Donald Cardinal Wuerl Donald Cardinal Wuerl
Archbishop of Washington
Nov 12, 1940
Nov 20, 2010
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English Oct 05, 2016
Amoris Laetitia is 'consensus document,' rooted in tradition
Washington Cardinal Donald Wuerl has questioned why some choose to vocally criticize Pope Francis' recent apostolic exhortation on family life, saying the document reflects the tradition of the Roman Catholic church and the consensus opinion of its highest-ranking prelates.
English May 07, 2016
Cardinal Wuerl confirms he’ll join Notre Dame graduation exercises amid Biden award scandal
In response to criticism, the Archdiocese of Washington has confirmed that Cardinal Donald Wuerl will offer and preach at the University of Notre Dame’s Baccalaureate Mass on May 14 but won’t attend commencement the following day, when the university will honor pro-abortion Vice President Joe Biden with its highest award.
English May 07, 2016
Cardinal Wuerl confirms he’ll join Notre Dame graduation exercises amid Biden award scandal
In response to criticism, the Archdiocese of Washington has confirmed that Cardinal Donald Wuerl will offer and preach at the University of Notre Dame’s Baccalaureate Mass on May 14 but won’t attend commencement the following day, when the university will honor pro-abortion Vice President Joe Biden with its highest award.
English Apr 15, 2016
Book review: 'Something More Pastoral' paints flattering portrait of Cardinal Wuerl
Donald Wuerl started life as a Mount Washington boy, son of a Pennsylvania Railroad freight car weigher. He attended parochial school and started his church career as assistant pastor at St. Rosalia parish in Greenfield. What happened next marked a meteoric rise from local priest to cardinal at a time of seismic change for the Catholic Church in general and for Pittsburgh in particular.
English Jan 18, 2016
CBB Interview with Cardinal Donald Wuerl
His Emminence, Cardinal Donald Wuerl is known for his teaching ministry and is involved in many education, health care and social service organizations.
English Jan 14, 2016
Cardinal Wuerl on Election: Abortion 'Fundamental Issue,' Has Taught Generation 'It's Alright to Kill'
The hot-button issue of abortion and the "disrespect for human life" it represents will be a key issue in the upcoming presidential race, Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the Archbishop of Washington, D.C., tells Newsmax TV.
English Jan 14, 2016
Cardinal Wuerl: Abortion is ‘the fundamental basic issue’ for 2016 election
The cardinal archbishop of Washington, DC, has highlighted abortion as the most pressing issue for the 2016 US elections, and warned that the acceptance of rampant slaughter through abortion is a major cause of further violence in America.
English Dec 24, 2015
Cardinal Donald Wuerl: The pope’s man in Washington
Cardinal Donald Wuerl is an eminently approachable churchman, and unfailingly polite, yet the archbishop of Washington is hardly the type to wear his emotions on his sleeve.
English Dec 23, 2015
Who Is The ‘Personal Chef’ Of Cardinal Donald Wuerl?
A flashy and expensive white Mercedes rolled out from the four-car garage of Donald Wuerl around 10:05 PM on December 11. I was there in the parking lot of Queen of the Americas parish at 2200 California street in the luxurious neighborhood known commonly as Embassy Row.
English Dec 06, 2015
Church Must Continue to ‘Speak the Truth and Minister With Love’
Synod father recaps the fall gathering focused on the family.
English Nov 19, 2015
Cardinal Wuerl’s Embassy Row Penthouse
On the floors below he hosts the Washington English Center for the open-borders faithful.
Spanish Nov 13, 2015
Hoy presenta su renuncia a la archidiócesis de Washington el cardenal Wuerl
Hoy cumple 75 años y presenta la reglamentaria renuncia de su sede. Personalmente no la recibo con alegría ni con lágrimas. Es un arzobispo digno pero en mi pobre opinión no entusiasmante.
English Nov 09, 2015
At milestone age, Cardinal Wuerl's influence grows
The pageantry, puffs of incense and polyphonic choral voices filled the domed sanctuary as worshipers celebrated the 175th anniversary of the Roman Catholic cathedral parish in the nation’s capital last Sunday.
English Nov 06, 2015
Cardinal Wuerl: The Catholic Church is moving from legalism to mercy
“The frame of reference is now going to be: ‘What does the Gospel really say here?’ That’s our first task.”
English Sept 25, 2015
Cardinal turns down invitation to attend Dignity Mass
Cardinal Donald Wuerl, who heads the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, has turned down an invitation by the LGBT Catholic group Dignity Washington to attend a Sunday Mass with the group at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church near Dupont Circle.
