Nicol Cardinal L Nicol Cardinal L
Archbishop of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Cardinal Priest of S Pio X alla Balduina
Oct 31, 1936
Dominican Republic
Jun 28, 1991
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English Cardinal asks the new senators to work for Dominican development
Jun 15, 2006
The cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez asked the new senators who will enter Congress next August 16 to work on the basis of development plan for Dominican Republic of 10 or 15 years.

(Dominican Today, May, 25) SANTO DOMINGO. - Santo Domingo’s Metropolitan Archbishop feels that the laws that the incoming Congress approves must correspond with that plan.

The prelate deems it necessary for the new legislators to form part of a great agenda for the real benefit of all provinces that they represent and for the country, before approving incoherent and senseless laws.

He said that president Leonel Fernandez has already spoken on the need for a wide-ranging dialogue with the society to obtain a consensus and to establish towards where the country must be led.

"It is necessary that the Congress is not divorced from the social and economic reality of the country, that is, it must be responding to those necessities," Lopez Rodriguez said, adding that what first needs to be identified are the nation’s priorities for next the 10 or 15 years.

Regarding the Central Electoral Board’s (JCE) performance in the electoral process, the Archbishop also feels that there is a need to seek out men and women who are independent of the political parties, if a new membership of judges in that court and in the municipal boards are chosen. He said that society has the citizens who could fill those positions independently.

"That they be absolutely independent people, that there are, to avoid all these situations of emergencies and doubts and delays that have surfaced," he added.
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