Francis Eugene Cardinal George, O.M.I. † Francis Eugene Cardinal George, O.M.I. †
Former Archbishop of Chicago, Illinois, USA
Cardinal Priest of S Bartolomeo all'Isola
Jan 16, 1937
Feb 21, 1998
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French Apr 29, 2015
L'étrange prophétie du cardinal George : « Je mourrai dans mon lit... Mais mon successeur, lui... »
Le cardinal Francis George mettait en garde l'Occident, sur un ton prophétique, contre un monde sans Dieu qui se place du mauvais côté de l'Histoire.
English Apr 27, 2015
A tribute to Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I.
A tribute to Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I.
English Apr 25, 2015
'Regular person' Cardinal George takes final resting place in Des Plaines
Whether they knew him or not, those who gathered for Cardinal Francis George's burial at a Des Plaines cemetery Thursday afternoon say the Chicago native left a mark on them and the church he led.
English Apr 22, 2015
Bishop Describes Final Moments Beside Cardinal George
Roman Catholic leaders from around the country are headed for Chicago this week.
English Apr 21, 2015
Good-bye to a hard-nosed Chicagoan
Remembering Cardinal Francis George.
Spanish Apr 18, 2015
Falleció el Cardenal Francis George, Arzobispo Emérito de Chicago en Estados Unidos
El Cardenal Francis George, Arzobispo Emérito de Chicago (Estados Unidos) falleció este viernes a la edad de 78 años luego de luchar durante varios años contra el cáncer.
English Apr 18, 2015
Cardinal Francis George Dies at 78
Sixth cardinal to lead Chicago's 2.3 million Catholics has died after years of battling cancer.
English Feb 06, 2015
For Cardinal George, God’s Grace Is Bigger Than Cancer
The retired shepherd of the Archdiocese of Chicago became the 11th recipient of the Knights of Columbus’ Gaudium et Spes Award.
English Feb 06, 2015
For Cardinal George, God’s Grace Is Bigger Than Cancer
The retired shepherd of the Archdiocese of Chicago became the 11th recipient of the Knights of Columbus’ Gaudium et Spes Award.
English Feb 05, 2015
At awards event, Cardinal George says he's receiving palliative care
Doctors have exhausted all options in Cardinal Francis George's cancer treatment and have moved on to palliative care.
English Jan 01, 2015
Archdiocese: Experimental drug 'not effective' in fighting cardinal's cancer
Cardinal Francis George has stopped taking an experimental drug because it "has not been effective" in his cancer treatment, the Chicago Catholic Archdiocese said in a statement Wednesday.
English Dec 11, 2014
Cardinal George cracks joke as he receives city's highest honor
Retired Archbishop Francis George talked about the unique pride Chicagoans feel for their hometown and even broke out a couple jokes on Wednesday while accepting the city’s highest honor during a City Council meeting.
English Nov 22, 2014
The Pope really needs to answer Cardinal George’s questions
Cardinal Francis George would ‘really, really like to have a heart-to-heart with Francis': so too would many of the rest of us.
English Nov 20, 2014
Pax vobiscum, Cardinal George
"I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square. His successor will pick up the shards of a ruined society and slowly help rebuild civilization as the church has done so often in human history." — Cardinal Francis George during a 2010 talk to newly ordained priests on the increasing secularization of society
English Oct 23, 2014
Cardinal George: Cancer treatment results 'not thoroughly encouraging'
With less than a month until he steps down as Archbishop of Chicago, Francis Cardinal George spoke candidly about his health and his future. He continues to battle cancer, but the results of his treatment are, as he put it, "not thoroughly encouraging."
Spanish Sept 13, 2014
El cardenal Francis George denuncia que en EE.UU se ha impuesto el laicismo como religión de estado
El arzobispo y cardenal de Chicago, S.E.R. Francis George, ha asegurado que en Estados Unidos se ha impuesto el laicismo como religión de estado, de tal manera que se obliga por ley a los cristianos a aceptar el pecado y a colaborar con el mismo. El prelado critica la imposición de un credo público en la nación norteamericana que lleva a aceptar la depravación sexual y el aborto y compara tal hecho a la imposición de la sharia a ciudadanos no musulmanes en algunos países.
English Aug 23, 2014
Cardinal George testing new cancer drug
Cardinal Francis George, facing his third bout with cancer, is participating in a clinical trial of a new drug being conducted at the University of Chicago, the archdiocese announced Friday.
