Nicol Cardinal L Nicol Cardinal L
Archbishop of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Cardinal Priest of S Pio X alla Balduina
Oct 31, 1936
Dominican Republic
Jun 28, 1991
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English Catholic Cardinal says Dominican media is “putrid”
May 22, 2007
Dominican cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez yesterday demanded that media owners and directors cleanup the "putrid" atmosphere which he feels affects their programming, even it means "losing a little money."

(Dominican Today, May, 21, 2007) SANTO DOMINGO. – When officiating the mass for journalists which has been held for 41 years, with the subject of Pope Benedict XVI "Children and mass media: A challenge for the education," the Cardinal reiterated his criticism of the violence that that segment of society receives from electronic media.

The prelate, who condemned the violence "in all types of its manifestations," said the Pope in his message calls on parents and educators to follow up on information adapted to children so they learn to critically select what they receive through the media.

Lopez praised the media’s role in education, though cautioned these must respect the children’s conscience.

"I myself I have said that I don’t support them, what mind is it that is producing the well-known current cartoons, you see them and in the first place they are doodles, there is nothing aesthetic there, or rather that what is seen is that whomever is producing this is either a person who has distortions in their mind, or God knows what they carry inside.”

He said he lamented that the cartoons are "a pile of things, monstrous, absurd figures and above all violent," that don’t  contribute to anything.
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