Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke
Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura
Jun 30, 1948
Jan 1, 2000
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English Dec 15, 2016
The Latin Mass’s ‘sublime beauty … unveils the truth’ of the Real Presence
The Catholic Mass in the Extraordinary Form, more commonly known as the Latin Mass (TLM), distinctly demonstrates God’s grace reaching the faithful in the Eucharist, Cardinal Raymond Burke has said.
French Nov 11, 2016
Pour le cardinal Burke, Trump « comprend bien » les valeurs chères aux catholiques
Pour le cardinal Burke, Trump « comprend bien » les valeurs chères aux catholiques.
English Nov 11, 2016
Cardinal Burke: Trump’s victory suggests America has ‘awoken’ to its moral crisis
Cardinal Raymond Burke said Donald Trump's election as U.S. president is a "clear sign of the will of the people" and a victory for the pro-life cause.
English Aug 23, 2016
Cardinal Burke insists he is serving Francis, not opposing him
Ever since Pope Francis was elected in March 2013, he has faced strong opposition from traditionalists unhappy with his push for church reforms — and the face of that opposition has often been Cardinal Raymond Burke, an American prelate who has worked in senior positions in Rome for most of the past decade.
English Aug 02, 2016
Cardinal Burke’s Hope
Some of the reminiscences in Cardinal Raymond Burke’s new book will come as no surprise to readers: He was raised in a Catholic family with support from devout parents, teachers and priests; and the Second Vatican Council brought unforeseen unrest, causing some of his brother priests to abandon their vocations.
English Aug 02, 2016
Gender theory is ‘madness,’ transgender bathrooms ‘inhuman’
Contraception is at the root of the culture of death and the defense of family is inseparable from the defense of life, Cardinal Raymond Burke says in a broad book-length interview.
Italian Jun 14, 2016
Mille fedeli alla messa del cardinale Burke
C’erano più di mille persone, l’altra sera, a Bancali per la cerimonia di incoronazione della Regina di Bancali con il cardinale Raymond Leo Burke, Patrono del Sovrano Militare Ordine di Malta.
English Jun 08, 2016
Cardinal Burke tells meeting of families at Walsingham: the Blessed Sacrament is your strength
The cardinal said the transformation of the world begins in the family.
English May 12, 2016
Cardinal Burke destroys Cupich’s claim that pope’s exhortation is a ‘game changer’
English May 12, 2016
Cardinal Burke destroys Cupich’s claim that pope’s exhortation is a ‘game changer’
Cardinal Burke’s first reaction to Pope Francis’ controversial post-synodal exhortation Amoris Laetitia takes aim at those who claim it is a “revolution” in the Church’s practices.
English Apr 15, 2016
Cardinal Burke calls Notre Dame award to pro-abortion, pro-same sex marriage U.S. Vice President Biden a 'great scandal'
U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke says Vice President Joe Biden's positions on human life and marriage contradict the natural moral law and the teaching of Jesus Christ.
English Apr 08, 2016
Scandal at Notre Dame
The University of Notre Dame has announced that they intend to confer the Laetare Medal, an honor given to Catholics “in recognition of outstanding service to the Church and society,” upon Vice-President Joseph Biden at their 2016 commencement. Bishop Kevin Rhoades of the Diocese Fort Wayne – South Bend, the diocese where the university is located, has denounced it as scandalous.
Spanish Jan 16, 2016
El cardenal Burke sobre el Sínodo y el rezo del Rosario
El Cardenal Burke parece últimamente bastante activo (o al menos eso es lo que detecto por las noticias que me llegan relacionadas con él). En concreto, esta semana me llegan dos relacionadas con el cardenal que creo que son de interés.
English Jan 08, 2016
Insights On The State Of The Church In The Aftermath Of The Ordinary Synod On The Family
Interview With Cardinal Burke.
English Dec 02, 2015
The Truth About the 14th Ordinary Assembly of the Synod of Bishops?
