Camillo Cardinal Ruini Camillo Cardinal Ruini
Cardinal Vicar of Roma, Italy
Cardinal Priest of S Agnese fuori le mura
Feb 19, 1931
Jun 28, 1991
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English Cardinal Ruini reflects on Pope John Paul’s legacy
Oct 30, 2008

Thirty years after the election of Pope John Paul II, Cardinal Camillo Ruini, vicar-general emeritus of Rome and former head of the Italian bishops’ conference, reflected upon the Pontiff’s legacy. ‘The pontificate of John Paul II was of great significance,’ Cardinal Ruini said in an interview with a Polish Catholic weekly. ‘We all remember his contribution to the fall of the Iron Curtain. However, I think that the most important thing is what the Pope did to rebuild confidence in the Church and her mission, for restoring dignity and struggling for the rights of the poor nations as well as unborn children. The key to understand his pontificate is the relationship between John Paul II and God, which exerted influence on his pastoral activities and historical events. The Holy Father was deeply convinced that secularization was not an inevitable and irreversible fact-- the world and history will not necessarily go away from God.’

Cardinal Ruini also criticized the European Union for an insufficient respect for the principle of subsidiarity. ‘The European Union too often tries to appropriate the competences of nations-- this is a serious threat. If we want to build Europe well we must do it on the basis of subsidiarity. And this means that Europe should only deal with what the nations cannot do better themselves. Imposing ‘European’ standards concerning social and family life is a wrong idea. It is obvious that the lifestyle and mentality of Poles, Spaniards, or Scandinavians are very different and ignoring these differences only leads to unnecessary tensions.’
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