English Jul 31, 2014
Cardinal Francis George: Gay marriage proponents on 'wrong side of nature'
Cardinal Francis George, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in Chicago, warned this week that gay marriage proponents are on the "wrong side of nature," a jab at the those who say opponents are on the "wrong side of history."
English Apr 12, 2014
Cardenal George dice que no morirá pronto y que hay que buscar su reemplazo
La decisión del cardenal Francis George de quedarse en casa y no viajar para la canonización del Papa Juan XXIII y del Papa Juan Pablo II, significa que perderá una reunión programada con el actual pontífice para informarle sobre la sede de Chicago y los pasos futuros, reportó el diario Chicago Tribune.
English Apr 12, 2014
Cardinal resumes chemotherapy, cancels trip for canonizations
Cardinal Francis George will not travel to Rome for the canonizations of Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II, the pontiff who appointed him a bishop and elevated him to cardinal.
English Mar 11, 2014
Cardinal George undergoes latest cancer treatment
Cardinal Francis George says he feels a "little bit lightheaded" and a little unsteady on his feet but otherwise OK after his first treatment in a new round of chemotherapy.
English Dec 26, 2013
At a public Mass on Sunday commemorating his 50 years in the priesthood, Cardinal Francis George shared he didn’t experience any “great sign” that led him to become a priest.
English Dec 20, 2013
Cardinal Francis George on Pope Francis
Less about the pope, more about Jesus.
English Nov 19, 2013
Cardinal George warns of same-sex marriage ‘consequences’
Cardinal Francis George is warning there will be “consequences” for the Catholic church and society in light of same-sex marriage legislation in the state.
English Nov 10, 2013
Cardinal George says gay marriage bill 'bad legislation'
Chicago Cardinal Francis George says a vote to legalize gay marriage in Illinois was "no enormous surprise," but says the bill was "bad legislation."
English Oct 22, 2013
Cardinal George speaks on role of bishop, priest in light of Vatican II
St. John's Seminary opened the doors of the new Our Lady of the Presentation Lecture Hall and Library to their new neighbors in Oak Square, Oct. 15, for a continuing lecture series celebrating the Year of Faith and the 50th Anniversary of the Second Vatican Council.
English Oct 09, 2013
As Cardinal George Nears End Of Career, A Huge Party Is Planned
Fifty years ago this December, a young polio victim beat the odds and was ordained a priest at his family’s Northwest Side parish.
English Sept 24, 2013
Chicago archbishop calls pope's message 'encouraging'
But George cautions about reading too much into remarks on gays, abortion.
English Aug 30, 2013
Cardinal George hopes gay marriage is blocked, says pope’s remarks were misinterpreted
Cardinal Francis George told me in an interview this week that he remains hopeful of blocking the legalization of same-sex marriage in Illinois and that we in the media misinterpreted Pope Francis’ recent remarks that were seen as more accepting of gays.
English Mar 27, 2013
Cardinal George calls Pope Francis ‘self-effacing’ but ‘with a certain authority’
Cardinal Francis George offered insight into the personality and background of the new pope — and his selection — after saying his first mass at Holy Name Cathedral since returning from the conclave in Rome that elected Pope Francis.
English Feb 23, 2013
Cardinal George doesn't rule out an American pope
Chicago's Catholic leader prepares for conclave in Rome
English Jan 19, 2013
Cardinal George Issues Letter on Gay Marriage
English Jan 06, 2013,0,1232450.story
English Jan 06, 2013
Cardinal George issues letter urging Catholics to oppose gay marriage bill
English Jan 06, 2013
Courageous Cardinal George Leads the Effort to Defend Marriage in Illinois
Defend Marriage in Illinois

   By Deacon Keith Fournier
   Catholic Online (

When the ways of nature and nature's God conflict with civil law, society is in danger. It is to that danger that we direct your attention

The Illinois General Assembly is being asked to consider a bill called "The Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act." This is a deceptive title that ignores basic truths.The State has no power to create something that nature itself tells us is impossible. Neither did the Church create marriage.
English Oct 16, 2012
Cardinal George Speaks About Religious Liberty
It affects whether Catholic hospitals must provide abortion-inducing drugs or sterilization, against their beliefs, he said at presentation in Niles.