Commentary by Cardinal Raymond Burke
English Nov 17, 2015
Marriage Catechesis Should Be Priority for Catholic Schools, Colleges
Sound catechesis on marriage is “a great, great responsibility” for Catholic schools and colleges, Cardinal Raymond Burke told a representative of The Cardinal Newman Society on Sunday following an address on “Sacred Liturgy and Holy Matrimony” in London, England.
Italian Nov 15, 2015
A Scigliano il Cardinale Burke per i XXX anni della “Parrocchia Unitaria di S. Maria Assunta”
Il XXX° anniversario dell’istituzione canonica della “Parrocchia Unitaria di S. Maria Assunta in Scigliano” è stato celebrato, nei giorni scorsi, con una felice coincidenza: la visita di S.E. il Cardinale Raymond Leo Burke. Una ricorrenza particolare, del resto sono passati tre decenni da quanto, con un processo di riorganizzazione, sono state riunite nell’ambito dell’area territoriale di Scigliano in un’unica parrocchia le 24 chiese presenti e dislocate in 12 frazioni.
French Nov 07, 2015
« La culture relativiste ambiante peut entrer jusque dans l’Église »
Echange avec le cardinal Burke, cardinal-patron de l’ordre de Malte, sur la vie de l’Église et ses perspectives.
Italian Nov 06, 2015
“Sì, sono un fondamentalista”, parla il cardinal Burke
“Sono aperto al mondo, ma insisto sulle cose fondamentali. Come l’eucaristia”. “La Chiesa deve essere chiara sulla sua identità”, dice al Foglio il canonista
English Nov 06, 2015
Cardinal Burke: I’m happy to be called ‘fundamentalist’ if it means upholding the basics of the faith
If being a “fundamentalist” means upholding the basics of the Catholic faith, then Cardinal Raymond Burke is happy to wear the label.
French Sept 30, 2015
Le cardinal Burke, la douceur conservatrice
"Douceur et intransigeance". Voilà ce qui caractérise le cardinal Raymond Burke, selon Guillaume d’Alançon, co-auteur de l’ouvrage "Un cardinal au cœur de l’Église, entretien avec le cardinal Burke". Ils étaient tous deux les invités de Radio Notre Dame ce 28 septembre.
French Sept 30, 2015
« Le mariage est soumis à une attaque féroce »
Le cardinal Raymond Burke était de passage à Paris de dimanche 27 à mardi 29 septembre pour une série de conférences pour promouvoir son livre.
Spanish Sept 22, 2015
El cardenal Burke asegura que la mejor forma de servir al Papa es defender la enseñanza de la Iglesia
El P. Santiago Martín ha entrevistado a S.E.R. Raymond Leo Burke, cardenal Patrono de la Soberana Orden de Malta. Tras exponer la doctrina católica sobre el matrimonio, la moral sexual, la Eucaristía y el sacramento de la Confesión, el purpurado ha asegurado, contra quienes le acusan de estar contra el Papa, que la mejor forma de servir al Vicario de Cristo es precisamente defender la fe de la Iglesia.
English Sept 17, 2015
How a Catholic Cardinal Is Responding to the Assault on Marriage and Family
Ohio—Pope Francis’s visit to the United States next week will coincide with a meeting of Catholics from all over the world to discuss some of the most pertinent issues facing the church.
English Sept 17, 2015
Explosive video: Pope ‘will show whose side he’s on’ during Synod, says archbishop
The first hard-hitting words by orthodox cardinals and archbishops about the “current crisis” in the Catholic Church have been sounded.
English May 29, 2015
Ireland ‘defied God’ by voting for gay ‘marriage’: Cardinal Burke
Cardinal Raymond Burke lamented how formerly Catholic Ireland has gone further than the pagans in the pre-Christian days of old and “defied God” by calling homosexual behavior “marriage” in the referendum last week.
