George Cardinal Pell George Cardinal Pell
Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy
Cardinal Priest of St. Mary Dominic Mazzarello
Jun 08, 1941
Oct 21, 2003
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English Aug 02, 2016
Cardinal Pell vigorously rejects sex abuse allegations
Australian Cardinal George Pell, the Vatican’s top financial officer, is facing multiple allegations of sexual abuse in his native country, according to a new report from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
English Aug 02, 2016
Pell claims start to resemble smear
JUST when you think the demonisation of Cardinal George Pell can’t get any worse, it does. And with every allegation, as flimsy and contagious as they are, comes the damaging insinuation that where there’s smoke there’s fire.
English May 18, 2016
Laypeople a bridge between Church and the world
Laypeople are called to be a bridge between the Church and the world, particularly in matters of finance where "clerics simply do not have that high level of expertise that can only come from highly competent and dedicated professionals," said Cardinal George Pell, prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy.
English Apr 27, 2016
Case for the defense of Cardinal Pell heard in Australia
In another piece, Bolt called Pell “the victim of one of the most vicious witch hunts to disgrace this country,” describing the process as “shameful, disgusting, and frightening.”
Italian Feb 21, 2016
Pell si difende dalle accuse. E contrattacca: fuga di notizie è strumentale
Il cardinale George Pell, prefetto della Segreteria per l’Economia, risponde con una nota alla stampa australiana che informa su una serie di indagini sul suo conto.
English Feb 21, 2016
Cardinal Pell calls for inquiry into press leaks accusing him of abuse
Australian Cardinal George Pell called for an inquiry into the leaking of accusations that he is under police investigation for the alleged abuse of minors.
English Nov 28, 2015
Cardinal George Pell locked in two-front battle at the Vatican Date
Cardinal George Pell is fighting battles on two fronts, one financial and the other in the realm of church doctrine, an area in which he managed to irk Pope Francis.
English Nov 21, 2015
Bishops’ dispute over Communion issue rachets up
The dispute between conservative Cardinal George Pell of Australia and the more liberal German bishops broke out into the open Wednesday, with the Germans saying they felt “dismay and sadness” that Pell had fostered division in the synod with his recent public remarks.
German Nov 08, 2015
Vatikan: "Falsche und irreführende Aussagen"
Umstrittene Enthüllungsbücher durchleuchten die Vatikan-Finanzen.
French Nov 07, 2015
Les «fausses» informations sur le Secrétariat pour l'Économie
Les informations rapportées par la presse ces derniers jours dans l’affaire dite «VatiLeaks 2», concernant les dépenses du Secrétariat pour l’Économie et de son préfet, le cardinal George Pell, pour l’année 2014, sont «fausses et trompeuses», a réagi le dicastère vendredi 6 novembre 2015.
German Nov 07, 2015
Geldverschwendung: Kardinal Pell verteidigt sich
Das vatikanische Sekretariat für Wirtschaft verteidigt sich gegen Vorwürfe der Geldverschwendung, die in zwei jüngst veröffentlichten Skandalbüchern erhoben werden.
English Nov 06, 2015
Statement by Cardinal Pell: Synod Fathers are concerned about conduct of the Synod
Yesterday, journalist Sandro Magister published a letter that he reported had been signed by thirteen cardinals. The letter raised serious concerns about the Instrumentum Laboris of the Ordinary Synod and about the procedures by which the synod is being conducted. Shortly after Magister’s article was published four of the cardinals named denied that they had signed the letter.
Italian Sept 17, 2015
Metting Rimini, Cardinale Pell: 'Rischio attacchi su finanze'
'Ministro' economia Vaticano, no a mascalzoni che gestiscono nostri beni.
Italian Sept 17, 2015
Metting Rimini, Cardinale Pell: 'Rischio attacchi su finanze'
'Ministro' economia Vaticano, no a mascalzoni che gestiscono nostri beni.
Italian Sept 16, 2015
Card. Pell: casse del Vaticano in rosso
Negli ultimi due anni le casse del Vaticano hanno registrato un deficit, che “probabilmente continuerà”.
English Jul 04, 2015
Passport proves Cardinal George Pell’s point
CARDINAL George Pell has provided his full passport details in an extraordinary step to disprove allegations that have been made against him.
English Jun 08, 2015
Peter Saunders asked to withdraw 'false allegations' made on 60 Minutes
A man who called Cardinal George Pell "sociopathic" over his alleged treatment of survivors of child sexual abuse has been asked to withdraw his comments in a letter from Cardinal Pell's lawyer, after members of the Church defended the Cardinal in public statements.
English Jun 04, 2015
Vatican distances itself from commission member’s comments on cardinal
The views and opinions of a member of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors who criticized Australian Cardinal George Pell on an Australian television program do not reflect the opinion of the commission nor its role, the Vatican spokesman said.
French Jun 02, 2015
Le cardinal Pell se défend face aux accusations
Le cardinal australien George Pell, Préfet du Secrétariat du Saint-Siège pour l’économie a menacé lundi d'engager des poursuites judiciaires contre un des 17 membres de la commission pontificale pour la protection des mineurs.
English May 31, 2015
The hounding of Cardinal Pell: things Australia’s liberal media don’t want you to know
The attempt to implicate Cardinal George Pell in the Ballarat child abuse scandal is a virtuoso display of score-settling by Australia’s left-leaning journalists, who have hated Pell for many years.
English May 25, 2015
Miranda Devine: It’s easy to blame Cardinal George Pell but that misses target
“DIE Pell” was the headline on The Age newspaper’s Facebook page, over a photograph of Cardinal George Pell.
English May 10, 2015
Vatican cardinal sees no change in family teachings at synod
A senior Vatican cardinal predicted Saturday that there will be no change in the Catholic Church's practice and teaching about marriage, divorce and the reception of Communion at an upcoming meeting of bishops on family issues.