English Jul 06, 2015
Same-sex marriage ruling is ‘law of the land’
The District’s top Catholic leader has weighed in on the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage.
English May 31, 2015
Catholic Cardinal Condemns Push to Force Pro-Life People to Promote Abortions
Some Catholics may need a reminder about living out their faith properly, and Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C., is issuing that reminder, through a pastoral letter on May 24, on “Being Catholic Today.”
English May 29, 2015
Cardinal Wuerl: Christ didn’t change his words, and neither should the Church
It is not discrimination for a Catholic to publicly profess his faith, Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington insisted Sunday in a pastoral letter on “Being Catholic Today.”
Italian Feb 14, 2015
Il cardinale Wuerl risponde a Burke (e ai dissenzienti)
L'arcivescovo di Washington nel suo blog parla delle critiche a Francesco ricordando i dissensi verso i predecessori: «Sono in disaccordo con il Papa, perché lui non segue le loro posizioni»
English Oct 07, 2014
Break Your Silence and Save the Middle-East Christians
The archbishop of Washington says Christians must raise their voices and build bridges in their hometowns with diaspora Middle-Eastern Christians.
English Apr 14, 2014
CBB Interview with Cardinal Donald Wuerl
April 13, 2014 By Pete Socks
English Feb 17, 2014
Cardinal Wuerl hits U.N. report on Catholic sex abuse scandal
Says archdiocese up for challenges in 75th year.
English Sept 27, 2013
Cardinal and Fox news anchor speak about the power of prayer
Prayer can change hearts and change the world, Washington Cardinal Donald Wuerl said in a Sept. 10 conversation with Fox News Channel's Bret Baier at the Newseum. Prayer, the cardinal added, can bring people inner peace and help foster peace in our world.
English Aug 23, 2013
Cardinal Wuerl emphasizes: defenders of marriage are not bigots
In a recent blog post, Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington decried attempts to characterize those who recognize marriage as the union of a man and a woman as bigots.
English Apr 21, 2013
Cardinal Wuerl: Gay couple’s attempts to fire priest are 'totalitarian'
Cardinal Wuerl thanked those who came to the Mass for standing up for the integrity of his priesthood and his right to present Christian values in the marketplace of ideas.
English Apr 19, 2013
Homily from Mass with George Washington University Students
On Sunday, April 14, I delivered the following homily at a Mass with GWU students in support of their chaplain, Fr. Greg Shaffer.
English Feb 23, 2013
D.C. cardinal: New pope must be master of social media
English Feb 16, 2013
Cardinal Wuerl: Pope’s Resignation Is A ‘Great Surprise’
Italian Nov 04, 2012
Il cardinale Wuerl: la nuova evangelizzazione non è una strategia, ma il modo di essere della Chiesa
English Oct 16, 2012
Cardinal Wuerl: Synod strives to turn back 'tsunami of secularism
English Sept 16, 2012
Cardinal Wuerl to seminarians: “You will need to be a voice of invitation”
The Cardinal Archbishop of Washington has published a letter to men preparing for the priesthood that touches on a wide range of topics but stresses, first and foremost, fidelity.

From the Archdiocesan vocation website, DC Priests:
English Jun 01, 2012
Cardinal Wuerl on why the Archdiocese of Washington, DC went to court to challenge the Obama Mandate
Italian Nov 09, 2011
Stati Uniti. Il cardinale Wuerl: i giovani sono sempre più aperti al messaggio del Vangelo
Spanish Oct 24, 2011
El Cardenal Wuerl anuncia la creación para este año del ordinariato de anglocatólicos en EE.UU
English Jun 25, 2011
Cardinal Wuerl explains bishops' teaching role on theological matters
English May 10, 2011
Theologians must preserve truth, Cardinal Wuerl says after backlash
English Feb 20, 2011
Cardinal Wuerl's new book urges Catholics to take 'fresh look' at Mass
English Feb 01, 2011
Cardinal Wuerl on John Paul II's reported miracles
English Dec 24, 2010
Cardinal Donald Wuerl praises Pittsburgh in 'welcome home' Mass
English Nov 25, 2010
Cardinal Wuerl: Red hat means more responsibility
English Nov 25, 2010
Wuerl a cardinal - and a 'prince' of the church
Spanish Nov 25, 2010
Arzobispo Wuerl nombrado Cardenal
El Papa Benedicto XVI ha nombrado a 50 de los 121 cardenales que pueden elegir a su sucesor.
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