Timothy Cardinal Dolan Timothy Cardinal Dolan
Archbishop of New York
Feb 06, 1950
Feb 18, 2012
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English Cardinal Turns Other Cheek On Snub By Irish-American Lawmakers
Mar 25, 2012

In one part of my interview with Cardinal Dolan that did not make this morning’s column, New York’s archbishop said he holds no grudge at group of Irish American state lawmakers who chose not to honor him at its annual dinner tonight.

“I didn’t pay much attention to it,” Dolan said of the snub. “I got a good number of calls from lawmakers saying ‘we didn’t’ intend this.’ ”

My column two weeks ago detailed how it looked like Dolan was set to be celebrated as the guest of honor at tonight’s New York American-Irish Legislators Society dinner. Ultimately, however, the decision was made to instead honor liberal civil rights lawyer Brian O’Dwyer--a move that upset some members of the organization who felt it was an insult given Dolan’s ascension to cardinal this year.

While there was no formal vote, several lawmakers have said the main reason Dolan wasn’t chosen is that some members didn’t want to anger Assemblywoman Margaret Markey, the Queens Democrat who is the group’s past longtime president.

Markey has long been battling the Church over her bill to extend the statute of limitations for past victims of priest sexual abuse.

Assemblyman Michael Cusick, the Staten Island Democrat who chairs the society this year, said that Dolan ultimately wasn’t chosen because the cardinal had to be in Washington, D.C. tonight for a national conference. Insiders say Cusick, who supported the idea of honoring Dolan, was upset the matter became public.

Dolan turned the other cheek. He said he has enjoyed going to the dinner in the past and would have gone tonight if he didn’t have to be in Washington for his role as head of the Conference of Catholic Bishops.

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