English Apr 18, 2015
China Needs a ‘Constantine’ to Become a Christian Nation
With his usual candor, Australian Cardinal George Pell, the Vatican’s financial czar, spoke Thursday of the future of Christianity in the United States, Europe, and China–noting that Christianity is already spreading like wildfire in China just as it did “in the old pagan Roman Empire” two thousand years ago.
Italian Mar 08, 2015
Ecco come è stato ridimensionato il cardinale Pell
Attesi come il sole in un agosto piovoso, a un anno dall’istituzione della Segreteria per l’Economia, del Consiglio per l’economia e dell’Ufficio del Revisore generale, sono finalmente arrivati gli statuti.
Italian Mar 01, 2015
Tutti contro Pell per il controllo delle finanze vaticane?
Qualcuno parla già di corvi che hanno ripreso a volteggiare sul Cupolone, ma probabilmente si tratta di un’esagerazione. L’Espresso oggi in edicola pubblica documenti “riservatissimi” relativi alle riunioni dell’Apsa, l’amministrazione per il patrimonio della sede apostolica, del 12 settembre scorso. Al cuore delle discussioni tra i porporati, l’enorme potere che il cardinale (confratello e collega) George Pell starebbe accumulando nelle proprie mani.
English Mar 01, 2015
Pope Francis' Finance Czar Cardinal George Pell Comes Under Intense Scrutiny Over Spending
Pope Francis' finance czar is coming under intense scrutiny after ruffling feathers at the Vatican as he seeks to impose order on its unruly finances.
Italian Feb 15, 2015
«In Vaticano 1,4 miliardi in più Servono più soldi per i poveri»
Spuntati fondi extrabilancio. Il cardinale Pell: «La riforma? Una piccola porzione della Curia ha tentato una grossa resistenza».
English Oct 29, 2014
Cardinal Pell calls for ‘no doctrinal back-flips’ at next family synod
Looking ahead to the October 2015 world Synod of Bishops on the family, Cardinal George Pell has said that the task for Catholics “over the next 12 months” is to explain “the necessity of conversion, the nature of the Mass,” and “the purity of heart the Scriptures require of us to receive Holy Communion.”
English Oct 19, 2014
"You must stop manipulating this Synod."
According to a report by Marco Tosatti in La Stampa (and translated on Fr. Z’s Blog), Cardinal Baldisseri, General Secretary of the Synod, announced that the reports of the small working groups would not be made available to the public.
Spanish Oct 18, 2014
«La comunión para los divorciados vueltos a casar es solo la punta del iceberg, el caballo de Troya»
En una entrevista concedida al Catholic News Service, el cardenal George Pell ha negado que la mayoría de los prelados participantes en el Sínodo acepten las propuestas del cardenal Kasper sobre la comunión para los divorciados vueltos a casar.
English Oct 01, 2014
Cardinal Pell rules out change on Communion for divorced, remarried
In a book coming out just before October's extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the family, Cardinal George Pell rules out proposed changes to church practice that would allow divorced and civilly remarried Catholics to receive Communion.
English Sept 12, 2014
Cardinal Pell tells new school: expect attacks from the Devil
A senior Vatican cardinal has warned the founders of a British school dedicated to the new evangelisation to expect attacks from the Devil.
Italian Aug 27, 2014
In Occidente la priorità è il declino della fede
Al quotidiano Avvenire, che lo ha intervistato a Rimini, dove il cardinale ha partecipato all'annuale Meeting, Pell si è anche soffermato sul significato da dare alla povertà, così tanto presente nella predicazione di Francesco:
Italian Aug 27, 2014
Cardinale Pell: «Un luogo di libertà»
di Paolo Cavallo
Italian Aug 11, 2014
Il Cardinale Pell ospite dei Benedettini di Norcia
Visita del Cardinale Pell, Prefetto della Segreteria del Economia del Vaticano e membro del Consiglio personale del Papa a Norcia. Il Cardinale ha deciso di fare alcune giorni di vacanza a Norcia, vedendo in essa punto di ristoro spirituale e fisico. E in tal occasione ha voluto sottolineare il suo supporto per il monastero che da 14 anni cerca di far riavviare la vita monastica alla casa natale di San Benedetto.
Italian Jul 31, 2014
È il numero uno della nuova curia, ma dice messa all’antica
Si svolgerà dal 23 al 25 ottobre prossimi il terzo pellegrinaggio a Roma organizzato dal “Coetus internationalis Summorum Pontificum“, la rete mondiale di associazioni, enti e realtà ecclesiali che nel proprio territorio sono impegnate nell’applicazione del motu proprio “Summorum Pontificum” con cui Benedetto XVI nel 2007 ha concesso piena cittadinanza al messale preconciliare promulgato da san Giovanni XXIII nel 1962.
Italian Jul 18, 2014
«Ce l’hanno chiesto i cardinali Basta scandali in Vaticano»
Il super-ministro economico: no a casi come Calvi e Sindona.
Spanish Jun 03, 2014
«El dinero no es lo que más preocupa al Papa»
El que fuera arzobispo de Sidney y uno de los hombres más cercanos a Benedicto XVI tiene en sus manos sanear las cuentas vaticanas desde hace sólo unas semanas. El Papa Francisco le acaba de nombrar prefecto de la nueva Secretaría Económica de la Santa Sede. Es miembro, además, de la Comisión para la Reforma de la Curia, conocida como el G-8 Vaticano.
Italian May 31, 2014
La stampa di sinistra dà una visione distorta del Papa.
“Il Papa vive in modo molto semplice, pratica la povertà e predica per la gente in modo molto accessibile.
English Nov 19, 2013
Tony Abbott defends Cardinal Pell's role in church handling of abuse
Prime Minister Tony Abbott says Cardinal George Pell deserves credit for being first senior cleric to take the issue of child sex abuse within the church ''very seriously ''.
Italian Nov 01, 2013
In Australia nuove sfide legate alle erosioni della libertà religiosa
“La Chiesa cattolica nel mondo anglofono a cinquant’anni dal concilio Vaticano II”. Questo il titolo della prolusione del cardinale George Pell, arcivescovo di Sydney, in occasione del “Dies Academicus dello Studium Generale Marcianum”.
