Thomas C. Cardinal Collins Thomas C. Cardinal Collins
Archbishop of Toronto, Ontario
Jan 16, 1947
Feb 18, 2012
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English Jun 21, 2016
Statement by Cardinal Collins on Passing of Euthanasia Bill C-14
​​​​​Cardinal Thomas Collins has issued a statement regarding the government's passage of Bill C-14, which legalized euthanasia/assisted suicide on Friday, June 17.
English Nov 28, 2015
Toronto cardinal: Claim that I told Tories to ‘back off’ sex ed fight is ‘grossly inaccurate’
Cardinal Thomas Collins of Toronto says the claim by a major figure in the Progressive Conservative Party that he told them to “back off” the sex-ed fight is “grossly inaccurate.”
English Nov 29, 2013
Fruits of the Year of Faith just beginning, cardinal says
Cardinal Timothy Collins of Toronto reflected at the close of the Year of Faith that many visible fruits can already been seen, but that the true depth of these will not be known until coming years.
English May 12, 2013
Pastoral Letter on Gambling, Gaming and Casinos
In my years of pastoral ministry as priest and bishop, I have become sadly aware of the grievous suffering experienced by individuals and families because of gambling dependence.
English Apr 19, 2013
Cardinal shares secrets of the conclave with Mississauga students
It's one of the greatest honours in the world … and no one wants it.
Spanish Feb 26, 2013
Thomas Collins, el cardenal canadiense con "un gran amor por la Iglesia y el sacerdocio
English Nov 03, 2012
Cardinal's Dinner 2012 Address by Cardinal Thomas Collins
English Nov 03, 2012
Letter from Cardinal Thomas Collins on Archdiocesan Pastoral Planning
The letter below from Cardinal Collins has been released to coincide with the Feast of St. Michael (September 29) and to update Catholics in the Archdiocese of Toronto regarding ongoing pastoral planning
English Jun 01, 2012
Observations on a recent change in government policy re: proposed anti-bullying legislation
English Apr 11, 2012
Cardinal Collins' Talk to the Canadian Club - Faith Meets Secularism
Faith and Secularism in the Public Square
Talk by His Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins to the Canadian Club
March 28, 2012
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