English Oct 08, 2012
‘Society Will Be The Worse For It’ If Gay Marriage Legalized
English Sept 16, 2012
Cardinal Francis George fighting cancer again
English Sept 16, 2012
Cardinal George says he plans to keep working
English Sept 16, 2012
Cardinal Francis George: I thought I had licked cancer, but I didn’t
English Sept 16, 2012
Cardinal George: With God and prayers, ‘I’m sure it’ll be all right’
English Mar 05, 2012
Cardinal Francis George denies he’s snubbing Irish prime minister over Ireland-Vatican tiff
English Mar 05, 2012
Cardinal George: no Catholic hospitals in 2 years unless HHS mandate is rescinded
English Feb 29, 2012
Report: Chicago cardinal joins contraceptives fight
English Nov 09, 2011
Cardinal George, bishops, blast Gov. Quinn for plans to give award to pro-choice PAC
English May 29, 2011
'A question of faith and discipline'
Cardinal's confrontation with Pfleger reinforces George's belief in obedience to church
English Mar 06, 2011
Cardinal Francis George reflects on issues
Archbishop talks about health care, sexual abuse crisis
English Mar 06, 2011
Homosexual activists protest at Chicago cathedral; Cardinal George responds
English Feb 01, 2011
Cardinal George on gay marriage
English Nov 18, 2010
Cardinal George laments dissent from bishops on abortion and health care
Italian Oct 14, 2010
Usa: il cardinale George invita la comunità ispano-cattolica a restare salda nella fede
Italian Jul 07, 2010
Il cardinale George attacca le suore, hanno appoggiato Obama sull’aborto
English Jun 27, 2010
Allen Interview of Cardinal George Supports Report of 'parallel magisterium' Worries
6/23/2010 Catholic News Agency (

From your point of view, is this ultimately an ecclesiological question - who speaks for the Church?

Several bishops who wished to remain anonymous told CNA that Cardinal George charged CHA and other Catholic groups with providing "cover" for undecided legislators to support President Obama's legislation. He said these groups' actions also weakened the moral voice of the bishops in the U.S., caused confusion and wounded Catholic unity.
English Mar 10, 2010
Cardinal: Catholics, Mormons must defend religious freedom together
English Feb 24, 2010
Cardinal: Group's support of gay marriage not authentic church teaching
English Nov 22, 2009
Cardinal George Lauds House Action to Ban Federal Funds for Abortion; Promises Vigilance as Senate Pursues Health Care Reform, Wary About Affect on Poor, Elderly
House action backs President Obama's promise to not expand abortion

Senate must follow House example

Bishops still concerned for poor, elderly
English Nov 22, 2009
Cardinal George defends bishops' right to define Catholic identity
English Nov 20, 2009
Cardinal George and the politics of liturgy
Cardinal Francis George of Chicago has several times recently addressed the relationship between bishops and ordinary Catholics and how that relationship affects the manner in which we all live out a life of faith.
English Nov 20, 2009
Cardinal George questions role of independent Catholic media
Cardinal Francis E. George of Chicago, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, said Nov. 16 that Catholic publications, universities or other organizations that insist on complete independence from their bishops are “sectarian, less than fully Catholic.”
German Oct 23, 2009
USA: Kardinal gratuliert Obama
English Oct 14, 2009
Cardinal Francis George's new book
Cardinal also offers glimpse of moments with Bernardin
English Aug 14, 2009
Kudos to Cardinal George
Cardinal Francis George hit the nail on the head in his speech to the Knights of Columbus convention yesterday, calling for renewed efforts at binding up the unity of the faithful.
French May 05, 2009
Le cardinal George n’a plus beaucoup d’espoir en Obama
English May 05, 2009
Text size: increase text sizedecrease text size Cardinal George, 17 other bishops to confirm 3,000
French Apr 17, 2009
Notre Dame : University le cardinal George déplore la « gêne extrême »
English Apr 07, 2009 Cardinal George: ‘Notre Dame Didn't Understand What It Means to Be Catholic’ When They Invited Obama
Spanish Apr 01, 2009
Cardenal George pide evitar que administración de Obama caiga en despotismo
English Mar 25, 2009
The Church in Public Life
The state, unless it is despotic, should not force a citizen to do something that violates that person’s conscience. The state cannot place itself between an individual and God.
