Alexandre Cardinal do Nascimento Alexandre Cardinal do Nascimento
Archbishop Emeritus of Luanda, Angola
Cardinal Priest of S Marco in Agro Laurentino
Mar 01, 1925
Feb 02, 1983
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Portuguese Jun 07, 2015
Cardeal Dom Alexandre do Nascimento na ordem dos pregadores
O Frei João Paulo da igreja católica considerou hoje, quinta-feira, como um dia histórico pela entrada de Cardeal Dom Alexandre do Nascimento na Ordem dos Pregadores.
French Mar 05, 2012
Cardinal Alexandre fête ses 87 ans d'âge
French Apr 02, 2011
Le cardinal Alexandre do Nascimento célèbre son 86ème anniversaire
English Jan 09, 2011
Cardinal Calls for Solidarity With Disadvantaged Persons
French Nov 09, 2010
Cardinal Alexandre se félicité de la récupération des valeurs morales
Spanish Jul 22, 2010
Presidente Cavaco Silva condecora cardenal angoleño
English Jul 07, 2010
Country loses a prominent son- Cardinal Alexandre do Nascimento
Spanish Mar 22, 2010
Cardenal Don Alexandre do Nascimento conmemora 85 años
Spanish Sept 16, 2009
Livegum homenajea al Cardenal Alexandre do Nascimento
French Sept 16, 2009
Livegum rend hommage au cardinal Alexandre do Nascimento
Spanish Aug 17, 2009
Cardenal don Alexandre do Nascimento recibe título de "Doctor Honoris Causa"
English Aug 13, 2009
Cardinal considers Hillary Clinton's visit "prestigious"
English Apr 17, 2009
Cardinal pleased with initiative of promoting housing conference
French Dec 26, 2008
La venue du Pape galvanise tout catholique, dit le cardinal
English Dec 21, 2008
Cardinal wishes happy festive season to Angolans
English Oct 16, 2008
Cardinal Do Nascimento Highlights Gender Presence in Parliament
The cardinal don Alexandre do Nascimento Wednesday here highlighted the presence of gender in National Assembly (Parliament), as generating source of balance in decision-making power.
Italian Sept 05, 2008
Elezioni in Angola. L'arcivescovo di Luanda: consolidare la democrazia
“Le elezioni sono un normale percorso verso la democrazia” e servono a “consolidare il Paese”.
Italian Sept 02, 2008
Gli angolani hanno raggiunto un alto grado di maturità civile e democratica
“Siamo stati benedetti dalla Divina Provvidenza: dobbiamo sapere rispondere degnamente” afferma il Cardinale Alexandre do Nascimento alla vigilia del voto legislativo del 5 settembre.
English Dec 19, 2007
Portuguese MP Visits Cardinal Alexandre Do Nascimento
The discussion of various social and political issues of the country and of the world topped the audience that Angolan Cardinal Don Alexandre do Nascimento granted to the Portuguese Parliament speaker, Jaime Gama.
English Dec 25, 2006
Cardinal Alexandre Do Nascimento Launches Two Books
Two literary works entitled "Minhas imagens e aprendizagens" and "Livros de ritmos", authored by Cardinal Alexandre do Nascimento, was launched in Malanje province.
French Jun 05, 2006
Le Cardinal Alexandre do Nascimento publie son autobiographie
Le Cardinal Alexandre do Nascimento a publié lundi, à Luanda, à l`Université Catholique une oeuvre littéraire intitulé "mes origines et apprentissages, a appris l`Angop de source officielle.
English Dec 16, 2005
Cardinal Extols Good Relations of Catholic Churches
Cardinal Dom Alexandre do Nascimento on Saturday in Luanda stressed the existing privileged relations between the Angola and Portugal Catholic churches, specially with regard to exchange of experiences.
English Nov 07, 2005
Parents Told To Tell Stories On National Independence
The Cardinal Dom Alexandre do Nascimento on Saturday here advised parents to tell their children about the process which led to the country`s independence, the overthrow of the colonialism and the martyrs of this process.
English Jun 25, 2005
Cardinal Alexandre Do Nascimento Ends Visit to Malanje
Cardinal Dom Alexandre do Nascimento Tuesday ended his three-day official visit to the Northern Malanje Province, where he was homaged Sunday by the League of Veterans (Livegum), for his works towards the country and catholic church.
French Jun 17, 2005
Fin de la visite du cardinal Alexandre do Nascimento à Malanje
Le cardinal Alexandre do Nascimento a terminé mardi sa visite de trois jours dans la province de Malanje, (nord), où on lui a rendu hommage grâce à son engagement pour le développement de l`église catholique et de l`Angola.
French Jun 17, 2005
Malanje rend hommage au cardinal Alexandre do Nascimento
L`hommage au cardinal Alexandre do Nascimento doit servir de réflexion eu égard à sa contribution au développement du pays, a indiqué lundi, le gouverneur provincial de Malanje (nord), Cristóvao da Cunha.
English Apr 14, 2005
Cardinal Alexandre do Nascimento
Born in Malanje, Angola, on March 1, 1925, Cardinal do Nascimento was ordained on December 20, 1952. He received his degree in Theology from the Gregorian Pontifical University and taught Dogmatic Theology for many years at the Major Seminary of Luanda.
French Mar 02, 2005
Le cardinal Alexandre Do Nascimento totalise 80 ans d'âge
Le cardinal Alexandre Do Nascimento fête ce mardi ses 80 ans d'âge, dans une période où le pays fait face à deux grands défis, notamment la reconstruction nationale et les préparatifs des prochaines élections générales prévues en 2006.
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