Laurent Cardinal Monsengwo Pasinya Laurent Cardinal Monsengwo Pasinya
Archbishop of Kinshasa
Nov 03, 1939
Nov 22, 2010
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English Cardinal says African Church 'substitutes' for failed states
Mar 25, 2017
Cardinal says African Church

Cardinal Laurent Monsengwo of the Democratic Republic of Congo says that in many African societies, the Catholic Church historically has served as a substitute for the state, especially when those states have failed, explaining why Catholic prelates on the continent play such a directly political role in African affairs.

africa logoROME - Over the years, and in a variety of places, African Catholicism has had a rich history of Catholic prelates who became major social and political forces in their countries.

Cardinal Anthony Okogie of Nigeria risked life and limb to stand up against military rule; Cardinal Christian Tumi of Cameroon has long been a thorn in the side of his country
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