Timothy Cardinal Dolan Timothy Cardinal Dolan
Archbishop of New York
Feb 06, 1950
Feb 18, 2012
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English Mar 11, 2017
Cardinal Dolan op-ed urges passage of nationwide school choice bill
Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York urged President Donald Trump to follow through on a recent call for legislation that funds school choice for disadvantaged youth nationwide.
French Oct 22, 2016
Le cardinal de New York raconte des « moments très touchants » entre Clinton et Trump
Ils se sont prêtés à un exercice récurrent en fin de campagne pour les candidats à la Maison Blanche: comme le veut la tradition de ce dîner de charité catholique à New York, Hillary Clinton et Donald Trump ont chacun à leur tour pris la parole au Al Smith Dinner, jeudi soir, pour démontrer leur sens de l'humour et leur sens de l'autodérision. Ou, à défaut, un intense de travail de brainstorming de leur staff en amont.
English Oct 22, 2016
Cardinal Dolan: Trump, Clinton traded jabs at podium — but it was different in private
Cardinal Timothy Dolan, blessed with the job of playing peacemaker while sitting between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during a white tie fundraiser, said the two presidential candidates demonstrated a kindness toward each other rarely seen in public.
English Oct 21, 2016
Ahead of Al Smith Dinner, Cardinal Dolan says Hillary owes Catholics an apology
New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan called for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to disassociate herself from anti-Catholic statements made by her campaign chairman and said the remarks were “extraordinarily patronizing and insulting to Catholics.”
Spanish Apr 08, 2016
Cardenal Dolan critica liberalización de píldora abortiva en Estados Unidos
El Cardenal Timothy Michael Dolan, Arzobispo de Nueva York (Estados Unidos) y presidente del Comité para Actividades Pro Vida de la Conferencia de Obispos Católicos de Estados Unidos (USCCB), criticó la reciente liberalización de las normas de la Administración de Alimentos y Medicamentos (FDA) de Estados Unidos, que permite el uso de la droga abortiva Mifeprex, conocida como RU-486, hasta los 70 días de embarazo y eliminando la obligación de que sea un médico el que provea.
English Mar 24, 2016
Cardinal Dolan praises ‘unity’ at St. Patrick Parade after inclusion of gay activist groups
Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the Catholic archbishop of New York, has sparked renewed outrage among Catholic faithful by congratulating this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade organizers for preserving the “original intent” of the event, despite the inclusion of homosexual groups and the exclusion of pro-life organizations.
English Nov 06, 2015
Are Those Who Strive for Virtue the New Minority? Cardinal Dolan Thinks So
The archbishop of New York, part of the ongoing synod on the family, said those striving for virtue also need to feel the Church’s ‘support and encouragement.’
English Jun 15, 2015
Rita Moreno dances with New York cardinal at Puerto Rican Day Parade up Fifth Avenue
Entertainer Rita Moreno took Roman Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan for a dancing spin Sunday in the middle of Fifth Avenue by St. Patrick's Cathedral.
English May 19, 2015
Cardinal Timothy Dolan Speaks at LeMoyne Commencement
In the weeks leading up to Le Moyne College's 65th commencement, more than 750 people signed an online petition in hopes of a new commencement speaker for the class of 2015.
English May 09, 2015
Church refutes claim Cardinal Dolan lives lavishly
A spokesman for Cardinal Timothy Dolan refuted claims the archbishop lives in a "mansion" while churches are being closed under the "Making All Things New" pastoral planning initiative.
English Apr 13, 2015
Cardinal Dolan's diet advice for the pope: 'Get a new doctor!"
After Italian doctors reportedly put Pope Francis on a diet that includes a drastic reduction in his weekly pasta consumption, TODAY brought in its own eminent expert on the matter: Cardinal Timothy Dolan.
English Mar 18, 2015
Cardinal Dolan leads NYC St. Patrick’s Parade as first-ever gay activist group joins
New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan led Manhattan’s St. Patrick’s Day parade on Tuesday as grand marshal, despite backlash from faithful Catholics unhappy with the organizers’ decision to allow an openly homosexual activist group to march in the event.
Spanish Mar 08, 2015
El cardenal Dolan asegura que los yihadistas son tan musulmanes como católicos eran los terroristas del IRA
El Arzobispo de Nueva York (Estados Unidos), Cardenal Timothy Dolan, ha asegurado que los terroristas del Estado Islámico (ISIS) son musulmanes, así como los del desaparecido Ejército de la República Irlandesa (IRA) eran católicos. Sin embargo precisó que en ambos casos se trata de una «perversión» de sus credos. Entrevistado el 3 de marzo por la CNN, el cardenal Dolan aseguró que los ataques del Estado Islámico son un genocidio dirigido contra los cristianos en Medio Oriente.
English Feb 21, 2015
Cardinal Timothy Dolan, are you listening?
Sometimes the news that surrounds us becomes so overwhelming that you just want to run away and go sit on a green hill near County Mayo, Ireland.  Everything is so peaceful there, lovely to look at and free of the stench that is created by man as he looks for ways to insult God and His laws.
