William Henry Cardinal Keeler † William Henry Cardinal Keeler †
Archbishop of Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Cardinal Priest of S Maria degli Angeli
Mar 04, 1931
Nov 26, 1994
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English Cardinal Keeler celebrates last mass as Archbishop
Sept 24, 2007
Cardinal William Keeler says it's time to step down.  The 76-year-old has served as Cardinal of the Archdiocese of Baltimore since 1994.  He says the Sunday service is not his final farewell.

(abc2news.com, September 23 2007) "I'll still be around to remind people of historical facts and to insight people of the right thing to do," said Cardinal Keeler.

Parishoners give credit to the Cardinal for several improvements and marks of leadership since he transferred from Harrisburg, PA, 18 years ago.  He's been credited with improving relations between the Catholic community and other faiths.  The Cardinal organized the renovation of the Basilica, the oldest cathedral in the United States.

"Over the years, it had become quite dark inside.  It had lost a lot of its beauty and splendor and the Cardinal restored all of that," said Bishop Denis Madden.

As Cardinal Keeler prepares to step down, one of his top concerns is making Catholic education more affordable in Maryland.  That issue was also on the minds of many parishoners who came to celebrate the Cardinal's final  mass as Archbishop.

"I just hope the new Cardinal can make more people be able to go to Catholic schools as the years go on," said Clare Goggins, who is a freshman at Notre Dame Prep."

Looking forward, the parishoners say they have faith in Archbishop Edwin O'Brien, who will succeed Cardinal Keeler.

"Cardinal Keeler has done a great job but I'm hearing great things about the new bishop coming in so it will be nice to have a new face at the cathedral, said Mike Gabriele, a Baltimore parishoner."

Archbishop Edwin O'Brien will be installed as the Archbishop of Baltimore on October First.
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