Anthony Olubunmi Cardinal Okogie Anthony Olubunmi Cardinal Okogie
Former Archbishop of Lagos, Nigeria
Cardinal Priest of Blessed Virgin Mary of Mt. Carmel of Mostacciano
Jun 16, 1936
Oct 21, 2003
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English Olympics: Cardinal Okogie hits hard on NSC
Sept 05, 2008
As Nigerian Government   continues to keep mute over the dismal outing of Team Nigeria to the just ended Olympic Games in Beijing,  Anthony Cardinal Okogie has hit out at the National Sports Commission for the shame they brought on the ‘Giant of Africa’ at the Games.

(Vanguard, 28 August 2008) Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak had demanded to know why his country’s athletes failed to win more than a single bronze medal at the Olympics in China ordering the formation of a fact-finding committee to assess the bad performance of the Egyptian mission to the Beijing Olympic Games.

Also, Brazilian President,  Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva bemoaned his country’s outing in the Olympics and wondered how his country could languish so badly in the world’s most important sporting arena. But mum continues to be the word from Nigerian Government.

Fiery Cardinal Okogie disappointed like many other Nigerians over the paltry one silver and three bronze medals the Country brought from China after a whopping N1.7 billion budget on the Olympic team described it as a “disgrace unleashed on the Nation”.

The Cardinal who spoke through the Very Rev Monsignor, Gabriel Osu, Director, Social Communications, Lagos Archdiocese regretted that while countries like Kenya, Morocco and Ethiopia won gold medals, Nigeria came back with silver and bronze medals.

“It shows that we were not ready for the Games. We put up a lackadaisical attitude with our preparation, planning, logistics”. The Cardinal lampooned the NSC for their incompetence in planning for the only source of joy for Nigerians.

“You saw how China they are criticizing for Human rights violation got prepared, built the magnificent Birds Nest Stadium, prepared their athletes and topped the medals table of the Olympics ahead of Countries like USA, Britain, Russia etc. Anthony Cardinal Okogie advised that “our Ijaw brethren who are in the riverine areas should be embraced in such multiple medal sports like Swimming. He commended China for their marvelous hosting of the Olympics.
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