Italian May 06, 2015
“Matrimonio e Comunione nella Chiesa”: il cardinale Burke a Lecce
Il Cardinale statunitense Raymond Leo Burke, Patrono del Sovrano Militare Ordine di Malta, sarà a Lecce il prossimo venerdì 8 maggio per la presentazione del volume “Permanere nella verità di Cristo.
English Apr 21, 2015
Cardinal Burke Responds to Recent Criticisms
In an Italian-language interview, the patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta said, ‘I am not against the Pope; I have never spoken out against the Pope. … My purpose is to serve the truth.’
English Apr 13, 2015
Cardinal Burke Cries Foul: ‘I’m Not Against the Pope’
In a lengthy interview granted to the Italian Catholic online journal La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana, Cardinal Raymond Burke rejects attempts to paint him as opposed to Pope Francis, insisting rather that he is a faithful servant of the Church who has only sought to uphold the truth.
English Mar 11, 2015
New evangelisation fails unless teachings on marriage upheld
The new evangelisation of Western societies will fail unless the Church succeeds in transmitting its teachings on marriage and the family to Catholics, a US cardinal has said.
English Mar 11, 2015
Remaining in the Truth of Christ on Holy Matrimony
6 MARCH 2015
English Mar 07, 2015
Gloria.tv interview with Cardinal Burke
I grew up in a very beautiful time in the Church, in which we were carefully instructed in the faith, both at home and in the Catholic school, especially with the Baltimore Catechism.
English Feb 10, 2015
What Cardinal Burke really said about 'resisting' Pope Francis
Cardinal Raymond Burke said he was “responding to a hypothetical situation” when he stated that he would resist any possible move by Pope Francis away from Catholic doctrine.
French Feb 09, 2015
Ce cardinal qui entend "résister" face au pape François
Pour la première fois, le cardinal américain ultraconservateur Raymond Burke s'exprime devant une caméra. À la tête d'une fronde contre le pape François, ce fidèle de Benoît XVI résistera si l'évêque de Rome persistait dans sa voie d'ouverture. Une exclusivité de "13h15 le dimanche".
Spanish Dec 24, 2014
Cardenal Burke: la reforma litúrgica fue muy radical, incluso violenta
El portal Adelante la Fe ofrece la traducción de la reciente entrevista de Gloria TV al cardenal Burke. A lo largo de la misma, el cardenal hace un recorrido por importantes temas de la Iglesia: el Vaticano II, las dos formas de la Santa misa, el Sínodo 2014, la Fraternidad San Pío X, los jóvenes católicos, la propuesta del Cardenal Kasper, el poder y la autoridad del Papa…
English Dec 06, 2014
Wisconsin native Cardinal Raymond Burke calls for 'new evangelization'
Catholic education, in the family and in schools, is essential to the transformation of culture and a bulwark against today's increasingly secular society, Wisconsin native Cardinal Raymond Burke told hundreds of Catholics who gathered Thursday for a fundraising dinner in Waukesha County.
Italian Dec 05, 2014
Il nuovo Cardinale Patrono celebra la prima messa per l’Ordine di Malta all’ospedale San Giovanni a Roma
Sua Eminenza il Cardinale Raymond Leo Burke ha celebrato oggi la sua prima Messa per l’Ordine di Malta all’Ospedale San Giovanni Battista a Roma. Accolto calorosamente dal Gran Maestro Fra’ Matthew Festing accompagnato da membri del Sovrano Consiglio, dal Gran Priore di Roma, Fra’ Giacomo della Torre e dai membri del Gran Priorato che si sono uniti ai pazienti dell’ospedale nell’accogliere il Cardinale per la celebrazione della sua prima Messa per l’Ordine.
English Dec 01, 2014
Cardinal Burke opens up about his new office with Knights of Malta
On Nov. 8 the Vatican announced the transfer of Cardinal Raymond Burke from prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, which ensures correct administration of justice in the Church, to Patron of the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta.