English Dec 31, 2014
A gift to New York for generations
Everybody loves Saint Patrick’s, and all are welcome there.
Italian Nov 20, 2014
Il mondo ha bisogno della speranza che porta Francesco»
Intervista al Cardinale Arcivescovo di New York alla Mostra sul Santo di Assisi all’Onu: «Il Papa è portatore di amore, fede, dignità della persona». «Bergoglio vuole gli hot dog»
English Oct 11, 2014
Cardinal Dolan Analyzes the 'Francis Factor'
“Nobody needs to coach the Pope,” said Cardinal Timothy Dolan at a media launch event last night, “he’s a natural.”
Italian Sept 30, 2014
Il cardinale di NY è gay friendly
Timothy Dolan apre a gay e lesbiche la cattolicissima Parata del giorno di San Patrizio.
French Sept 13, 2014
Saint-Patrick : la parade qui divise
L’annonce faite, au début du mois, par les organisateurs de la traditionnelle parade new-yorkaise de la Saint-Patrick que des groupes homosexuels pourront désormais participer à ce grand rendez-vous de la communauté irlando-catholique suscite une polémique au sein de l’Église américaine.
English Sept 12, 2014
Cardinal Dolan on the Wrong Side of Many Catholics in St. Patrick's Day Parade Flap
As regards St. Patrick's Day, let's be clear on a few things.
English Sept 07, 2014
Cardinal Dolan Will Lead Gay Inclusive St. Patrick's Day Parade
There is no more natural spot for Roman Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan - a proud, ebullient Irish-American - than grand marshal of the city's historic St. Patrick's Day Parade. But the honor now has an added significance: Parade organizers said Wednesday they will allow the first gay group to march under its own banner.
English Aug 29, 2014
Wisconsin Rep. James Sensenbrenner becomes Catholic, with Cardinal Dolan attending
Wisconsin Congressman James Sensenbrenner (R-Menomonee Falls) converted to Catholicism in a quiet ceremony at Milwaukee’s St. Francis de Sales Seminary on Monday — a private affair reportedly attended by at least two Wisconsin bishops and Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York.
Spanish Jul 18, 2014
Cardenal Dolan denuncia anuncio anticatólico publicado por el New York Times
Un anuncio publicado en el periódico New York Times que crítica a los jueces católicos que decretaron a favor de la libertad religiosa de Hobby Lobby es parte de una larga historia de intolerancia anticatólica en Estados Unidos, aseguró el Arzobispo de Nueva York, Cardenal Timothy Dolan.
English May 31, 2014
Cardinal Dolan Reflects on the ‘Pope Francis Effect’ in his Life and Work
Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, New York’s archbishop, traveled to Rome for the canonization of two popes, stayed on to speak at a communications conference there, jetted to Jordan to see the work of a Catholic charity he chairs, and once home, spoke at two graduations in the diocese — all in the past month.
English May 31, 2014
Cardinal Timothy Dolan adjusts to Pope Francis' reign
In case you missed it over the holiday weekend, The New York Times ran a really interesting story on Cardinal Timothy Dolan, former auxiliary bishop of St. Louis.
English May 31, 2014
Cardinal Dolan Softens Pope’s Anti-Capitalism Rhetoric
Just a few years ago, Cardinal Timothy Dolan was the “it” boy of the American Catholic church.
English May 05, 2014
'I Like Jeb Bush A Lot'
Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the Archbishop of New York, says he can't say whether he would vote for Republican Jeb Bush for president, but he certainly likes what Bush would bring to the table.
English Dec 30, 2013
Cardinal Dolan lauds Pope Francis for ‘shattering caricature of Church’ Dolan helped create
In an interview with George Stephanopoulos on Sunday’s edition of This Week, Cardinal Timothy Dolan said that Pope Francis “has successfully, finally shattered the caricature of the Church.”
English Dec 20, 2013
La Iglesia es “caricaturizada” como anti gay
El Cardenal Timothy M. Dolan, Arzobispo de Nueva York (Estados Unidos), denunció en una entrevista con el canal NBC que la Iglesia está siendo desprestigiada en el debate público sobre el matrimonio y las uniones homosexuales, a través de frentes que dan una visión distorsionada de los principios católicos.
English Nov 30, 2013
Cardinal Dolan to Talk Gay Marriage & More
"Meet the Press" moderator David Gregory sat down with Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, this week to discuss his thoughts on Obamacare, immigration reform and the gay marriage debate, as well as the global reaction to Pope Francis, and giving thanks during the holidays.
English Oct 15, 2013
Cardinal Dolan Will Miss Mayor Bloomberg
Timothy Cardinal Dolan said he's going to miss Mayor Bloomberg, but is looking forward to working with whoever replaces him.
Spanish Oct 09, 2013
Los Papas recientes se complementan uno al otro, dice Cardenal Dolan
“Cada uno de los tres últimos Papas ha tenido un énfasis diferente pero complementario, destacando diferentes aspectos de los fieles y la Iglesia”, señaló el Arzobispo de Nueva York y Presidente de la Conferencia Episcopal de Estados Unidos, Cardenal Timothy Dolan.