English Nov 01, 2013
Cardinal Pell defends Pope against SSPX, foresees continued push for Curial reform
A traditionalist prelate’s complaint that Pope Francis is a “modernist” is “absolute rubbish,” says Cardinal George Pell of Sydney, Australia.
Italian Oct 26, 2013
In Australia nuove sfide legate alle erosioni della libertà religiosa
“La Chiesa cattolica nel mondo anglofono a cinquant’anni dal concilio Vaticano II”. Questo il titolo della prolusione del cardinale George Pell, arcivescovo di Sydney, in occasione del “Dies Academicus dello Studium Generale Marcianum”.
English Oct 02, 2013
All smoke and no smoking gun: Cardinal Pell was quick to act on abuse claims
According to David Marr, the influence of the Catholic activist B. A. Santamaria (1915-1998) lives on. In Marr's view, one of Santamaria's disciples is George Pell, the Cardinal Archbishop of Sydney, and another is Tony Abbott, the Prime Minister.
English Mar 31, 2013
Apology to Cardinal George Pell
March 30, 2013
English Mar 03, 2013
Australian cardinal says Benedict has set bad precedent
Could lead to campaigns against future popes, says George Pell
Spanish Mar 03, 2013
Medios manipulan declaraciones de Cardenal Pell para atacar a Benedicto XVI
English Nov 03, 2012
Cardinal Pell: Synod's tone reflects 'struggle between good and evil'
English Nov 09, 2011
Cardinal Pell Questions The Price Of Climate Action
CATHOLIC Archbishop of Sydney George Pell has questioned the morality and cost benefits of imposing heavy financial burdens in the cause of curbing climate change. Last night Cardinal Pell presented the annual lecture to London’s Global Warming Policy Foundation, chaired by former British chancellor Nigel Lawson.—Tess Livingstone,
English Jun 25, 2011
Bishop Morris sacking 'a tragedy' but Rome was patient: Cardinal Pell
German Jun 25, 2011
Der Klimawandler
Kardinal Pell wird 70 und kündet vom Ende der liberalen Agenda
Italian Apr 29, 2011
Australia: cardinale Pell contro periodico che dà un'immagine fuorviante dei cattolici
English Feb 01, 2011
Premier's unholy row with Cardinal
PREMIER Kristina Keneally has lashed out at the head of her church in Australia, saying she was "saddened" by Cardinal George Pell for denouncing Catholic politicians who do not follow the church's teachings.
Italian Feb 01, 2011
Australia: il cardinale Pell sulla posizione della Chiesa contro i matrimoni omosessuali
English Jan 10, 2011
Cardinal Pell corrects politicians who claim to be Catholic but vote differently
English Jan 10, 2011
Cardinal George Pell agrees to meet gay marriage campaigners
English Jul 14, 2010
Pell adds his voice to archbishop's apology on child sexual abuse
French Jun 27, 2010
Pell et la Congrégation des évêques : et si ce n’était qu’une campagne pour lui barrer la route ?
Italian May 06, 2010
Il cardinale Pell nuovo Prefetto dei vescovi
French Apr 26, 2010
Le cardinal Pell dénonce la pornographie et la pédophilie
Il rappelle la rencontre du pape avec des victimes australiennes d’abus sexuels
English Feb 24, 2010
Cardinal criticised over clampdown on reform group
English Nov 01, 2009
Cardinal Pell: Rome-Bound?
B16's weekend integration of Cardinal Peter Turkson into his top team was just the latest instance of this pontificate's significant trait for drawing senior Curialists from among the ranks of diocesan bishops.
French Oct 08, 2009
« Sans Dieu nous ne sommes rien », affirme le cardinal George Pell
Intervention de l'archevêque de Sydney au « Festival des idées dangereuses »
Spanish Aug 13, 2009
Cardenal Pell preside en Sydney Misa "por la vida" con mujeres embarazadas
Spanish Jul 14, 2009
El cardenal Pell ofrece 100000 dólares más para investigar con células adultas
Italian Apr 29, 2009
Pell e l'AIDS: i porci voleranno.
Un'intervista del cardinale arcivescovo di Sidney sulla polemica seguita alla dichiarazione di Benedetto XVI nel volo verso l'Africa.
Italian Mar 19, 2009
Pell: inchiesta sui Legionari
Il cardinale di Sidney, di cui si parla come di un prossimo responsbile di un importante dicastero vaticano, propone una "visita apostolica" per la Legione di Cristo.
Italian Mar 19, 2009
Il Cardinale Pell: cristiani discriminati e minacciati in Occidente
I credenti non devono essere “una minoranza meramente tollerata”
English Oct 10, 2008
Interview with Cardinal George Pell
Cardinal George Pell of Sydney, Australia, is one of three co-presidents of the Synod of Bishops on the Bible, which means that he alternates with Cardinal William Levada, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and Cardinal Odilo Pedro Scherer of São Paulo, Brazil, in presiding over each session.
English Sept 05, 2008
WYD Sydney's success is principally religious, says Cardinal Pell
One month after the end of World Youth Day in Australia, the Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell underscored that the success of the event is not only related to the numbers of those who attended, but above all to the spiritual and religious fruits that were achieved.
French Jul 23, 2008
Journées Mondiales de la Jeunesse, bilan du cardinal Pell
Le 23 juillet 2008  - E.S.M. - Le Card. Pell a remercié les pèlerins, les volontaires, et le gouvernement australien, qui ont soutenu et rendu possible l’évènement des JMJ, mais aussi les citoyens de Sydney pour l’accueil réservé à Benoît XVI et aux jeunes du monde entier. Tous ont mis leur touche pour que “le doigt de Dieu écrive un nouveau chapitre de l’histoire de l’Australie”.
English Jul 21, 2008
Cardinal: Pope's Meeting With Abuse Victims Positive
Said They Were Grateful for Opportunity.