English Mar 19, 2009
Summit of the Chiefs
Earlier this afternoon -- a day after the latter publicly lobbied against the rollback of the Bush administration's last-minute "conscience rights" protections for health-care providers -- President Obama met in the Oval Office with the president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Cardinal Francis George OMI of Chicago.
English Dec 26, 2008
Cardinal George Honors Rabbi Dreyfus as New President of CCAR
French Nov 25, 2008
Etats-Unis : Il faut défendre la vie comme la justice raciale
Une nouvelle « bénédiction des enfants dans le ventre de leur mère »
English Nov 18, 2008
Cardinal George: Obama faces 'formidable' odds
English Nov 14, 2008
Bei der Vollversammlung der US-amerikanischen Bischofskonferenz ruft Kardinal George zum Schutz des Lebens au
English Nov 11, 2008
USCCB: George issues blunt challenge to Obama on abortion
Cardinal Francis George, speaking this morning as president of the U.S. bishops’ conference, said all Americans should “rejoice” that a country which once tolerated slavery has elected an African-American as president – and, in the same breath, he issued a blunt challenge to the new administration on abortion.
English Oct 17, 2008
Interview with Cardinal Francis George
If the typical American bishop once upon a time was a “bricks and mortar” man, Cardinal Francis George of Chicago is anything but typical.
English Sept 08, 2008
Cardinal George on Pelosi's Abortion Remarks
"The Teaching That Covers Evils Such as Abortion Could Not Be Clearer".
English Apr 15, 2008
Cardinal George: Pope will find a 'chastened' Church ready to listen
As president of the U.S. bishops’ conference, Cardinal Francis George of Chicago will be a key point of reference throughout Pope Benedict XVI’s April 15-20 visit to the United States. George will also be the figure who leads the American bishops in after-the-fact reflection on what the trip meant, and how it ought to shape their future agenda.
English Nov 13, 2007
Chicago on Top
Cardinal Francis George OMI of Chicago has won the presidency of the US bishops with 188 votes, 85% of the total body.
English Nov 11, 2007
George may lead bishops
Chicago cardinal likely to be chosen as voice of American prelates at trying time for church.
English Nov 11, 2007
George may lead bishops
Chicago cardinal likely to be chosen as voice of American prelates at trying time for church.
English Oct 19, 2007
Cardinal wary of speakers at conference on gays
Cardinal Francis George says he thinks some speakers at DePaul University's upcoming "Out There" conference on homosexuality may be too out there.
Spanish Oct 17, 2007
Un cardenal pide que los judíos dejen de llamar “bastardo” a Jesús
Quien ha puesto el dedo en esta llaga es el cardenal de Chicago, Francis Eugene George, y la polémica ha sido recogida en la prensa anglosajona.
English Jun 30, 2007
In memorial, lives honored
War in Iraq continues to put day of remembrance.
English Jun 13, 2007
Martha Rosenberg: Chicago Priest and Cardinal Caught in Crossfire over Gun Shop
It's been a month since 16-year-old Blair Holt, son of a Chicago Police gang investigator and a Chicago fire captain, was shot and killed riding the bus home from high school.
English May 06, 2007
Top 10 things Cardinal George has learned in 10 years
Lately, he's looked vulnerable. He's undergone cancer surgery. He's suffered a hip injury. And his reputation has been scarred by controversy over his handling of sexual abuse issues.
English May 04, 2007
Cardinal George Marks A Decade As Archbishop Of Chicago
This weekend, Francis Cardinal George marks his 10th anniversary as the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Chicago.
English Apr 10, 2007
1st report scared cardinal
Cardinal Francis George said Monday he was scared when doctors told him he fractured his hip after he slipped on holy water and fell Saturday in a Northwest Side church but was relieved to be told later it was just a crack.
English Apr 08, 2007
Cardinal George released from hospital after fracturing hip
Crowds lined the pews and aisles, the incense and choir voices filled the air, but a distinct voice was missing on Easter Sunday in Chicago's Holy Name Catholic Cathedral. Cardinal Francis George, who has presided over the holiday masses each year since 1997, was home nursing an injury suffered in a fall Saturday.
English Apr 07, 2007
Cardinal George hospitalized after fall
Cardinal Francis George was hospitalized with a slight hip fracture Saturday after he apparently slipped and fell inside a Chicago church while blessing Easter baskets, archdiocese officials said.
