Theodore Edgar Cardinal McCarrick Theodore Edgar Cardinal McCarrick
Archbishop of Washington, D.C., USA
Cardinal Priest of Santi Nereo e Achilleo
Jul 07, 1930
Feb 21, 2001
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English Cardinal Would Allow Pro-Abortion Politicians to Speak. Would He Allow White Supremacists?
Apr 28, 2005
The Boston Globe reports today that Washington Cardinal Theodore McCarrick has said he supports allowing politicians who disagree with Church teaching on issues such as abortion to speak at Catholic colleges.

WASHINGTON, March 4, 2005 ( - The Cardinal is heading a special task force on implementation of a United States of Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) statement agreed upon last June. The statement, "Catholics in Political Life," says pro-abortion politicians should not be honored by Catholic communities and institutions. "They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions," says the statement.

However , the interpretation of not giving ‘platforms’ to pro-abortion politicians seems to be weakening. “McCarrick said he will argue that politicians who disagree with church teachings should be allowed to speak at Catholic colleges but should not receive honorary degrees,” reports the Globe.

The news came as a disappointment to Catholic pro-life activists even outside the US. Surresh Dominic, spokesman for Canada’s Campaign Life Catholic told “It’s totally inappropriate for a Catholic institution to give a platform to someone who supports what the church teaches is murder of the innocent.”

Dominic added, “I doubt the Cardinal would even consider having a white supremacist come and speak at a Catholic college since such a person would rightly be viewed as a supporter of discrimination based on race, which the church condemns. However, according to the Catholic church, abortion is at least as evil as racism.”

Dominic concluded, “And besides, abortion, like racism, is all about discrimination. It’s discrimination based on age, size and dependency.”
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