Italian Dec 01, 2014
Gran Priore di Malta e Sala incontrano Cardinale Burke
Sua Eccellenza il Gran Priore di Roma dell’Ordine di Malta Fra Giacomo Dalla Torre ed il Prof. Antonino Sala, oggi 29 novembre 2014, si sono recati in visita presso Sua Eminenza il Sign. Cardinale Raymond Leo Burke recentemente nominato Patrono dello Sovrano Militare Ordine di Malta.
Spanish Nov 22, 2014
El cardenal Burke pide a los fieles escribir al Papa para dar su opinión sobre la comunión de divorciados vueltos a casar
El cardenal Raymond Burke participó el 15 de noviembre en un congreso sobre el matrimonio y la familia en Limerick (Irlanda), organizado por Catholic Voice, un semanario católico creado en 2009. En su intervención ante los trescientos participantes, el cardenal pidió que el Sínodo se dedicase a promover la enseñanza de la Iglesia sobre el matrimonio y rechazó que se permitiese recibir la Comunión a los divorciados en una nueva unión cuyo matrimonio no haya sido declarado nulo.
English Nov 19, 2014
Cardinal urges Pope Francis to take hot-button issues off table for next family synod
Cardinal Raymond Burke has urged Pope Francis to take the issues of Communion for the divorced and remarried, cohabitation and same-sex marriage “off the table” for next year’s Synod of Bishops.
Italian Nov 10, 2014
Papa Francesco nomina Raymond Leo Burke Cardinale Patrono del Sovrano Ordine di Malta
Il Cardinale Raymond Leo Burke è stato nominato oggi Cardinale Patrono del Sovrano Ordine di Malta da Papa Francesco. Già Prefetto del Supremo Tribunale della Segnatura Apostolica, Burke succede al Cardinale Paolo Sardi, che era stato nominato Patrono del Sovrano Ordine di Malta nel 2009 da Papa Benedetto XVI.
Spanish Nov 03, 2014
El cardenal Burke: ¿homófobo? Un ex-gay cuenta la verdad
En un artículo en Celebrate Life Magazine, titulado Saliendo de Sodoma, Eric Hess, uno de los mayores activistas gay en la historia de Wisconsin (Estados Unidos), cuenta la verdadera paternidad espiritual del cardenal Raymond Burke, al que algunos han tachado de homófobo tras su participación en el Sínodo de Obispos sobre la Familia. En su artículo, Eric Hess relata su infancia turbulenta, hijo de un padre alcohólico y violento, lo que le llevó, «en medio del dolor, a buscar el amor de mi padre en los brazos de otros hombres».
English Nov 01, 2014
Cardinal Burke: Catholic Church under Pope Francis is a 'ship without a rudder'
American Cardinal Raymond Burke, the former archbishop of St. Louis who has emerged as the face of the opposition to Pope Francis’ reformist agenda, likened the Roman Catholic Church to “a ship without a rudder” in a fresh attack on the pope’s leadership.
Spanish Oct 31, 2014
El cardenal Burke y el activista gay
Para todos aquellos que hayan seguido el reciente Sínodo extraordinario sobre la familia a través de la prensa generalista, el cardenal Burke es una especie de ogro, un retrógrado intransigente y carente de misericordia, ávido de fastidiar a homosexuales y divorciados.
English Oct 22, 2014
Full Text of Cardinal Burke's Major Interview to Il Foglio on the Synod
Faith is not decided by vote. Cardinal Burke against the media manipulation on the Synod. And very clear on everything else.
English Oct 20, 2014
Cardinal Burke: The "Relatio Synodi" is "a significant improvement over the text of the 'Relatio post Disceptationem'"
On attempts by some bishops to change Church teaching: "In my judgment, a false notion of the relationship of faith and culture underlies the agenda."
French Oct 19, 2014
Le pape « a fait beaucoup de mal » au Synode, estime le cardinal Burke
Le cardinal américain Raymond L. Burke, préfet du Tribunal suprême de la Signature apostolique, a mis en cause, vendredi 17 octobre, l’attitude du pape François pendant cette assemblée générale extraordinaire du Synode des évêques sur la famille.
