Theodore Edgar Cardinal McCarrick Theodore Edgar Cardinal McCarrick
Archbishop of Washington, D.C., USA
Cardinal Priest of Santi Nereo e Achilleo
Jul 07, 1930
Feb 21, 2001
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English US Cardinal Mc Carrick Visits Aboud, Hopes Change of the Wall's Route
Mar 11, 2006
Cardinal Mc Carrick, President of the American Catholic Bishops Conference, visited Friday the West Bank Village of Aboud and asserted his hope for a change of the route of the Apartheid Wall.

RAMALLAH, March 10, 2006 (WAFA) - Speaking to the people in Aboud in presence of the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem and Holy Land Michel Sabbah and many Catholic priests of the Holy Land, Cardinal Mc Carrick said : "President of USA George W. Bush knows about Aboud and prayed with me for you."

Cardinal Mc Carrick, expressed his worry about the present route of the Wall near the village. He said: "I've spoken with President Bush about you, and I came here to pray with you for a sign of peace and justice by the High Court of Israel about the Wall in Aboud."

"As wrote in the Bible, Even if a mother could forget her baby, I will never forget you."

Later Cardinal Mc Carrick met Aboud Muslims and Christians men, and listened carefully to their speech on social and economic problems due to the Israeli Occupation and deepened by the building Wall.

He greeted them remembering "Christians, Jews and Muslims, are all sons and daughters of the same God, and brothers and sisters in the same father Abraham."

Cardinal McCarrick went in private visit to see the construction places of the Wall.

Since November 2005, Israel is building a Wall very close to Aboud village, taking one third of the whole land of Aboud and going to destroy hundreds of olive trees.

Aboud is 6 kilometers (3,5 miles) far from the 1967 borders between Israel and West Bank and already there is a wall on the borders making impossible to enter in Israel to anyone coming from West Bank.

The Wall in construction near Aboud is a secondary wall to surround the two colonies of Ofarim and Bet Arye and aims to connect them to the "Ariel bloc" in the north and in the future to annex them to the State of Israel.
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