German Jul 17, 2008
Predigt von Kardinal Pell zum Auftakt des 23. Weltjugendtages
„Wir werden gute Frucht bringen, wenn wir die Sprache des Kreuzes lernen“.
English Jul 17, 2008
Homily for WYD08 Opening Mass
Ezekiel 37:1-14; Psalm 23. Gal. 5:16-17, 22-25; Lk. 8:4-15
French Jul 15, 2008
Ouverture des JMJ à Sydney, homélie du Cardinal Pell
Sydney, le 15 juillet 2008  - E.S.M. - L'archevêque de Sydney, le Cardinal George Pell, a présidé la messe d'ouverture des XXIII èmes Journées Mondiales de la Jeunesse, dans une atmosphère de fête, animée par des danses exécutées par des groupes d'Aborigènes.
English Jul 15, 2008
Cardinal Pell Kicks Off World Youth Day
Benedict XVI Sends Pilgrims a Text Message.
French Jul 11, 2008
Le Card. Pell se prépare à accueillir les jeunes du monde entier aux JMJ de Sydney
Vatican, le 11 juillet 2008  - E.S.M. - “Les Journées mondiales de la jeunesse constituent une belle opportunité et une réponse aux questions des jeunes”- Interview par l’Agence Fides du Cardinal George Pell, Archevêque de Sydney, qui se prépare à accueillir les jeunes du monde entier et le pape Benoît XVI
English Jun 28, 2008
Pope asked to indulge sin city with a reprieve
Pope Benedict has been asked to grant special indulgences - remittances of punishment for sins already forgiven - to thousands of young Catholics expected to attend World Youth Day in Sydney.
Italian Jun 23, 2008
Il Cardinale Pell sull'aspetto ecumenico e interreligioso della GMG
La Giornata Mondiale della Gioventù 2008 è un evento cattolico, ma i suoi organizzatori stanno approfittando di questa opportunità per promuovere il dialogo con altre denominazioni cristiane e altre fedi.
French May 28, 2008
Appel du cardinal George Pell en faveur de la Birmanie
Le 28 mai 2008 - E.S.M. - Article du Cardinal George Pell, Archevêque de Sydney. Paru dans le Sunday Telegraph du 25 Mai 2008 .
English May 22, 2008
Cardinal Pell: Thomas Aquinas College Graduates “Unusually Blessed and Advantaged”
His Eminence George Cardinal Pell presided over commencement ceremonies at Thomas Aquinas College on Saturday, May 10, 2008. The Archbishop of Sydney, Australia, Cardinal Pell served as principal celebrant and homilist of the Baccalaureate Mass, delivered the commencement address, and awarded diplomas to 80 graduates from 22 states and five countries. This was the college’s largest graduating class in its 37-year history.
English Mar 10, 2008
The Archbishop of Sydney on why Cardinal Newman is relevant today
"Cardinal Newman is a most important figure today," the Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, told me during a private visit to quiet Quarr Abbey, the Benedictine monastery, near Ryde on the Isle of Wight.
Italian Feb 27, 2008
No alla forma deviata del matrimonio omosessuale
Il Cardinale George Pell difende il matrimonio e ribadisce il “no” alle unioni civili.
French Feb 27, 2008
Le cardinal George Pell défend le mariage et répète le “non” aux unions civiles
Le mariage entre homme et femme est une institution basique, essentielle pour la société.
English Jan 25, 2008
Cardinal Pell Challenges Listeners to Comprehensive Pro-Life Ethic
The Catholic Archdiocese of Seoul has awarded its first annual Mysterium Fidei (Mystery of Faith) Grand Prix award for outstanding pro-life work to George Cardinal Pell, the archbishop of Sydney, Australia.
English Jan 24, 2008
Pro-Lifers Need to Pull Heartstrings
Receives "Mysterium Vitae" Award From Seoul Archdiocese.
English Jan 18, 2008
George Pell honoured in South Korea for anti-abortion stand
Catholic Archbishop Cardinal George Pell has received an award from the Catholic church in South Korea for his strong stand against abortion.
English Jan 17, 2008
Cardinal Pell credits friendship with Pope Benedict for Sydney WYD Choice
Cardinal George Pell credited his two-decades-long friendship with Pope Benedict XVI for the success of his efforts to bring World Youth Day to Australia in 2008.
English Jan 06, 2008
Catholic Cardinal and Bishop Condemn Climate Change Extremism, Radical Environmentalism
Pell says "it's almost as though people without religion…have got to be frightened of something".
English Dec 23, 2007
Archbishop says religion unfairly blamed for war
Religion has been unfairly blamed for conflicts around the world in recent years, but Christians  should remember the benefits of their devotion, Sydney Catholic Archbishop George Pell has said.
English Oct 12, 2007
Cardinal Dispels "Heresy" that Catholics Can Approve Contraception "in Good Conscience"
Says Church Will Only Grow When full Teaching on Life taught; "Tactical silence", as practiced by many bishops, would stifle growth.
English Oct 11, 2007
Cardinal Pell defends pope Pius XII.
Sydney's Catholic Cardinal George Pell has mounted a spirited defence of World War II Pope Pius XII, saying the church had helped as many Jews as it could in a climate of fear.
English Sept 27, 2007
State action a victory for religious freedom
Cardinal George Pell of Sydney called it "a victory for religious freedom" when a legislative committee rejected a motion to declare him in contempt of the state Parliament for criticizing a bill authorizing research to promote therapeutic cloning.
English Aug 08, 2007
Catholic Church drops school fidelity vows
THE Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney has withdrawn plans to have its 167 school principals, deputy principals and religious education co-ordinators commit publicly to a "vow of fidelity" by adhering to church teaching on homosexuality, birth control and women's ordination.
English Jul 10, 2007
Dear Pope Benedict, Cardinal Pell Is In Trouble. Please Send Archbishop Burke.
By Eric Alcock, President, Vote Life, Canada! (
English Jul 09, 2007
Church plans to lure back lost sheep
The Catholic Church is drawing up a campaign to entice 4.2 million lapsed believers back to the fold before World Youth Day, the biggest religious gathering in Australian history.
