Keith Michael Patrick Cardinal O‘Brien Keith Michael Patrick Cardinal O‘Brien
Archbishop of Saint Andrews and Edinburgh, Scotland, Great Britain
Cardinal Priest of Sts. Joachim and Anne at the Tuscolano
May 17, 1938
Aug 21, 2003
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English Mar 23, 2015
Cardinal Keith O'Brien gives up Cardinalatial rights
The Holy Father has accepted the resignation of the rights and privileges of a Cardinal, expressed in canons 349, 353 and 356 of the Code of Canon Law, presented by His Eminence Cardinal Keith Michael Patrick O’Brien, Archbishop Emeritus of Saint Andrews and Edinburgh, after a long period of prayer.
English Jun 04, 2013
Papal Nuncio: Cardinal O’Brien did ‘a lot of good’
DISGRACED Cardinal Keith O’Brien has been praised by the Pope’s representative in the UK as having done “a lot of good” during his career.
English Mar 03, 2013
Britain’s top cardinal accused of ‘inappropriate’ behavior with priests
English Mar 03, 2013
British cardinal rejects "inappropriate behavior" allegations
Britain's most senior Roman Catholic cleric, a cardinal expected to take part in the conclave to choose the next pope, rejected allegations on Sunday that he had behaved in an "inappropriate" way with other priests
English Mar 03, 2013
Next pope should consider marriage for priests, cardinal says
German Feb 26, 2013
Belästigungs-Vorwürfe: Kardinal tritt zurück
Nach Vorwürfen des "unangemessenem Verhaltens" hat Erzbischof Keith O'Brien seinen Hut genommen.
German Feb 23, 2013
Britischer Kardinal fordert Ende des Zölibats
Er ist der ranghöchste Katholik Schottlands, bald wird er den neuen Papst mitwählen: Jetzt hat Kardinal Keith O'Brien gefordert, das Eheverbot für katholische Priester zu überdenken. Für mehr Rechte für Homosexuelle reicht sein Reformeifer jedoch nicht aus.
English Feb 23, 2013
British cardinal says Roman Catholic priests should be allowed to marry
LONDON — Roman Catholic priests should be allowed to marry and have children, Britain’s most senior Catholic cleric said Friday.
English Sept 16, 2012
Cardinal Keith O'Brien Calls Scotland to Defend the Truth about Marriage
Get ready. Pray. Prepare. Persevere. The battle is engaged. Our Cardinals and Bishops are our teachers. We are the ones enlisted on the front lines of this historic struggle for the very future of the West. This is our hour.
English Jun 23, 2012
Cardinal warns over teaching of gay marriage in schools
English May 06, 2012
Cardinal accuses David Cameron of 'immoral' behaviour and favouring rich
Cardinal Keith O'Brien says PM should not protect only his 'very rich colleagues' but consider his moral obligation to the poor
English Apr 22, 2012
Cardinal urges all Christians to wear cross
English Mar 25, 2012
We cannot afford to indulge this madness
Cardinal Keith O'Brien, Britain's most senior Catholic, sets out his opposition to the Government's plans to legalise gay marriage.
Spanish Feb 29, 2012
Cardenal O’Brien conoce al Cardenal O’Brien
English Feb 18, 2012
Cardinal Keith O’Brien ‘snubbed’ by UK government’s Vatican delegation
English May 10, 2011
Cardinal Keith O'Brien urges Christians to stay true to faith
English May 10, 2011
Cardinal on attack over secularism
THE leader of Scotland’s Catholics has denounced the “marginalisation” of Christians for their refusal to endorse lifestyles including homosexuality.
English Apr 02, 2011
William Hague accused of 'anti-Christian' foreign policy
William Hague is overseeing an “anti-Christian” foreign policy that fails to protect 100 million of the religion’s worshippers facing persecution around the world, Britain’s most senior Catholic has said
English Dec 24, 2010
Freedom of religion must be upheld, says cardinal
English Sept 09, 2010
Cardinal O'Brien is right: How dare the US lay down the law on justice?
German Sept 09, 2010
Großbritannien: Kardinal kritisiert USA
English Mar 02, 2010
Cardinal launches attack on Labour
Scotland's most senior Roman Catholic has said he hopes the Pope will give the Labour Party "hell" when he visits later this year.
