Nicol Cardinal L Nicol Cardinal L
Archbishop of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Cardinal Priest of S Pio X alla Balduina
Oct 31, 1936
Dominican Republic
Jun 28, 1991
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English The Cardinal asks politicos to respect Christmas truce
Dec 26, 2005
Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez today called on the politicians to adhere to the traditional Christmas truce that they themselves propose and cautioned that if the President the Republic violates it, the other political leaders also feel they have a right to do so.

(Dominican Today, December, 21 2005) SANTO DOMINGO.- The Cardinal’s request comes in the wake of feverish negotiations between the two major opposition parties which forged and alliance and president Leonel Fernandez’s tour of the country’s South region, ostensible to deliver packages to the poor but which the media considers politicking.

In addition, the prelate asked for the restructuring of all of the country’s electoral municipal boards so that next year’s congressional and municipal elections are fair.

"All the boards must be staffed, that is not necessary to say, that is it the Central Electoral Board wants the elections as they should be done in May, because obviously in each place there must be a municipal board that assures the fairness the security and the transparency of the elections," he added.

Yesterday JCE judge Roberto Rosario complained that in that court there is lack of will to integrate the municipal boards and warned that it could create problems in the future, adding that the citizen security must be of concern for all Dominicans.
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