English Oct 18, 2014
Cardinal Burke reportedly confirms Vatican ouster
U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke, a former archbishop of St. Louis known for his rigorist interpretations of Catholic doctrine, has reportedly confirmed rumors that Pope Francis is planning to remove him from his influential post as the chief justice of the Vatican's Supreme Court.
Italian Oct 15, 2014
La fede non si decide ai voti
Il cardinale Burke contro la “manipolazione” informativa sul Sinodo. E molto netto sul resto.
Spanish Oct 15, 2014
Cardenal Burke: «un número consistente de obispos no acepta las ideas de apertura, pero pocos lo saben»
En una entrevista concedida a Il Foglio, el cardenal Raymond Burke, Prefecto de la Signatura Apostólica, advierte que en el Sínodo «algunos sostienen la posibilidad de adoptar una praxis que se separa de la verdad de la fe», asegura que «algo no funciona bien si la información es manipulada de modo que se da realce solo a una tesis» y advierte que «un número consistente de obispos no acepta las ideas de apertura, pero pocos lo saben».
German Oct 15, 2014
Kardinal Burke besorgt über Verlauf der Synode
„Die Synode ist kein demokratisches Parlament, wo die Bischöfe sich versammeln, um die katholische Lehre zu verändern je nachdem, wie die Mehrheiten sind.“ Das sagt US-Kurienkardinal Raymond Leo Burke in einem Interview mit der Dienstagsausgabe der italienischen Tageszeitung „Il Foglio“.
English Oct 13, 2014
Interview: Cardinal Raymond Burke--Changing Church Language is 'Neither Possible nor Desirable'
“If the Church wishes to be clear in her teaching,” a change in ecclesial language “is neither possible nor desirable,” Cardinal Raymond Burke told Breitbart in an interview on Sunday.
English Oct 11, 2014
Church teaching is ‘liberating’ for those in irregular unions: Cardinal Burke
U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke, head of the Vatican’s highest court, has challenged families to be “counter-cultural” and stand up to the secularized culture, in an interview with Vatican Radio. Burke identified several key areas that the bishops at the ongoing Synod on the Family must focus on.
English Oct 03, 2014
Cardinal Burke: Synod should take Communion proposal 'off the table'
The highest ranking U.S. bishop at the Vatican says this month's Synod of Bishops on the family should mark the end of a high-level debate over whether to make it easier for divorced and civilly remarried Catholics to receive Communion.
Italian Oct 02, 2014
"Il Papa non ha la laringite"
Il cardinale Burke, Prefetto della Segnatura Apostolica, critica severamente il cardinale Kasper. Usa aggettivi come "oltraggioso" e "ingannevole" per definire le affermazioni del collega. “Trovo divertente che il cardinale Kasper sostenga di parlare a nome del Papa. Il Papa non ha la laringite”.
English Oct 01, 2014
Cardinal Burke: Media hijacking Synod on the Family
Next month's Synod on the Family has undergone an attempted hijacking by some media sources, which are fueling expectations that impossible changes will be made to Church doctrine, said the head of the Church's highest court.
English Oct 01, 2014
Source Confirms Pope Will Remove Conservative Cardinal from Vatican
Though it has been only a rumor until now, and has not yet been announced by the Vatican, a close associate of Cardinal Raymond Burke has told Breitbart News that the rumors of his departure are true, and the announcement is expected soon.
English Oct 01, 2014
US Cardinal Raymond Burke mounts defense on Catholic teaching on divorce
Public disagreements over whether the Roman Catholic Church can change its teachings on Communion for remarried Catholics are growing sharper on the eve of a major Vatican summit, with conservatives led by U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke making another push against loosening the rules.