German Jun 29, 2009
Großbritannien soll auf Atomwaffen verzichten
English Apr 17, 2009
Scotland staring into the abyss of social collapse, says cardinal
Italian Mar 11, 2009
Il Cardinale O'Brien esorta il Governo a promuovere l'affidamento
Di fronte alla proposta di estenderlo alle coppie omosessuali
English Dec 12, 2008
Scottish cardinal leaves helm of agency after gay adoptions imposed
Italian Dec 05, 2008
Regno Unito: il cardinale O'Brien lascia per protesta la presidenza di un'agenzia di adozione
German Nov 28, 2008
Großbritannien: Adoption für gleichgeschlechtliche Paare
English Oct 31, 2008
UK Church Leaders Deplore Passage of Anti-Life Bill
The vote was a tragedy for our country. As a direct consequence of this legislation the value of human life will be eroded even further in the United Kingdom
German Oct 30, 2008
Schottischer Kardinal für Nazi-Vergleich kritisiert
English Oct 28, 2008
Cardinal speaks out on 'barbaric indifference' to rights of unborn
Italian Oct 28, 2008
Il Cardinal O'Brien denuncia l'“indifferenza barbarica” per i diritti dei concepiti
In vista del 60° anniversario della Dichiarazione dei Diritti Umani
Spanish Oct 27, 2008
Gran Bretaña: “Bárbara indiferencia” ante los derechos de los no nacidos
Denuncia del cardenal O'Brien en el 60º aniversario de la Declaración de los Derechos Humanos
English Oct 27, 2008
Cardinal O'Brien on 'barbaric indifference to rights of the unborn'
Cardinal O'Brien highlighted the "barbaric indifference to the rights of the unborn" as 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights approaches during his speech at the SPUC Scotland Conference in Glasgow on Saturday.
English Jul 04, 2008
Scottish cardinal in unusual appeal to Parliament on abortion
Cardinal Keith O'Brien of Edinburgh, Scotland, has written to every member of Parliament, urging the lawmakers to "consider seriously any proposals… which would make early abortion more readily available."
English Jun 14, 2008
Exclusive: Cardinal Keith O'Brien steps into Cubs oath row
A Senior churchman has called for calm in the Scout oath row.
English May 15, 2008
The Hybrid Cardinal
There is a curious anomaly about Cardinal Keith O'Brien. Here is a man who defended the notorious radio-priest, Fr 'Andy' Monaghan when he effectively condoned fornication, abortion, and divorce on his phone-in radio programme, and yet now he has been made Cardinal, he is forever 'grabbing the headlines' by complaining about the self-same things! By Iain Colquhoun.
English Apr 25, 2008
Cardinal's shoulder fixed in latest operation
Scotland's most senior Roman Catholic has had another operation weeks after having a heart pacemaker fitted, it was reported today.
English Mar 27, 2008
Cardinal O'Brien gets pacemaker
The leader of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland has had a pacemaker fitted following recent heart problems.
English Mar 22, 2008
Scottish cardinal attacks government embryo legislation
The leader of Scotland's Catholic Church is using his Easter Sunday sermon to attack a British government bill to allow research using mixed human-animal embryos.
English Nov 09, 2007
Scottish Cardinal Expresses Concern About Spirituality In China, Sees Hope For Church Unity
In a written reflection on his recent mainland China trip, Cardinal Keith Michael Patrick O'Brien expresses concern about the future of spirituality there, but says he saw a desire to build unity within the Church.
English Nov 09, 2007
Visiting Scottish Cardinal Touches Hearts, Brings Pope's Blessing
Catholics in Xi'an diocese, central China, say the visit of Cardinal Keith Michael Patrick O'Brien has encouraged them greatly.
English Sept 07, 2007
Cardinal cuts links with Amnesty
Scotland's most senior Roman Catholic has resigned from Amnesty International in protest at its new stance on abortion. The cardinal had been a member of Amnesty since he was a student.
English Jul 17, 2007
Cardinal urges rethink on NHS fertility treatment
CARDINAL Keith O'Brien has urged Gordon Brown to think again about legislation which will make it easier for single women and lesbians to receive fertility treatment on the NHS.