English Jul 09, 2007
Church plans to lure back lost sheep
The Catholic Church is drawing up a campaign to entice 4.2 million lapsed believers back to the fold before World Youth Day, the biggest religious gathering in Australian history.
English Jun 20, 2007
NSW Parliament Threatens Cardinal Pell, Places Him Under Investigation for "Meddling" in Politics
New South Wales' Parliament has ratcheted up the heat on Sydney Archbishop George Pell, placing him under parliamentary investigation for "meddling" in the lower house's vote on embryonic stem-cell research.
English Jun 12, 2007
Cardinal Pell repeats warning to Catholic politicians
Cardinal George Pell of Sydney, Australia, has repeated his insistence that Catholic politicians who support embryonic stem-cell research should "think twice before next receiving Communion."
English Jun 10, 2007
Flare-Ups Down Under
Beneath the Southern Cross, where winter is summer and today is tomorrow, abortion-and-communion has become stem cells-and-communion.
English Jun 10, 2007
Likened to "Boofhead," Pell Takes a Pelting
Three days after Cardinal George Pell of Sydney warned Catholic members of the New South Wales parliament of ecclesial "consequences" if they voted in favor of a bill permitting embryonic stem-cell research in Australia's largest state, the legislation passed its lower house by a larger-than-expected margin of 65 to 26.
English Jun 03, 2007
Pell seeks hi fidelity vows from teachers
Sydney Auxiliary Bishop Julian Porteous has defended Cardinal George Pell's controversial draft pastoral plan for Sydney archdiocese which requires Catholic school principals to make a public "vow of fidelity" to Church teachings, saying "it's not about control".
English Apr 08, 2007
Strength to denounce the charlatans
In an age of spin doctors and political correctness, Cardinal George Pell, Sydney's Roman Catholic Archbishop, is as refreshingly direct in his Easter message as the motto of the Catholic See of Sydney "Be Not Afraid".
English Apr 07, 2007
World conflicts spur Christian revival
Christianity is gaining attention in Australia, despite the heavy influence of secularism, Cardinal George Pell of Sydney told a television audience on April 6.
English Mar 06, 2007
Australian cardinal launches countdown to World Youth Day 2008
Cardinal George Pell of Sydney launched the 500-day countdown to World Youth Day 2008 and encouraged pilgrim groups to register online early for the event.
English Feb 23, 2007
Australian archdiocese limits funeral eulogies
Cardinal George Pell of Sydney, Australia, has imposed strict deadlines on eulogies delivered at Catholic funerals.
English Feb 20, 2007
Cardinal Pell questions global-warming fears
Cardinal George Pell of Sydney, Australia, has questioned what he describes as a “semi-religious” focus on the issue of global warming.
English Jan 20, 2007
Weep for the more than 1 million victims not Saddam
Sympathy should not be directed to former deposed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein for his hanging, but rather to the more than one million victims who died because of him, said a Catholic cardinal in Australia.
English Jan 16, 2007
Cardinal Pell sees justification for Saddam's execution
Cardinal George Pell of Sydney, Australia, has indicated sympathy for those who defend the execution of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein.
English Nov 21, 2006
Untimely Death
By + Cardinal George Pell
Archbishop of Sydney
English Nov 20, 2006
Cardinal Pell Slams Aussie Parliament Ruling on Embryo Cloning
A decision by the Australian Federal Parliament to allow the cloning of human embryos has been labelled as a "mistake" by the country’s top cleric.
English Nov 01, 2006
Cloning an affront to human dignity
THE nation's most senior Catholic has attacked therapeutic cloning as an affront to human dignity and called on his flock to lobby senators to thwart a push to legalise the research.
English Oct 05, 2006
Pell Concerned Over Pick & Mix Attitude to Religion
The Archbishop of Sydney Cardinal George Pell has expressed fears that the Catholic youth of Australia is being let down by increasing secularism in the education system.
English Sept 21, 2006
Pope protests 'show violence' in Islam
Sydney's Catholic Archbishop has hit out at Muslims protesting over comments by the Pope, saying their reaction shows the link in Islam between religion and violence.
English Sept 16, 2006
Pornography worst fruit of free-market-capitalism tree
Pornography is the worst fruit of tree of free-market capitalism, targeting children, destroying marriages and families and luring sexual addicts deeper into dependence, said an Australian cardinal.
English Sept 12, 2006
Proponents of therapeutic cloning should cool it: Pell
Several bishops have weighed in on the heated stem cell debate with Cardinal George Pell of Sydney suggesting that proponents of therapeutic cloning "have a glass of water" and "pause for a minute."
English Jul 31, 2006
Translating the Missal, Continued
Cardinal George Pell of Sydney was in Rome this past week for a series of meetings for the committee he heads, Vox Clara, which advises the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments on English translations.
English Jul 24, 2006
Questions for Muslims
Amid this summer of angst over terrorist plots, arrests and debate over the role of Islam in these matters, it is gratifying to hear the loud and now growing voices of Muslims who decry the resort to violence by their co-religionists. We hear, time and again, that Islam is a religion of peace, not violence.
English Jul 24, 2006
Cardinal Pell commends Australian government for anti-porn efforts
Cardinal George Pell of Sydney has commended the Australian government for earmarking $116 million to offer free Internet filtering software to families aiming to combat pornography.
English Jul 12, 2006
Pornography worst fruit of free-market-capitalism tree, Australian
Pornography is the worst fruit of tree of free-market capitalism, targeting children, destroying marriages and families and luring sexual addicts deeper into dependence, said an Australian cardinal.
Spanish Jul 12, 2006
“Si descartamos la relación heterosexual como condición indispensable para el matrimonio abrimos las puertas a cualquier tipo de relación”
El Arzobispo de Sydney, el cardenal George Pell, ha afirmado que “si descartamos la relación heterosexual como condición indispensable para el matrimonio abrimos las puertas a cualquier tipo de relación fuera de la moral cristiana como por ejemplo la poligamia”. Monseñor Pell ha destacado esta idea durante un panel sobre la transmisión de la fe en la familia enmarcado en el programa del Congreso Internacional Teológico- Pastoral que concluye hoy en Valencia.
