Vincent Gerard Cardinal Nichols Vincent Gerard Cardinal Nichols
Archbishop of Westminster, England
Nov 08, 1945
Feb 22, 2014
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English Mar 11, 2017
Cardinal Nichols praises Maltese bishops
The cardinal also said that the Pope was right to ignore the dubia.
English Jul 16, 2016
UK Cardinal Praises New Pro-LGBT Prime Minister
Vincent Nichols "delighted" by appointment of LGBT-friendly Theresa May.
English May 12, 2016
Cardinal Nichols welcomes first Muslim mayor of London
The signing in ceremony took place at Southwark Cathedral just a few miles from the estate in which Khan grew up.
English Apr 16, 2016
Cardinal Vincent Nichols: Brexit would cause 'complex problems'
Britain's most senior Catholic figure has backed the EU Remain campaign.
English Sept 17, 2015
Canon lawyer criticizes UK cardinal for trying to silence priests defending Church teaching
An influential American canon lawyer has expressed amazement and concern over Cardinal Vincent Nichols' criticism of almost 500 UK priests who signed a letter expressing concern about last October's Synod on the Family and confirming their faithful support of the Catholic teaching on marriage and family.
French Nov 26, 2014
L’archevêque de Westminster sous le choc de sa découverte de Gaza ravagée
A peine l’archevêque de Westminster a-t-il esquissé ses premiers pas sur le sol meurtri et méconnaissable de Gaza qu’il a été saisi d’effroi par l’immense paysage de désolation qui s’est offert à sa vue, ne parvenant pas à détacher son regard des décombres sous lesquels sont ensevelis des quartiers entiers de la ville, et des Gazaouis, rescapés de l'horreur, qui y vivent ou survivent, emprisonnés dans des ruines.
English Nov 25, 2014
Cardinal Nichols ‘deeply shocked’ by tour of Gaza
Cardinal says innocent citizens are caught in a 'vice of conflicting ideologies'.
English Oct 26, 2014
Cardinal Nichols clarifies, dispels media portrayals of synod
After returning from the 2014 Synod on the Family, Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster has clarified that the meeting was focused upon reaching out to those in difficulty, rather than changing doctrine.
English Oct 25, 2014
Cardinal: see the goodness in lives of people who cohabit
Cardinal Vincent Nichols has said that the lives of Catholics who cohabitate outside of marriage are “marked by real goodness”.
English Oct 03, 2014
Cardinal Nichols dampens divorcees' hope of communion
Mercy has not been the Roman Catholic Church's "strong suit" in the past 30 years, the Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, said last week. But permitting those who had married after divorce to take communion could not happen without "quite a radical rethink" of teaching, he said.
English Oct 01, 2014
Society still values marriage, says Cardinal Nichols
Many people, including the young, still value the instituion of marriage, Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster has said.
English Jan 18, 2014
Nichols made a cardinal
Vincent Nichols will be made a cardinal at the next consistory on February 22, the Catholic Church in England and Wales confirmed.
Italian Jan 18, 2014
Nichols, fiori imbarazzanti
Damian Thompson, del Daily Telegraph, scrive del neo cardinale britannico Vincent Nichols, uno dei due “residenziali” premiati con la porpora nel prossimo Concistoro da papa Francesco. E ricorda che il futuro Principe della Chiesa nel 2009 ha offerto fiori sull’altare delle divinità indiane. La notizia era sul sito diocesano di Westminster. Ma dopo che Damian Thompson ne ha scritto la frase incriminata è stata cancellata dal sito web, un segno evidente di imbarazzo.
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