English Jul 17, 2007
Defend the rights of fathers, protect the traditional family, Scottish bishops urge PM
The state oversteps its bounds by attempting to write out in law and in social policy the role of the father in the raising of children, said the Catholic bishops of Scotland.
English Jul 12, 2007
UK gov't perpetuates state-sponsored sectarianism, says cardinal, criticizing British PM
The refusal of the new British prime minister to move to repeal the 300-year-old Act of Settlement constitutes nothing more than an acceptance of and support for “state-sponsored sectarianism,” said a Scottish cardinal and long-time critic of the “pernicious and anachronistic” legislation.
English Jul 10, 2007
Cardinal Keith O'Brien Challenges Scottish Prime Minister to Review Abortion Laws
Says that fighting poverty in third-world countries, but ignoring the unborn, is "hypocritical".
English Jul 09, 2007
Abortion: Cardinal throws down gauntlet to PM
Cardinal Keith O'Brien has called on Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, to take a moral lead and order an urgent review of Britain's abortion laws.
English Jul 07, 2007
Compassion to poor children hypocritical if lives of unborn are ignored
Compassion toward newborn and starving children in Africa is hypocritical and hollow if society ignores the needs of unborn children in the developed and developing world, said a Scottish cardinal.
English Jul 04, 2007
Scottish Cardinal voices concern at PM's apparent endorsement of 'state-sponsored sectarianism'
Following the announcement by Prime Minister Gordon Brown yesterday that various constitutional changes would not include the repeal of the Act of Settlement, Cardinal Keith O'Brien said:
English Jun 12, 2007
Let Scotland Make its Own Laws on Abortion
Cardinal Keith O’Brien, Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, stated yesterday that the Parliament of Scotland should be able to decide important national issues such as abortion for itself, the Scotsman reports.
English Jun 05, 2007
Cardinal sounds abortion warning
Catholic politicians who defend abortion should not expect to remain full church members, Scotland's most senior Roman Catholic has warned.
English Jun 05, 2007
1967 Abortion Act "a pack of lies"
In a strongly-worded sermon to be delivered this afternoon at St Mary's Cathedral in Edinburgh, Cardinal Keith O'Brien will describe the claims and assurances made at the time of the passing of the 1967 Abortion Act were no more than a "pack of lies" which amounted to "lies and misinformation masquerading as compassion and truth".
Italian Jun 04, 2007
La legge sull’aborto è una “sfilza di bugie”
In una forte omelia pronunciata nel pomeriggio del 31 maggio, Festa della Visitazione, nella cattedrale di Santa Maria di Edimburgo (Scozia), il Cardinale Keith O’Brien ha descritto le affermazioni risalenti a quando è stata approvata la Legge sull’Aborto nel 1967 come una “sfilza di bugie” che includevano “menzogne e disinformazione mascherate da compassione e verità”.
English Apr 10, 2007
Live simply to protect ‘sacred earth’ as an Easter mission call
By living simply, Christians can help protect the “sacred earth” and meet the Easter call to service in the midst of dire environmental warnings, said a Scottish cardinal.
English Dec 20, 2006
Cardinal compares gay unions to paedophilia
Cardinal Keith O’Brien made the statements in a speech at the Scottish InterFiath Leaders’ conference last month.
English Nov 30, 2006
Scottish Cardinal gives unconditional support to anti-Trident petition
Cardinal O'Brien expressed his sadness that he cannot attend the delivery of the 20,000 names but he has offered his full backing by stating:
English Nov 29, 2006
Anti-Catholic bigots blamed by Cardinal
Cardinal Keith O'Brien has blamed "blatant anti-catholicism" for most of Scotland's racially-aggravated crime.
English Nov 01, 2006
Cardinal endorses Scotland independence
The head of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland suggested in an interview that independence would be good for the country.
English Nov 01, 2006
Cardinal O'Brien addresses Scottish Parliament
Cardinal Keith O'Brien is visiting the Scottish Parliament this week. Today, he gave the 'Time for Reflection' in the Parliament's debating chamber.