English Jun 24, 2006
Cardinal Pell offends Muslims, again
Cardinal George Pell has declared yet again Islam is more warlike than Christianity, this time to a US Catholic newspaper.
English Jun 21, 2006
Work Choices 'could force down wages'
Labor and the unions have a new ally in their battle to overturn the Government's industrial laws - Sydney's Cardinal George Pell.
English Jun 15, 2006
Thomas More
Parliament House Sydney. By + Cardinal George Pell. Archbishop of Sydney. 8/6/2006.
English Jun 14, 2006
A Political Anniversary
On last Monday an important political anniversary was celebrated at the top end of town, with minimal press coverage.  This was a pity, because we were celebrating 150 years of government by the people for the people. By + Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney, 28/5/2006.
English Jun 14, 2006
Ecumenical Service
St. Stephen’s Uniting Church, Sydney. Sesquicentenary of Responsible Government in New South Wales. Romans 12:2; Psalm 67. By + Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney, 22/5/2006.
English Jun 14, 2006
Parliamentary saint unveiled
Debates in the New South Wales Parliament are notoriously brutal but MPs can take some comfort from the fact that unlike their patron saint, they won't be beheaded for their principles.
English May 29, 2006
"Obviously Connected with Problem of Homosexuality"
Homosexuality: "We've got to see that this is not tolerated amongst clergy and religious orders"
English May 29, 2006
Cardinal Pell to Pro-Abortion Politicians: "How come you feel that you're able to go to Communion?"
Australia's Cardinal George Pell, was in Front Royal, Virginia over the weekend celebrating Mass and giving the Commencement address at Christendom College. interviewed the Australian Church leader at the college last Friday.  This is the second part of that three-part interview.
English May 29, 2006
Christian country towns backbone of US strength
Prime Minister John Howard was in Washington last week and Australian flags decorated Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House. By Cardinal George Pell.
English May 29, 2006
Celibacy focuses a priest's heart on service
The traditional Christian teaching that sexual intercourse is only legitimate in marriage is now counter-cultural.
English May 17, 2006
Pell affirms commitment to dialogue with Muslims
Sydney's Cardinal George Pell has defended himself against accusations from Muslim leaders that he is "ill-informed" following the publication on his website of a speech on Islam delivered to US Catholic business leaders.
German May 09, 2006
Kardinal Pell kritisiert Islam
Der Erzbischof von Sydney Kardinal George Pell hat den Islam kritisiert. Der Koran rufe zu Gewalt auf und der innerhalb des Islam kämpften moderate Kräfte gegen extremistische Tendenzen.
English May 07, 2006
Muslims hit back after Pell attack
Members of the Muslim community have hit back at Cardinal George Pell for his comments about Islam.
English May 07, 2006
Muslims hit back after Pell attack
Members of the Muslim community have hit back at Cardinal George Pell for his comments about Islam.
English Apr 02, 2006
Message for the Opening of Campion College
By + Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney (24/3/2006)
English Mar 26, 2006
Australian cardinal protest target over Catholic conscience teaching
Twenty-four Australian Catholic liberals, including five priests, known as fierce critics of Sydney's Cardinal George Pell, have charged the conservative prelate with being "outside the Catholic mainstream" for his views on conscience, and have asked the Vatican to rein him in.
English Mar 24, 2006
Australian cardinal protest target over Catholic conscience teaching
Twenty-four Australian Catholic liberals, including five priests, known as fierce critics of Sydney's Cardinal George Pell, have charged the conservative prelate with being "outside the Catholic mainstream" for his views on conscience, and have asked the Vatican to rein him in.
English Mar 22, 2006
"Ad Gentes," at 40; Turin's Other Games
A mix of enthusiasm, experience and realism led the Rome conference which marked 40 years since the Second Vatican Council promulgated its decree on missionary activity, "Ad Gentes."
English Mar 22, 2006
Ecclesia in Oceania
In the context of Pope John Paul II's teachings as a whole, Ecclesia in Oceania is of limited importance, but it does provide a survey of the state of the Church in a large region of the world far removed from the major centres, and the outline of a response to the challenges facing the Church in Oceania at the beginning of the third Christian millennium.
English Mar 22, 2006
Cardinal Pell Optimistic About Church in Australia
Cardinal George Pell is optimistic about the future of the Church in Australia, in part because of the country's increase of vocations to the priesthood.
English Mar 15, 2006
Catholic students choose cardinal and academic as patrons
A national body of tertiary students this week announces that Cardinal George Pell and Dr Tracey Rowland from The John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family will be the inaugural national patrons of the student body.
English Feb 28, 2006
Australian cardinal protest target over Catholic conscience teaching
Twenty-four Australian Catholic liberals, including five priests, known as fierce critics of Sydney's Cardinal George Pell, have charged the conservative prelate with being "outside the Catholic mainstream" for his views on conscience, and have asked the Vatican to rein him in.
English Feb 22, 2006
Pell accused of Catholic 'dictatorship'
„I think it's a bit of a hoot. I mean, people like Paul Collins, Veronica Brady and Max Charlesworth appealing for protection to the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, it's…. the poacher's turned the gamekeeper. I think it's… life is full of surprises, but this is a splendid surprise.“
Italian Feb 22, 2006
Il Card. Pell interviene nel dibattito sulla pillola RU486
“Gli australiani vorrebbero vedere ridursi, non aumentare, il tasso di aborti”
English Feb 22, 2006
Cardinal Pell enters Australian debate against RU-486
Cardinal George Pell of Sydney, Australia has entered a lively national debate on the drive to approve the use of RU-486.
English Jan 07, 2006
Cardinal, bishops’ conference prez condemn Australian cloning plan
The president of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, the cardinal archbishop of Sydney and pro-life groups have condemned an Australian government report backing the easing of laws on cloning and embryo research.