English Mar 23, 2007
Chicago Cardinal's Remarks on Communion For Pro-Abort Politicians Disappoint Pro-Life Catholics
Answering questions about priests who do not sufficiently support the Church’s doctrine on the right to life, Chicago’s archbishop, Francis Cardinal George, called the attitude of some pro-life advocates “judgemental.”
English Feb 16, 2007
At Library of Congress, cardinal warns against secularism's dangers
Freedom of religion, and all freedom, can be placed at risk by an "aggressive secularism" that asserts its dominance in society, Cardinal Francis E. George of Chicago warned in a Feb. 13 talk at the Library of Congress.
English Oct 31, 2006
Transcript of cardinal's homily
The following is a transcription of the homily Cardinal Francis George gave during the 10:30 a.m. mass Sunday at Catholic Theological Union in Hyde Park, on the occasion of the dedication of a new building at the school (October 31, 2006).
English Oct 30, 2006
What makes a saint?
As we approach the Feast of All Saints on Nov. 1, we recall that what makes a saint is God’s grace. But, on Oct. 15, I was in St. Peter’s Square in Rome when Pope Benedict XVI “made” four holy men and women saints in the calendar of the Church. By Cardinal Francis George.
English Oct 18, 2006
Religion, reason, voting
I wrote the last column to explain what I understood Pope Benedict to have said during his visit to Germany last month: that the path to genuine peace is marked by dialogue between faith and reason in every religion and in every culture on the planet.
English Oct 06, 2006
Religion, reason, violence
Last September 12, Pope Benedict XVI lectured at the University of Regensburg in Bavaria on the relation between faith and reason. His argument was straightforward: faith without reason will often lead to violence; and contrariwise, reason without faith will often lead to violence. Therefore, if we want to live in a peaceful world, faith and reason must be in dialogue not only in particular cultures but globally.
English Oct 05, 2006
Cardinal George talks about his recovery from cancer surgery
Cardinal Francis George talks about his recovery from bladder cancer surgery during his first interview since he was released from the hospital last month. The Cardinal spoke to ABC7's Alan Krashesky Monday afternoon at his residence on the city's near North Side.
English Oct 05, 2006
'I've lost 20 pounds,' but I'm fine
Almost two months to the day after he underwent radical surgery for bladder and ureter cancer, Chicago's Cardinal Francis George sat down with the Sun-Times in the parlor of his Gold Coast home to talk about his road to recovery and how his battle with cancer has affected his faith.
English Oct 03, 2006
Cardinal George reflects on health, life and eternity
Nearly two months after having his cancerous bladder removed, Cardinal George spent several hours Sept. 25 and 26 meeting with members of the media in advance of resuming his public schedule Oct. 1.
English Sept 12, 2006
Cardinal a hero to survivors of polio
They see strength, resilience in George's career, health woes
English Sept 11, 2006
'Grateful' Cardinal George walks out of hospital
Cardinal Francis George walked out of Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood on Tuesday a little thinner, a little weaker, but in much the same way he walked in nearly three weeks ago -- laughing.
English Aug 09, 2006
Cardinal feeling well, able to walk
For the first time in several days, Cardinal Francis George told his doctors Tuesday that he feels well, according to a release from the Archdiocese of Chicago.
English Aug 08, 2006
Chicago cardinal frustrated after medical "setback''
Cardinal Francis George, hospitalized since cancer surgery more than a week earlier, was back in intensive care Sunday because of internal bleeding, the Archdiocese of Chicago said.
English Aug 08, 2006
Return To Full Schedule Might Take Cardinal Longer
Vicar General Says He's Anxious, But Expert Says Complete Recovery Will Take Longer
English Aug 07, 2006
Cardinal orders up PB&J, hot chocolate
After getting the green light to eat his favorite foods, including chocolate, peanut butter, pasta and ice cream, Cardinal Francis George resumed a regular diet Thursday after surgery affecting his digestive system.
English Aug 05, 2006
Many are hopeful for Cardinal George's recovery
While Cardinal George recovers from his bladder cancer surgery, there are some key individuals who are with him nearly everyday.
English Aug 05, 2006
Cardinal George in good spirits
Cardinal Francis George was said to be in good spirits Tuesday as he recuperated from recent cancer surgery at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood. Archdiocese officials said the cardinal slept well during his first post-surgery night out of intensive care.