English Oct 24, 2006
Muslims should say sorry for 9/11 & 7/7
Outrage over comments by cardinal
English Sept 25, 2006
Cardinal Keith O'Brien at Edinburgh peace rally
Cardinal Keith O'Brien gave the following address yesterday at the end of the 'Long Walk for Peace' in Edinburgh. The Cardinal took part in a symbolic 'foot washing' for marchers at St John's Episcopal Church, Princes Street, before walking to the Scottish Parliament for a rally in the afternoon.
English Sept 21, 2006
Scottish Cardinal to wash feet of peace marchers in interfaith ceremony
Scotland's Long Walk for Peace is set to reach its conclusion today with a rally at the Scottish Parliament at 3pm.
English Sept 11, 2006
It's a cardinal sin to let this development go forward
The head of the Catholic Church in Scotland has joined a mass of protesters opposed to plans for 100 new homes in Morningside.
English Aug 09, 2006
Scottish cardinal decries ‘state-sponsored sectarian’ bigotry of 300-year-old law
Decrying “state-sponsored sectarian discrimination,” a Scottish cardinal launched an attack on a 300-year-old law and religious bigotry which leaves a blight on the cultural landscape.
English Aug 08, 2006
Cardinal attacks 'state-sponsored' sectarianism
Cardinal Keith O'Brien has claimed the British state promotes "state-sponsored sectarian discrimination" in his most outspoken attack yet against bigotry.
English Jul 25, 2006
Scotland cardinal calls gay law “threat to religious freedom”
The Catholic Church in Scotland is attacking a new law that would ban discrimination by businesses and public bodies based on sexual orientation, calling it “totalitarian,” according to the Sunday Times.
English Jul 03, 2006
Don’t replace ‘immoral’ Trident missile system
The storing, accumulating and replacing of nuclear weapons risks the immoral use of weapons of mass destruction, said the president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Scotland, urging the British government not to replace the Trident nuclear missile system.
English Jul 03, 2006
Mass rethink by cardinal as numbers fall
A shrinking number of priests and falling attendances have prompted a radical shake-up of the Roman Catholic Church in Edinburgh.
English Jun 21, 2006
Cardinal to Brit PM: Time has come to reopen abortion debate
Cardinal Keith O'Brien of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, Scotland, has told British Prime Minster Tony Blair that the time had come for a public and parliamentary debate about abortion, said the cardinal's spokesman.
English Jun 21, 2006
Scots Cardinal Says Pro-Gay Act Is Threat To Religious Freedom
New Government proposals to make it illegal to withhold goods or services on the basis of sexual orientation are a “ threat to religious freedom” according to the leader of Scotland’s Catholics.
English Jun 15, 2006
Sexual-orientation regulations threaten religious freedom, Scottish cardinal warns MPs
Government proposals designed to outlaw sexual-orientation discrimination constitute grave threats to “freedom of conscience” and to “religious freedom,” a Scottish cardinal told Catholic legislators in a homily delivered in the seat of United Kingdom political power.
English Jun 14, 2006
Cardinal Says Parish Closures Will Need a "Culture Change" in Scotland
A Scottish Archbishop has said there needs to be a culture change in the face of parish closures and falling vocations.
English May 17, 2006
Cardinal O'Brien welcomes Darfur peace agreement
Cardinal Keith O'Brien, who visited the troubled Darfur region of Sudan earlier this year with Scottish aid agency SCIAF, has cautiously welcomed the recent agreement as the first step towards peace.
English May 06, 2006
Cardinal calls for scrapping of Trident in his Easter homily
Cardinal Keith Patrick O'Brien gave the following homily at St Mary's Cathedral in Edinburgh at the Easter Vigil Mass.
English Feb 22, 2006
Cardinal sees hope amid horror of African nightmare
'THE men had their ears cut off - cut right into the skull. One said he had been stripped and beaten. Another had also had his lips cut off, you could see the scars. He told me stories of other people who had had their lips padlocked. Man's inhumanity to man is quite startling."
English Feb 11, 2006
Cardinal returns from Sudan trip
Cardinal Keith O'Brien has returned to Scotland after visiting families who are returning to the Sudan after fleeing the civil war.
English Jan 30, 2006
Scottish Cardinal O’Brien Visits Troubled Darfur, Stresses Peace
They whooped in joy as their battered busses swept into a dusty sports pitch. Then they clambered out to hear Cardinal Keith O’Brien, head of Scotland’s Roman Catholics, lead an ecumenical prayer for peace in Darfur.