English Dec 26, 2005
Christmas is sacred, Pell warns race gangs
Catholic Archbishop George Pell has warned gangs of Middle Eastern descent not to target Christmas celebrations, after families were abused and gunshots fired into cars at a primary school's carols night in western Sydney on Monday.
English Dec 26, 2005
Cardinal Pell blasts proposed embryo-research support
A report by an Australian government panel, recommending fewer restrictions on embryo research, is "out of step with human values," argued Cardinal George Pell of Sydney.
German Nov 24, 2005
Zwei Priester im Frontalangriff
Ihre Enttäuschung über den gegenwärtigen Kurs der Katholischen Kirche haben zwei Priester der Erzdiözese Melbourne (Südaustralien) gegen die Bischöfe zum Ausdruck gebracht. Die Kirchenführung sei „diktatorisch“, „wirklichkeitsfremd“ und „erbarmungslos“.
German Nov 24, 2005
Weihbischof gegen Kardinal
Der dem progressistischen Lager zugehörige Weihbischof von Canberra stellte sich in einem Radiointerview gegen Aussagen des konservativen Erzbischofs von Sydney, George Kardinal Pell.
Spanish Oct 24, 2005
Eliminar celibato sacerdotal sería “gravísimo error”
Durante la 15º Congregación General del Sínodo de los Obispos sobre la Eucaristía, el Arzobispo de Sydney (Australia), Cardenal George Pell, explicó algunas de la razones por las que perder el celibato obligatorio del clero sería un “gravísimo error” que no solucionaría las “sombras” y dificultades en la misión de la Iglesia en el mundo.
English Oct 16, 2005
Synopsis of the Intervention
Synopsis of the Intervention of His Eminence Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney at the XI Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, Rome by + Cardinal George Pell, archbishop of Sydney, 11 October 2005.
English Oct 07, 2005
The Dictatorship of Relativism
Address to the National Press Club, Canberra. By Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney. 21 September 2005.
English Oct 07, 2005
No change under new Pope, cardinal predicts
For Catholics seeking changes in Church teachings on such issues as married priests or the use of condoms in the war against AIDS, Sydney’s Archbishop Cardinal George Pell offered little hope in a landmark talk last Sunday night.
English Oct 07, 2005
Australian Cardinal Approves Government Decision to Allow Teaching of Intelligent Design in Schools
In August, Australian Federal Education Minister Brendan Nelson told reporters that the theory of Intelligent Design (ID), would have a place alongside Darwinian evolution in schools. The announcement has raised the fury of secularists in the education and scientific communities and received the approval of Sydney’s Catholic Archbishop, George Cardinal Pell.
English Sept 28, 2005
Australian cardinal comfortable with Intelligent Design
Cardinal Pell told The Australian that although the theory of evolution can be reconciled with Christian doctrine, sometimes evolution is presented "in an anti-God way." Where that is the case, he said, "I'd be happy for them to talk about design or intelligent design."
English Sept 28, 2005
Cardinal Pell on What Sydney Can Offer
Cardinal George Pell and a group of 2,300 young Australian pilgrims expressed their joy over Benedict XVI's announcement that Sydney will be the host city for World Youth Day 2008.
English Sept 28, 2005
Pell hopes to lure Pope to Melbourne
The Pope may be persuaded to come to Melbourne during his Australian visit to the Catholic World Youth Day celebrations in 2008, Cardinal George Pell said yesterday.
English Sept 23, 2005
Cardinal Pell raps educational relativism
Cardinal George Pell of Sydney, Australia denounced liberal educational ideology during a speech at the National Press Club in Canberra.
English Sept 23, 2005
Australian prelate seeks stem-cell research ban
Cardinal George Pell of Sydney, Australia, is urging a ban on embryonic stem-cell research, arguing that experiments to date have not produced "a significant advance in knowledge."
English Sept 23, 2005
Pell calls for stem cell research ban
Catholic Archbishop George Pell is pushing to wind back stem cell research laws, warning the destruction of embryos for science has created "a class of human life which is statutorily expendable".
English Sept 23, 2005
Latham book is sad, self-obsessed: Pell
The Latham Diaries is a sad, self-obsessed book that fails to give much insight into human nature, Sydney Archbishop George Pell has said.
English Aug 06, 2005
Catholics fund stem cell research
THE Catholic Church will fund a $100,000 grant for research on stem cells, further signalling its guarded support for some experimentation with some types of human cells.
English Jul 09, 2005
Cardinal Pell voices wages concerns
Cardinal George Pell of Sydney has warned the Prime Minister to exercise caution when using his new powers in the Senate.
English Jul 09, 2005
Catholic festival 'bigger than Games'
A global Catholic youth festival could surpass the 2000 Olympics as Sydney's biggest event if the city wins the right to host the 2008 celebration, church leaders say.
Spanish Jul 09, 2005
Inicio de construcción de nueva universidad
En una solemne ceremonia, el Arzobispo de Sydney, Cardenal George Pell,  celebró la colocación de la primera piedra de la Universidad Notre-Dame en esa ciudad y resaltó el hecho como un reconocimiento al compromiso educativo de la Iglesia.
English Jun 25, 2005
Honoured Pell happy being controversial
A little bit of controversy is better than being ignored, says George Pell - and he should know. Cardinal Pell is one of seven people to receive the highest Australian award in the Queens birthday honours list.
Polish Jun 11, 2005
Kard. Pell o współpracy między religiami
Kardynał George Pell zaapelował o współpracę muzułmanów, chrześcijan i żydów w obronie rodziny i podstawowych wartości moralnych. Na Uniwersytecie Katolickim w Sydney odbyła się IV Konferencja Międzyreligijny.
English Jun 05, 2005
Boost Mass attendance
Cardinal George Pell of Sydney has asked Catholic schools to remind their students about the obligation to attend Sunday Mass.