English Aug 05, 2006
Improving Cardinal awaits PBJ sandwich
Cardinal George, continuing his recuperation from emergency surgery for bladder cancer last week, has been up, out of his bed regularly throughout the day, and is accompanied by his physical therapist while walking in the halls at the Loyola University Medical Center, the Archdiocese of Chicago reports.
English Jul 31, 2006
Tests reveal no spread of Cardinal George's cancer
George to move out of intensive care
English Jul 28, 2006
Surgery will alter George's lifestyle
Experts say the medical outlook for Cardinal Francis George following surgery for bladder cancer hinges on whether doctors can remove all of his cancerous tissue, but regardless of the prognosis, the removal of his bladder will have a lasting effect on his life.
English Jul 28, 2006
Cardinal out of surgery
Cardinal Francis George is awake and speaking after surgery this morning, according to Rev. John Canary, vicar general for the Chicago Archdiocese.
English Jul 28, 2006
Update on Cardinal George
Cardinal Francis George returned to the operating room just before midnight last night for an exploratory surgery. The Cardinal had exhibited an unstable blood pressure and a drop in blood count despite having received blood transfusions. These conditions were discussed with the Cardinal and a decision was made to return to the operating room.
English Jul 24, 2006
Chicago Cardinal Says Archdiocese in No Way Supports Gay Games
In a clarification to Cardinal Francis George of Chicago has denied allegations by the gay-activist Rainbow Sash Movement that the Cardinal himself and the archdiocese of Chicago are in any way supporting the 2006 Gay Games.
English Jul 03, 2006
L.A. in L.A.: Liturgiam Authenticam in Los Angeles
The spring meeting of the United States Bishops’ Conference took place last week in Los Angeles. As is the case with most meetings, the bishops spent most of their time in a hotel, but we went one evening to celebrate Mass in the new Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, a unique ensemble of buildings designed to place the Church and her ministry squarely at the center of Los Angeles’ life. By Francis Cardinal George.
English Jun 15, 2006
Will the real Vatican II please stand up?
In the time after Pentecost, the Church considers the impact of the Holy Spirit in her life. Individuals often speak of an inspiration, of feeling led by the Spirit.
English Jun 14, 2006
Pentecost: the Spirit is sent; the Spirit sends
Pentecost, 50 days after Passover, is celebrated by the Jewish people as the feast that commemorates the giving of the Law, the great link between God and his chosen people. By Francis Cardinal George.
English May 29, 2006
Biblical writings to be read in full, in faith
Biblical writings are meant to be read in full and in faith, Catholic Cardinal Francis George told clergy and laity at the "Preaching, Teaching & Living the Bible" conference at Duke University that began Saturday and concludes today.
English Apr 27, 2006
Scandal a 'moral crisis'
Cardinal Francis George, the head of the nation's third-largest Roman Catholic archdiocese, said Thursday that sexual abuse of children by priests is a "moral crisis" that threatens to stain the church's progress over the past 50 years.
English Feb 22, 2006
Seminary boss to be cardinal's top aide
Rev. John Canary, rector of the University of St. Mary of the Lake in Mundelein, has been named vicar general of the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago, Cardinal Francis George announced Friday.
English Feb 22, 2006
Cardinal Offers Apology, Plea To Priests
Following Abuse Scandal, Francis Cardinal George Tells Priests To Come Clean With Misconduct
English Feb 10, 2006
Cardinal discusses Vatican
Chicago's Cardinal Francis George provided an inside perspective on the funeral of Pope John Paul II and subsequent election of Pope Benedict XVI Tuesday night, as the Archdiocese of Milwaukee kicked off its fourth annual Pallium Lecture Series.
English Feb 08, 2006
I should've done more
Cardinal Francis George was peppered with the same question again and again Monday night: Why would a priest interrogated by police about allegations of child molestation be allowed to continue teaching and ministering at a Roman Catholic church and school?
English Feb 02, 2006
Cardinal George is feeling “fine, thank you”
Francis Cardinal George was released from Loyola Medical Center at about 3 p.m. on Friday.
English Feb 01, 2006
Cardinal released from hospital
Looking pale and moving a little slower than usual, Cardinal Francis George returned to his Gold Coast home Friday after being discharged from Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, where he had spent more than 24 hours undergoing tests after complaining of dizziness.