English Jan 30, 2006
Catholics' chief is man on mission to Darfur
The leader of Scotland's Roman Catholics is to make a mercy dash to a war-torn African state.
English Jan 30, 2006
Gay Adoption Makes Children “Guinea Pigs in Some Distorted Social Experiment”
A decision by Scottish lawmakers to allow same-sex couples to adopt has been condemned by Roman Catholic prelate Cardinal Keith O’Brien, who warned that the measure would make Scotland’s orphans “guinea pigs in some distorted social experiment.”
English Jan 30, 2006
Cardinal in ethnic row over 'Christian Scotland' remarks
"In a re-Christianised Scotland I would certainly respect the beliefs of people of other faiths, the great world faiths, and acknowledge when they are celebrating their feasts, just as they acknowledge when we celebrate the feast of Christmas and these sort of things."
English Jan 21, 2006
Cardinal visits war-torn Darfur
The leader of Scotland's Roman Catholics has set off on a 10-day visit to Sudan.
English Jan 16, 2006
Scottish Executive should give "unequivocal support to marriage”
Cardinal: Scottish Executive should give "unequivocal support to marriage”
English Dec 04, 2005
Doing time with his jailhouse flock is never a Cardinal sin
Not  a word to the Pope about this but, I can exclusively reveal, Cardinal Keith O'Brien has done time. And on his own doorstep, in Saughton. I've got it on record.
English Nov 24, 2005
Intervention by cardinal threatens to ignite quickie divorce row
The head of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland has intervened in the growing row over plans for quicker divorces by praising MSPs who have stood up against the changes.
English Nov 24, 2005
Cardinal welcomes stamps
In a letter sent this week to the head of the Royal Mail Stamp Programme, Cardinal Keith O'Brien has congratulated the Royal Mail on the designs chosen for the 2005 first and second class stamps.
English Nov 06, 2005
Churches make Gulf War help call
Leading Scottish churchmen have called on the UK Government to do more to help the servicemen and women who became seriously ill after the 1991 Gulf War.
English Oct 15, 2005
Edinburgh Cardinal Blasts Scottish Parliament at Red Mass for “Unjust and Immoral Laws” on the Family
Keith Cardinal O’Brien addressed the civil leadership of his Archdiocese of Edinburgh on Sunday, saying that the Scottish Parliament is passing “unjust and immoral laws” that have no “natural or rational basis” and are destroying Christian culture.
English Oct 15, 2005
Cardinal to criticise Parliament's "unjust and immoral laws."
Cardinal Keith O'Brien will tomorrow - Sunday 9 October 2005 - use the occasion of the annual "Red Mass" (Mass for the legal profession) at St.Mary's Cathedral in Edinburgh to launch a strongly worded challenge to Scottish parliamentarians "intent on enacting unjust and immoral laws."
English Oct 11, 2005
Cardinal O'Brien attacks MSPs over 'unjust and immoral laws'
Scotland’s most senior Catholic will today launch a scathing attack on MSPs "intent on enacting unjust and immoral laws".
Spanish Sept 28, 2005
Cardenal pide a escoceses no experimentar con niños ni con uniones homosexuales
El Arzobispo de Edimburgo, Cardenal Keith O’Brien, señaló que a las parejas de hecho y homosexuales no se les debe otorgar la adopción de niños porque no es justo experimentar con los menores, refiriéndose a las recomendaciones de un grupo de “expertos” avalados por el Gobierno escocés que propone otorgarles este derecho.
English Sept 28, 2005
Cardinal says gay adoption will harm children
The leader of Scotland’s Roman Catholics has described proposals to allow homosexual couples to adopt as a “distorted social experiment” which risks making children gay.
English Aug 06, 2005
Scots cardinal blames G8 for growing crisis in West Africa
The head of the Catholic Church in Scotland has blamed the "disappointing" G8 Gleneagles summit for the mounting crisis in West Africa.
English Jul 09, 2005
Cardinal O'Brien's Address to "Make Poverty History" Rally
This is the address that Cardinal Keith O'Brien, archbishop of Saint Andrews and Edinburgh, gave to the "Make Poverty History" rally in Edinburgh on Saturday. Edinburgh, Scotland, JULY 3, 2005.
