passe, pour ainsi dire, inaperçue en Belgique, le pape Jean-Paul II a adressé, mardi, un message aux proches du défunt pour souligner combien il avait apprécié «le service généreux» de son collaborateur dont il souligna aussi «la grande attention aux questions sociales en pleine fidélité à l'Evangile».
English Jan 16, 2005
The role of bishops in the Church and in the world
Two years after the gathering of representatives of the world’s Catholic bishops in Rome, the Pope used the twenty-fifth anniversary of his election last week to promulgate its conclusions – an exhortation on the role of the bishop, the “servant of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the hope of the world”. The main interest of Pastores Gregis is how it deals with objections to Roman centralisation. It does so by declaring the concept of subsidiarity to be a dead letter when applied to the Church.
English Jan 16, 2005
Taiwan: Catholics Committed in Evangelization of Mainland China
The Catholic Church in Taiwan is committing herself to be a bridge for the evangelization of mainland China, highlighted this week Cardinal Jan Pieter Schotte, Secretary general of the Synod of Bishops. In declarations to Fides during his trip to Taiwan, Cardinal Schotte said that Church in the island "welcomed the mandate issued by the Pope in 1984. It is giving serious attention to his call to be a bridge between the universal Church and the Church in mainland China, today a martyr Church."
English Jan 16, 2005
Sister named to high-level Vatican post
In a historic breakthrough, a woman has been named to one of the top three positions in a congregation, the most powerful type of Vatican office. The move could defy conventional wisdom under John Paul II that because congregations exercise ecclesiastical power in the name of the pope, their top officials must be clergy.
German Jan 15, 2005
Kardinal Schotte prägte die Kirche
Zwei Jahrzehnte lang gehörte der, wie gestern gemeldet, verstorbene Kardinal Jan Pieter Schotte zu den prägenden Persönlichkeiten der katholischen Kirche. Als Generalsekretär der Bischofssynode koordinierte der belgische Priester von 1985 bis Februar 2004 die Institution, die vom Zweiten Vatikanischen Konzil als Organ der kirchlichen Kollegialität eingerichtet wurde, die - freilich nur beratend - die Kirchenleitung auf eine breitere Basis stellen sollte. Erstes Projekt des Scheut-Missionars Schottes war im Herbst 1985 die außerordentliche Bischofssynode anlässlich »20 Jahre Konzilsende«.
English Jan 11, 2005
The Faith is not Being Transmitted
Even before the European bishops began their deliberations, the Secretary General of the Synod, Cardinal Jan Schotte, had told reporters that the most pressing concerns for the Church in Europe “are not political or social, but involve the need for a new evangelization of the continent.”
English Jan 11, 2005
That Blessed Rage for Order
For one thing, Belgian Cardinal Jan Schotte, the man who runs the synod, suffers from that “blessed rage for order” described by poet Wallace Stevens.
English Jan 11, 2005
After 150 Years
Homily by Jan Pieter Cardinal Schotte, C.I.C.M., Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception Washington, D.C.8 December 2004.
French Jan 11, 2005
Synode des Evêques: Un "message d´espérance pour le monde"
Comment s´élabore cet "Instrumentum"? Le processus synodal: "Aucun synode n´est une île"
French Jan 11, 2005
Les synodes et l´information: les "paramètres"
Pour "le respect de la totale liberté de l´évêque". L'information, au cours du synode, repose sur des paramètres précis et offre des rendez-vous réguliers avec la presse, expliquait ce matin le cardinal Jan Pieter Schotte.
English Jan 11, 2005
Cardinal Schotte urges fidelity, reverence for Eucharist
Throngs of Catholics celebrated the Vigil Mass of Corpus Christi at the America's Center in St. Louis, and marched in a mile-long Eucharistic procession to the Gateway Arch during a Eucharistic Congress on June 15-16. About 32,000 people participated in the events of the Congress, which commemorated the one-hundredth anniversary of a similar event in Saint Louis.
English Jan 11, 2005
Cardinal Schotte Reflect on European Synod 1999
FIDES spoke with Cardinal Jan Schotte, the secretary general for the Synod of Bishops, Oct. 26, 1999
English Jan 11, 2005
The Procedure Does not Leave Room for 'Prime Donne'
Transmitting the faith in a religiously illiterate culture is the challenge facing the Synod of Bishops, says the assembly's secretary-general.
English Jan 11, 2005
Local Tridentine Community Celebrates its First Confirmation
Twenty confirmands receive sacrament from Cardinal Schotte. Milwaukee’s Tridentine Community held its first Confirmation Saturday, Dec. 20. 2003.
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