English Feb 01, 2006
Cardinal George Leaves Hospital
Chicago Cardinal Francis George left Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood on Friday afternoon after doctors ruled on a stroke as the cause of dizziness that brought him to the hospital.
English Jan 30, 2006
Cardinal says new encyclical helps explain God's love, human love
Understanding human life as a totally free gift of God's love and love as a gift that seeks nothing in return, people can learn to love one another without fear and without exploitation, said Cardinal Francis E. George of Chicago.
English Jan 30, 2006
'That month in Rome' not soon forgotten
About once a year for the last six years, Cardinal Francis George, shepherd to 2.4 million Roman Catholics in the Archdiocese of Chicago, and I sit down for a kind of spiritual-state-of-the-union chat.
German Jan 27, 2006
Hauptsache, die Fassade stimmt
Die US-Bischöfe baten den Papst im vergangenen Herbst, die Veröffentlichung des Dokumentes über Homosexualität in Priesterseminaren zu verzögern.
English Jan 27, 2006
Pope on divine love vs. erotic love
Pope Benedict XVI may try to "save eros," in the first encyclical of his papacy, Chicago's Cardinal Francis George told the Chicago Sun-Times.
English Dec 26, 2005
Cardinal George Says It's Time To Celebrate A Miracle
In a year in which pundits have gone back and forth over whether there's a need to focus on Christmas instead of a "holiday season," Francis Cardinal George told the congregation at Holy Name Cathedral's Christmas Midnight Mass that perhaps Christ is becoming a bit too familiar.
English Dec 04, 2005
Gays shouldn't be priests
If a man's primary self-identity is as a homosexual, he has no business being ordained a Roman Catholic priest, Cardinal Francis George said Tuesday -- the day a long-awaited Vatican document about gays in the priesthood was officially released after being widely leaked last week.
English Oct 30, 2005
Cardinal's ties to group does not change neutral position
The Becket Fund's board of advisers includes Cardinal Francis George, but the Chicago Archdiocese is not on board O'Hare expansion opponents' bandwagon.
English Oct 15, 2005
Cardinal George reflects on Eucharist
Faithful of the Joliet Diocese welcome Cardinal Francis E. George for a special talk on the Eucharist Sept. 28 at the Cathedral of St. Raymond in Joliet.
English Oct 11, 2005
Cardinal bans mission
When Bishop Thomas Paprocki was pastor of St. Constance Parish on the Northwest Side, the Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission was using parish facilities for prayer meetings and other events.
English Oct 03, 2005
Cardinal addresses LU students
Francis Cardinal George, OMI, Archbishop of Chicago, was on campus last Thursday, Sept. 8, to speak on the "Meaning of Discipleship for Young Adults."
English Sept 25, 2005
Cardinal joins in Criticism of Movement
Cardinal Francis George is joining other Roman Catholic leaders in criticizing a secretive religious movement, banning the group from meeting in churches or other archdiocesan facilities.
English Sept 23, 2005
Cardinal George discusses role of church at St. Mary
The Catholic Church's mission is to convert locally and connect globally, Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I., told a capacity crowd at the Church of St. Mary in Lake Forest recently.
English Sept 03, 2005
In catechesis session, Cardinal George urges youths to stay faithful
Chicago Cardinal Francis E. George urged World Youth Day delegates to always follow Jesus, even when the path is not easy.
English Aug 06, 2005
Media sometimes frustrate religious people
The media's constant penchant to look for conflict in stories sometimes drives religious people to be frustrated with the media and feel that journalists aren't covering the most important issues, Cardinal Francis George and other religious leaders said Monday during a symposium in Evanston.
English Jul 15, 2005
A Man of Catholic Faith
Pope Benedict XVI is a man of faith, of Catholic faith, and he is also a man of prayer, who will have among his principal tasks that of confronting a process of aggressive secularization, particularly in the West. By Cardinal Francis Eugene George, Archbishop of Chicago.
English Jun 25, 2005
No Homosexuals Allowed in Priesthood
The American Conference of Catholic Bishops is being accused of ‘side-stepping’ the issue of whether or not homosexuals ought to be permitted to be ordained. At a recent meeting of the conference, the bishops voted by a wide majority to extend for another five years a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy for admitting sexual abusers into the seminary, or allowing them to continue serving in the priesthood. This policy has been in place since 2002.