English Jun 17, 2005
Scottish cardinal condemns legalizing gay adoption
Cardinal Keith O'Brien of Edinburgh criticized a decision by Scottish officials to legalize adoption of children by homosexuals as "clearly not in the best interests of children."
English Jun 13, 2005
Churches wary of adoption changes
Scotland's Churches have expressed doubts about government moves to improve rights on adoption for unmarried and same sex couples.
English Jun 02, 2005
Cardinal says priests will marry
The leader of Scotland's Catholics has risked reigniting a row over married priests by predicting the Vatican will eventually relent and allow the practice.
English May 15, 2005
Cardinal Addresses Catholic Headteachers
The Challenge of Leadership in the Catholic School in the 21st Century. Address by Cardinal Keith Patrick O’Brien. Thursday 5 May 2005.
English May 08, 2005
Scottish cardinal warns against sex-education agenda
Cardinal Keith O'Brien has attacked Scotland's local authorities and health boards for "pushing an agenda" of sex education contrary to Christian teaching.
English May 06, 2005
Crack down on preachers’ attacks on minorities at Holyrood
Scottish parliament bosses have banned ministers and priests from addressing MSPs unless they refrain from attacking homosexuals and other minorities. A spokesman for the Catholic Church said the tightening of the rules made the parliament look petty and mean spirited.
English May 06, 2005
They're Catholic viewpoints
The leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland was condemned last night for describing homosexuals as "captives of sexual aberrations" in a Christmas message to MSPs. Speaking during yesterday's Time for Reflection at the Scottish Parliament, Cardinal Keith O'Brien compared gays and lesbians to prisoners in Saughton jail.
English Apr 10, 2005
Cardinal O'Brien's Easter Message
Easter Message of Cardinal Keith Patrick O’Brien. Preached in St Mary’s Cathedral, Edinburgh. Easter Sunday: Sunday 27 March 2005.
English Apr 09, 2005
Gay teachers will not be banned from faith schools
Homosexuals will not be banned from teaching in faith schools, says Cardinal Keith O’Brien head of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland. He said sexual orientation was not, in itself, of any relevance to the Church.
English Apr 09, 2005
Easter Message of Cardinal Keith Patrick O’Brien
Preached in St Mary’s Cathedral, Edinburgh. Easter Sunday: Sunday 27 March 2005.
English Mar 21, 2005
Abortion Support Leads UK Cardinal to Demand Lottery Boycott
Scotland’s Cardinal Keith O'Brien has urged faithful Catholics there to boycott the National Lottery after learning the lottery had issued £3.3 million in proceeds to fund so-called family planning organizations that refer women for abortions.
German Feb 11, 2005
Schottischer Kardinal fordert gleiche Rechte für Katholiken in Großbritannien
Anlässlich der Bekanntgabe der baldigen Hochzeit von Prinz Charles von England mit Camilla Parker Bowles hat der Vorsitzende der schottischen Bischofskonferenz sein Bedauern darüber ausgedrückt, dass es einer katholischen Prinzessin nie gestattet sei, den königlichen Thron zu besteigen.
Spanish Feb 11, 2005
Un cardenal constata la discriminación contra los católicos en la casa real inglesa
Tras el anuncio de la próxima boda del príncipe Carlos de Inglaterra con Camilla Parker Bowles, el presidente de la Conferencia Episcopal de Escocia, ha lamentado que un católico ni su cónyuge puedan acceder al trono real a causa de su religión.
English Nov 11, 2004
Cardinal urges the Executive to heed US moral victory
Catholic Church speaks out as a force for political change in Scotland in wake of Bush win.
English Nov 11, 2004
Cardinal hails Bush ‘victory for morality’
The most senior Roman Catholic in Scotland has pointed out yesterday to George W Bush's election win as a victory for morality and saying politicians should look to America as an example.
English Oct 17, 2004
His Biggest Mistake of the First Year as a Cardinal
Asked this week by The Scotsman what was his biggest mistake of the previous year Cardinal O’Brien replied: "Being too open with the press. Maybe I share too much of myself."
