Nicol Cardinal L Nicol Cardinal L
Archbishop of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Cardinal Priest of S Pio X alla Balduina
Oct 31, 1936
Dominican Republic
Jun 28, 1991
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English The Cardinal blames owners for vulgarity in Dominican media
Jun 18, 2006
Laments bad use given to radio and TV.

(Dominican Today, June, 16, 2006) SANTO DOMINGO. - The Metropolitan Archbishop of Santo Domingo and Dominican Republic’s only Cardinal blamed the country’s radio and television station owners of being the people directly responsible for the vulgarities which in his view are broadcast by these media.

Nicolas de Jesus Lopez feels that "it is a shame that to these resources are given a bad use, when communication is called upon to instruct and to promote values. I do not have any repairs in affirming it publicly: The owners of the media are the main people responsible for those vulgarities," he said, calling on them so that they orient the programs’ producers so that they do things better.

Interviewed in Telecentro, Channel 13, the senior Catholic prelate said that the owners as well as the directors and commentators have their quota of responsibility. "If I am owner of this media I cannot allow for the image to be ruined and making an inadequate use. There is a social responsibility, the media are called on to contribute with a better society in which there are values of decency, responsibility," said Lopez.

Regarding the authorities, the Cardinal feels that every time that the Public Performances Commission has to intervene “the entire world pounces on it” and declared himself a fervent defender of freedom of the press.

He affirmed that despite that people in general tune in to those progmas, “I don’t tolerate that vulgarity."

He said that the only solution is what is being done in other countries, which is to continue making conscientious those who have responsibility in the media. "If these people who are the media owners draw the guidelines, many would be interested in conducting themselves in the best manner, and things can improve."
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