Paul Joseph Jean Cardinal Poupard Paul Joseph Jean Cardinal Poupard
President of Culture, Roman Curia
Cardinal Priest of S Prassede
Aug 30, 1930
May 25, 1985
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English Cardinal Poupard appreciates rich culture of Goa
Nov 20, 2006
The head of the Pontifical Council for Culture and for Inter-religious Dialogue, Cardinal Paul Poupard was warmly welcomed by the Archbishop Patriarch, Rev Filipe Neri Ferrao and the Superior General of the Society of Pilar, Fr Tony Lopes.

(, Panaji, Nov 19, ) The Cardinal is accompanied by the secretary to the Council, Fr Bernard Ardura and Fr Theodore Mascarenhas, the official of the Council.

The Cardinal visited the Apostolic School and the orphanage at Pilar. He also visited the Pilar monastery, seminary and the museum.

In the evening, the Cardinal visited Mangueshi temple and was taken around by the priests of the temple. He also visited the family of Kalpana Behre at the Vamaneshvar temple in Davlli. His interesting visit was the visit to the mut at Kavllem.

The Cardinal said that the entire day was an honour to the two departments he is holding — of culture and Inter-religious dialogue — seeing the rich culture of Goa. He also appreciated the family values during his visit to different families.

The Cardinal will be the main celebrant at the death anniversary mass of Fr Agnelo at Pilar on November 26. In the evening he will be inaugurating an exhibition at Old Goa in the old Archbishop’s palace.

The Cardinal will be presiding for three days over the meeting of cultural centres of India at the Pilar Theological College. Forty representatives from all over India are expected.

Besides, the Cardinal will preside over an all-India symposium on globalisation organised by the Pilar Theological College. The Governor will be the chief guest at a cultural programme on November 22 at the college.
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