English Sept 22, 2013
Pope is 'on to something' with 'fresh' stance on social issues
Pope Francis is starting to turn public perception of the Catholic Church in a more positive direction, a leading American Catholic cleric said Friday.
English Sept 21, 2013
Cardinal says USCCB continues legal, moral analysis of HHS mandate
In a Sept. 17 letter to U.S. bishops, New York Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan said the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops continues to study the legal and moral implications of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' contraceptive mandate in the Affordable Care Act.
English Aug 22, 2013
New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan places U.S. nuns in Ireland
Creates new convent in Drogheda where nuns once left for America
English Apr 30, 2013
Cardinal Timothy Dolan draws praise at evangelical gathering
Before a ballroom packed with people who once might have shunned his words, Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, Roman Catholic archbishop of New York, told an audience of evangelical Christians on Saturday night that “the transformation of a culture is a most heroic cause indeed.”
English Mar 12, 2013
Cardinal Dolan for Pope? It’s for Real
By Michael Potemra
March 7, 2013 6:18 A.M.
French Mar 11, 2013
Le cardinal Dolan, le farouche défenseur des principes non négociables
Le Salon Beige , le 7 mars 2013 à 12:31.
German Mar 06, 2013
Startseite » - Dokumentation - Nachrichten - Wahl des 266. Papstes » Vor dem Konklave: Timothy Kardinal Dolan, Erzbischof von New York Vor dem Konklave: Timothy Kardinal Dolan, Erzbischof von New York
English Mar 06, 2013
NY Cardinal Dolan a 'Happy Warrior' for Church
Spanish Mar 03, 2013
Timothy Dolan, un cardenal "con gran sentido del humor" y adaptado a las nuevas tecnologías
Spanish Mar 03, 2013
El cardenal Dolan, interrogado durante tres horas por medio millar de casos de abusos a menores en Milwaukee
El arzobispo de Nueva York dirigó esa diócesis, hoy en bancarrota, entre 2002 y 2009
German Mar 03, 2013
Ein Papst aus New York, eine Vision nur für Bekiffte?
Timothy Kardinal Dolan ist Erzbischof in der Metropole des Westens: New York. Dort mischt er sich launig in Debatten ein, etwa zur Homosexualität. Ist er ein Mann für die Nachfolge Papst Benedikts?
English Feb 23, 2013
Lawyers Question New York Cardinal in Milwaukee Suits
A week before Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan is set to leave New York for Rome, where his name is being floated as a candidate for pope, he was questioned in Manhattan for three hours on Wednesday behind closed doors in a legal deposition concerning the sexual abuse of children by priests.
English Feb 16, 2013
Catholic cardinal says new birth-control rules aren't enough
English Feb 16, 2013
Cardinal Dolan Calls Pope’s Resignation a Sign of Humility
English Jan 19, 2013
Cardinal Dolan: Archdiocese at 'breaking point;' hints at closing parishes, Staten Island schools
English Sept 16, 2012
Um, Cardinal Dolan, You Know What You're Doing, Right?
I will be praying that God gives you keen insight and wisdom, as well as courage to fight the good fight.

I couldn't believe the news that Obama was invited to the Al Smith Catholic charities dinner with your blessing.  Like a lot of other people, I find it hard to see how this can end well and easy to see how this could be a disaster just weeks before the election.  Your Eminence, please tell me you have an ace up your sleeve.  Please reassure your concerned sheep that you've got this and all is well.  You have never given us reason to doubt you or question your courage and fidelity.  So I'm choosing to believe the best and pray that God gives you wisdom and courage.  Lead on, Smiling Cardinal.
English Sept 16, 2012
Cardinal Dolan lauds Paul Ryan as ‘great public servant’
English Sept 16, 2012
Cardinal Timothy Dolan makes no promises on preventing abortions at Benedictine Hospital
English Sept 16, 2012
Cardinal Dolan's endgame
English Jun 01, 2012
123rd Annual Commencement Address Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York East Portico, Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception May 12, 2012
English May 06, 2012
Cardinal Dolan's brother pens book on shared life lessons
Dolan to lead Holy Hill Mass Saturday
English Apr 22, 2012
Cardinal Dolan: Gov't contraception policy a "radical intrusion"
English Apr 22, 2012
New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan's stance on gay rights prompts resignation
German Apr 11, 2012
Kardinal Dolan: Historisches Interview mit dem Wall Street Journal – Moral- und Glaubenslehre wieder verkünden
English Mar 25, 2012
Cardinal Dolan: Church Was Told Gay Marriage Wouldn't Pass
English Mar 25, 2012
Cardinal Turns Other Cheek On Snub By Irish-American Lawmakers
Italian Mar 05, 2012
Cardinale Dolan: libertà religiosa sotto attacco negli Usa, questione non solo cattolica
Italian Mar 05, 2012
Cardinale Dolan: libertà religiosa sotto attacco negli Usa, questione non solo cattolica
Italian Mar 05, 2012
Cardinale Dolan: libertà religiosa sotto attacco negli Usa, questione non solo cattolica
English Feb 29, 2012
New cardinal's ring is too tight after pasta indulgence during Vatican trip
Tight ring makes him vow: Basta la pasta
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