English Oct 17, 2004
State-sponsored Sexual Abuse of Minors
"I had to say something as a leader of the Church. I was intensely worried about the diminution of standards in our country. I felt that not enough was being said. But now people are thinking about what might be going on in their schools. I think we are going down a slippery slope. I don’t have kids, obviously, but we don’t want our kids to be seeing drawings of sexual organs at the age of three or five."
English Oct 17, 2004
Births Must Keep up with Immigrants
Cardinal Keith O’Brien has said that Catholics must have more children or face seeing their faith eclipsed by the religions of immigrants.
English Oct 04, 2004
Profession of Faith taken by Cardinal Designate Keith Patrick O'Brien
The full text of the Profession of Faith taken by Cardinal Designate Keith Patrick O'Brien on Tuesday 7th October 2003 at St. Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh in the presence of the Metropolitan Cathedral chapter.
French Oct 04, 2004
Les fidélités successives du futur cardinal d’Edimbourg
Mgr Keith O’Brien, connu pour ses positions ultra-progressistes (voir DICI n° 82), a dû prononcer une profession de foi catholique, dans sa cathédrale, le 7 octobre 2003.
English Sept 18, 2004
Cardinal-elect Questions Church Stance on Controversial Issues
Archbishop Keith O'Brien of Aberdeen, Scotland, who was named by Pope John Paul II to become a cardinal, used a Mass of thanksgiving as an occasion to question Church teaching and discipline regarding contraception, homosexuality, and clerical celibacy.
English Sept 11, 2004
Cardinal Makes Six Demands on Sex Education Proposals
The leader of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland yesterday demanded six assurances from the Scottish Executive on its sexual health strategy.
English Sept 11, 2004
How will Card. O‘Brien’s Liberal Views Affect the Church?
Keith O'Brien will be the third Scottish cardinal since the Reformation. But how will the liberal's view affect the Church, and how will he handle his critics at home?
English Sept 11, 2004
Well Done, Cardinal O’Brien
Cardinal O'Brien seems keen to ditch his liberal image and, God knows, this most recent article can only help his promotion prospects.
English Sept 11, 2004
Catholic Teaching on the Eucharist a 'Church Discipline'?
"When I was at the very very beautiful - not just St Giles Ceremony - but the very very beautiful Communion Service this morning, it hurts me as much as it hurts you I know, that I do not share in the Eucharist you offer."
English Sept 11, 2004
Cardinal O’Brien Supports Gay Issues
Scotland`s new cardinal-elect has wasted no time in setting himself apart from the other 30 new cardinals named by the Pope on Sunday. Archbishop Keith O’Brien is a liberal who sees no problem with gay priests and believes the church needs to ratchet down its opposition to same-sex unions, although he says he is still opposed to gay marriage.
English Sept 11, 2004
Neo-Elect Cardinal Challenges Church Teaching and Discipline
Among the recently named batch of 31 new cardinals, we have the execrable Archbishop Keith O'Brien of Aberdeen, Scotland. Within one day of his election as cardinal, O’Brien “used a Mass of thanksgiving as an occasion to question Church teaching and discipline regarding contraception, homosexuality, and clerical celibacy.
English Sept 11, 2004
Keith Patrick O’Brien’s Unholy Track Record
Among the 31 new cardinals named by the Holy Father on 28 September 2003 was one Keith Patrick O’Brien – licit successor of the Apostles; spiritual son of Judas Iscariot. Vatican rewards for infidelity are commonplace nowadays, yet this news still floored everyone, including the flabbergasted Archbishop of Edinburgh himself.
English Sept 10, 2004
Cardinal O‘Brien Warns Against State-Sponsored Sexual Abuse of Children
In a strongly worded critique of the Scotland's sexual health strategy published in the Sunday Times today, Cardinal Keith O'Brien, President of the Bishops' Conference of Scotland calls for an end to the failed 'value-free' approach to sexual health, which he claims has caused teenage conception and STI statistics in Scotland to be among the worst in Europe.
English Sept 10, 2004
Cardinal Asks Councils Not to Shun Jesus on his Birthday
Cardinal Keith O’Brien will this week court controversy by asking Scotland’s local authorities to place nativity scenes in town centres to ensure that bargain-hunting shoppers cannot avoid the real reason for the festive season.
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