French May 20, 2005
Que le gouvernement revoie la politique sur l’immigration
« Il faut revoir la politique sur l’immigration. Le flux des immigrés clandestins a été contenu. La politique est trop dure », déclare le Cardinal George Pell, Archevêque de Sydney, commentant le cas récent d’une citoyenne australienne, Mme Vivian Alvarez, expulsée par erreur il y a quatre ans par le Département de l’Immigration, et qui est sorti en plein jour ces dernières semaines.
English May 06, 2005
Benedict didn't want to be Pope: Pell
Sydney Archbishop Cardinal George Pell says Pope Benedict XVI did not want the Catholic Church's top job but was elected because he was the most qualified.
English May 06, 2005
No radical change from new Pope: Pell
Those hoping for radical change under the papacy of Pope Benedict XVI should not be optimistic, Sydney's Catholic Archbishop George Pell has said.
English May 06, 2005
No optimism from pope for Liberals
Cardinal George Pell has given liberal Catholics a reality check, telling them they had no "reason for optimism" under the new Pope.
In his first mass since returning from Rome, Cardinal Pell said the election of Benedict XVI was "a clear affirmation of Catholic identity".
Spanish May 02, 2005
Ratzinger no quería ser Papa
Un cardenal australiano que participó en la elección de Joseph Ratzinger como nuevo pontífice dijo hoy que Benedicto XVI no quería ser Papa, pero "fue elegido porque era claramente el mejor para desempeñar ese cargo".
English Apr 24, 2005
Homily delivered by Cardinal George Pell,
Homily delivered by Cardinal George Pell in the church of Santa Maria Domenica Mazzarello in Rome one day before the beginning of the conclave, Sunday 17 April 2005.
English Apr 17, 2005
"A lot of people find it quite attractive to be conservative"
Cardinal George Pell of Sydney, Australia, met the press in a room at Vatican Radio shortly after the Oct. 21 consistory. He's a favorite of journalists because he is neither a diplomat nor a spin doctor, but a man with strong conservative views who states them clearly. He is always, in other words, "good copy."
English Apr 17, 2005
Energetic conservative
The Australian Cardinal George Pell, 62, Archbishop of Sydney, is an energetic conservative who relishes battles with liberals and pagans of all stripes.
English Apr 14, 2005
Italian paper rates Pell for Pope
While bookies are rating Australia's Cardinal George Pell as a long shot for Catholicism's top job, an Italian newspaper has picked him as one of its 18 frontrunners to replace Pope John Paul II.
English Apr 12, 2005
Is There Only One Secular Democracy?
Democracy is never unqualified. We are used to speaking of “liberal democracy”, which as currently understood is a synonym for “secular democracy”. In Europe there are parties advocating “Christian Democracy”. Lately there has been interest in the possibility of “Islamic democracy.” These descriptors do not simply refer to how democracy might be constituted, but to the moral vision democracy is intended to serve. By George Cardinal Pell.
English Apr 09, 2005
Interview with Cardinal George Pell
Whatever your religion - or even lack of one - the death of Pope John Paul II has clearly been the biggest show around this week. As Dateline goes to air tonight, hundreds of thousands of mourners are still lining up in St Peter's Basilica in Rome to pay their respects. But does the amazing global outpouring of emotion necessarily signal a healthy Catholic Church? Late last night, George Negus caught up with the Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, at the Vatican itself. April 06, 2005.
English Apr 09, 2005
A fair world built on Man's transcendent dignity
Cardinal George Pell talks about how the Church should come to terms with the secular world: These days Christians prefer “to work mightily” not to think of death or what life might be like after death.
English Apr 09, 2005
Cardinal Pell offers assistance
Cardinal Pell has offered assistance to Dr Hewitt-Gleeson. The Cardinal said today that Dr Hewitt-Gleeson's allegations against the ethics of the Salesian order are taken most seriously.
English Apr 08, 2005
Women will not be ordained "in any lifetime"
After a silent protest yesterday outside Sydney's St Mary's Cathedral by the group Ordination of Catholic Women, Cardinal George Pell said that women will not be ordained "in any lifetime".
English Nov 17, 2004
Democracy must change to counter Islam
Islam could be the communism of the 21st century if the West does not reform its secular democracy, Australia's leading Catholic has said in a speech in the United States.
English Oct 17, 2004
Australia's Cardinal Says Catholics are Rallying Worldwide
Cardinal George Pell came this week to Kalamazoo from Mexico, where he braved an earthquake and spoke to the Eucharistical Congress.
English Sept 16, 2004
Cardinal Pell Bans Liberal Catholic Conference
The annual conference of the group, Australian Reforming Catholics, was to have gone ahead next month at McKillop Place at North Sydney, a venue run by the Sisters of St Joseph.
English Sept 11, 2004
Cardinal Pell On Mel Gibson’s Film 'The Passion of Christ'
A strange thing happened this Easter.  Mel Gibson was applauded by many Christian leaders across Australia, even by those who had been silent about the film and by one or two who had refused to see it. By Cardinal George Pell.
English Sept 11, 2004
Cardinal Pell Welcomes Muslim Cleric at St Mary’s Cathedral for Interfaith Prayer Service
Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney, will welcome Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf to St Mary’s Cathedral for an Interfaith Prayer Service on Thursday 1 April 2004 at 12 noon. By Catholic Communications, Sydney Archdiocese 30 March 2004.
English Sept 11, 2004
Thou shalt not
The Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, the man widely described as the "bully bishop from central casting", now promises to be tougher on questions of morality. But he will try to do it with kindness.
English Sept 11, 2004
Cardinal Pell Defends Right of Catholic Schools to Discriminate
A left-liberal think tank, the Australia Institute, based in Canberra, has called for the removal of protection from Catholic schools which they accuse of "discrimination."
English Sept 11, 2004
Pell's Heterodoxy
Australian neo-cons are excited by Cardinal Pell’s promotion, because he is a strong pro-lifer and a ‘John Paul man.’ Understandably they take great delight in watching mega-liberals like the appalling Bishop Power of Canberra squirm and squeal over his appointment.
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