Aloysius Matthew Cardinal Ambrozic † Aloysius Matthew Cardinal Ambrozic †
Archbishop of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Cardinal Priest of Saints Marcellinus and Peter
Jan 27, 1930
Feb 21, 1998
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English Sept 17, 2011
Cardinal Aloysius Ambrozic laid to rest in Toronto  Read more:
French Sept 17, 2011
Canada : Des milliers de fidèles aux funérailles du cardinal Ambrozic
Il avait accueilli les jeunes et Jean-Paul II pour la JMJ de 2002
English Sept 17, 2011
Being in the spotlight was uncomfortable for Toronto’s Cardinal Aloysius Ambrozic
English Aug 27, 2011
Former Toronto archbishop dies at 81
Toronto Cardinal Aloysius Ambrozic speaks at the Mass formally welcoming Thomas Colins as the 10th Archbishop of Toronto in January 2007. Cardinal Ambrozic died Friday after a long illness.
Italian Jan 31, 2010
Il cardinale Ambrozic compie 80 anni
Spanish Jan 31, 2010
El cardenal Ambrozic cumple 80 años
Otros diez cardenales alcanzan esta edad en 2010
English Dec 17, 2006
Statement from Cardinal Ambrozic
St. Michael’s Cathedral, Dec. 17, 2006
English Dec 16, 2006
Toronto's cardinal retires
Collins, 59, will be installed in January
English Nov 17, 2006
Religion and Gain
By Aloysius Cardinal Ambrozic (November 2006).
English Nov 14, 2006
Cardinal Warns Voters about Renegade Priest Running for Catholic School Board Trustee
Some of the voters in today's Toronto municipal elections were informed about one of the candidates for Catholic School Board Trustee from the pulpits of their churches on Sunday.
English Dec 13, 2005
And They Become One Flesh
I cannot help but be saddened and deeply ashamed to see some Catholic Members of Parliament crumble under the pretensions of spurious inclusivity (November 2005).
English Jul 09, 2005
The Redefinition of Civil Marriage in Canadian Law
With the House of Commons having passed Bill C-38 on 28 June 2005, Canadians take another unfortunate step toward eliminating civil and social recognition and appreciation for the unique importance of the committed relationship of a man and a woman in marriage. By Cardinal Ambrosic, June 29, 2005
Italian Jun 13, 2005
Celebra il Giubileo Sacerdotale d'Oro
A lui vanno le nostre sentite congratulazioni unite agli auguri più vivi, espressi in preghiera, per ancora molti anni di ministero in buona salute e ricco di grazie celesti.
English Mar 21, 2005
March for Marriage in Ottawa Endorsed by Toronto Cardinal Ambrozic
A planned march and rally for traditional marriage set for April 9 in Ottawa is fast becoming a very popular event.  Toronto Cardinal Aloysius Ambrozic has endorsed the demonstration in a letter to the priests of the Toronto Archdiocese.
French Jan 25, 2005
"Ne modifiez pas la définition du mariage".
Face à la polémique sur le mariage homosexuel, qui est en discussion au Canada, l’archevêque catholique de Toronto a demandé dans une lettre au Premier ministre Paul Martin de ne pas modifier la définition du mariage au Canada.
English Nov 11, 2004
Toronto Cardinal Endorses Right to Life Pamphlet Initiative
Toronto and Area Right to Life has distributed pro-life flyers and posters to the Catholic parishes of Toronto with the endorsement and blessing of the Cardinal Archbishop of Toronto, Aloysius Ambrozic.
English Nov 02, 2004
Letter to Mel Gibson’s Chaplain
Letter to Fr. Stephen Somerville, Queensville, Ontario, on the issue of his collaboration with the Society of St. Pius X, August 18, 2004 (
English Oct 01, 2004
Against Mel Gibson’s Chaplain
I am sorry it has come to this; we have known each other for a long time. But my fidelity to the Catholic truth gives me no choice but to suspend you. To all your pettifogging arguments I answer with St. Augustine's chief reply to the self-righteously pure Donatist sect, Securus indicat orbis terrarum.
English Sept 09, 2004
Backing of a Pro-Abortion Politician to High Profile Catholic Post
Responding to concerned Catholics who wrote about the appointment of former Ontario PC cabinet minister Tina Molinari - listed as 'pro-abortion' by a pro-life group - to a high profile post within Catholic Missions in Canada, Toronto Cardinal Aloysius Ambrozic's spokeseman said he backs the appointment.
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