English May 08, 2005
Illinois Gov: Rescind Pharmacist-Abortion Order
A leading Catholic says Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich should rescind his order requiring state pharmacists to fill all prescriptions. The order has been criticized because it would make pharmacists dispense drugs that can cause abortions and violate their moral and religious views.
English May 08, 2005
Reject stem-cell proposal
Urging them to embrace the "moral" choice, Cardinal Francis George, the Catholic archbishop of Chicago, Wednesday lobbied Gov. Rod Blagojevich and lawmakers to reject a pending proposal that would encourage embryonic stem-cell research in Illinois and provide money for some projects.
English Apr 26, 2005
The choice was `clear'
Once the doors of the Sistine Chapel shut Monday, it didn't take long for Roman Catholic cardinals to decide that their dean, Joseph Ratzinger, would provide the most logical sequel to John Paul II's pontificate and emerge as the 264th successor to St. Peter, Cardinal Francis George said Wednesday.
English Apr 24, 2005
'Though I don't always see clearly, I do believe'
Prayerfully, mindfully and with not a small amount of trepidation, Cardinal Francis George is stepping ever closer to one of the most important decisions of his life.
English Apr 17, 2005
The Vatican needs to appreciate the American cultural situation
I always find Cardinal Francis George of Chicago a fascinating interview, and he did not disappoint during our Oct. 20 session at the North American College in Rome
English Apr 08, 2005
Cardinal George says pope must be man of deep faith, multilingual
The next pope, like every pope, "must be a man of deep faith, a man striving to be holy, a man faithful to Christ and his teachings and a man who will bring them into our times," said Cardinal Francis E. George of Chicago.
English Mar 21, 2005
Interview with Cardinal Francis George on Liturgical Translations
I sat down March 10 with Cardinal Francis George of Chicago at the North American College. George was in Rome for a meeting of the Vox Clara Commission, which advises the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments on liturgical translation.
English Oct 18, 2004
Loyola University Chicago Ignore Cardinal and US Bishops, Grant Award to Avowed Pro-abortionist
Loyola University Chicago, a Jesuit institution, have ignored a request by Cardinal Francis George, Archbishop of Chicago, that they cancel this year’s granting of the Saint Robert Bellarmine award to avowed pro-abortionist Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.
French Oct 04, 2004
Perte de l’autorité morale de l’Eglise
Pour le cardinal Francis E. George, archevêque de Chicago, la voix morale de l’Eglise qui s’est toujours exprimée dans la société moderne sur des thèmes comme l’avortement ou la guerre, a perdu beaucoup de sa force.
French Oct 04, 2004
En faveur de la messe de saint Pie V
Le cardinal Francis Eugene George, archevêque de Chicago, se prononce en faveur de la liturgie traditionnelle.
English Sept 18, 2004
Blessing a New Porsche Showroom
At least it was Tuesday morning when Cardinal Francis George blessed the new Lynch Porsche showroom at Irving Park and Laramie.
English Sept 18, 2004
More Discussion on General Absolution
A long festering controversy over the practice of general absolution in Chicago-area parishes may be moving toward a resolution. During a two-hour meeting in mid-June between Cardinal Francis George and some 100 pastors, tentative steps were taken toward rapprochement, though the two sides are still far apart.
English Sept 15, 2004
Cardinal George Backs Traditional Liturgy
Cardinal Francis George of Chicago has given his clear support for the use of the Tridentine-rite liturgy.
English Sept 11, 2004
Statement Re: Protests of those Supporting Gay Marriage
Today’s demonstration attempts to take the Catholic Church’s support for marriage as a lifelong union between a man and woman for the sake of family and falsely characterize it as an attack on gay people. That is inflammatory and untrue.
English Sept 11, 2004
The Archdiocese of Chicago's Ministry to Homosexual Catholics is Expanding
The Archdiocese of Chicago's ministry to gay and lesbian Catholics is expanding to the suburbs. Cardinal Francis George has given the go-ahead for the Archdiocesan Gay and Lesbian Outreach program -- known as AGLO -- to set up its first suburban outpost at St. Emeric's Church in Country Club Hills.
English Sept 10, 2004
Cardinal George Gives Cold Shoulder to the Rainbow Sash Movement
The Rainbow Sash Movement (RSM) is deeply saddened by the response of Francis Cardinal George to the presence of gay and lesbian Catholics at the Cathedral for Pentecost Sunday, May 30, 2004 at 12:30PM.
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