Spanish Oct 01, 2014
El cardenal Burke advierte del intento de secuestro del sínodo sobre la Familia por los medios de comunicación
En declaraciones a AciPrensa, el cardenal Raymond Burke, prefecto del Tribunal Supremo de la Signatura Apostólica, ha asegurado en relación al Sínodo extraordinario sobre la Familia, que no cree «que se deba ser muy brillante para ver que los medios de comunicación, por meses, han estado intentando ‘secuestrar’ este Sínodo, alimentando expectativas de cambios imposibles en la doctrina de la Iglesia».
Italian Sept 30, 2014
Esilio a Malta per il cardinale Burke
Da impeccabile prefetto del supremo tribunale della segnatura apostolica, è sul punto d'essere declassato al ruolo puramente onorifico di "patrono" di un ordine cavalleresco. Per volontà di papa Francesco.
French Sept 12, 2014
« Qui suis-je pour juger ? » Le cardinal Burke éclaire les propos de François sur les homosexuels
Le cardinal Burke a fait une vigoureuse mise au point sur les propos du pape François qui, interrogé sur les homosexuels, avait déclaré lors d’une interview informelle : « Qui suis-je pour juger ? » « Nous devons juger les actes, nous n’avons pas le choix », a expliqué le préfet de la Signature apostolique lors d’une interview télévisée. Mais il s’agit de juger les actes, et non les personnes, a-t-il ajouté.
Spanish Jun 03, 2014
El cardenal Burke, en Barcelona, dice que el Papa Francisco es «rotundo contra el aborto»
El cardenal norteamericano Raymond Leo Burke impartió este pasado viernes 23 de mayo la conferencia “El deber cristiano de la defensa de la vida y de la familia” en la casa generalicia de los Misioneros de Cristo Rey en el Col.legi Immaculat Cor de Maria de la población de Sentmenat (Barcelona), invitado por los Jóvenes de San José (Jovenesdesanjose.org).
English May 05, 2014
Cardinal Burke Discusses John Paul II’s Lasting Impact
The prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura says Evangelium Vitae was ‘one of the most spectacular documents’ the soon-to-be saint wrote.
English Mar 28, 2014
Cardinal Burke Tells Parents to be ‘Especially Vigilant,’ Laments Infidelity of Catholic Colleges
“Adults, young people and children must be educated about the central moral questions of the day,” said Cardinal Raymond Burke, the ecclesiastical advisor to The Cardinal Newman Society’s Center for the Advancement of Catholic Higher Education, which works with Catholic universities to formulate and promote policies that strengthen Catholic identity.
English Mar 23, 2014
Cardinal Burke opposes Cardinal Kasper's proposal for divorced/remarried Catholics
Cardinal Raymond Burke has voiced a clear disagreement with Cardinal Walter Kasper’s proposal for a new approach to allow Communion for Catholics who are divorced and remarried.
Italian Mar 23, 2014
Obama è sempre più ostile verso la cristianità e la libertà religiosa
Dichiarazioni forti e senza filtri quelle che il cardinale americano Raymond Burke ha rilasciato in una intervista al giornale polacco "Polonia Christiana" e riprese dal sito LifeSite News.
Spanish Mar 23, 2014
Cardenal Burke: «Hay muchas dificultades con el texto del cardenal Kasper»
En una entrevista concedida a Raymond Arroyo para EWTN, el cardenal Prefecto de la Signatura Apostólica, S.E.R Raymond Leo Burke, ha afirmado, en relación a la posibilidad de que los divorciados vueltos a casar puedan comulgar, que el texto que el cardenal Kasper leyó en el último consistorio cardenalicio se está «convirtiendo en un banderín de enganche para personas que creen erróneamente que la práctica de la Iglesia en este sentido podría cambiar». El texto no fue «bien recibido por todos los cardenales», asegura.
English Dec 20, 2013
Cardinal Burke removed from Vatican post overseeing bishop appointments
Wisconsin native Cardinal Raymond Burke is losing his influential role in the appointment of bishops in the United States.
Spanish Dec 08, 2013
«La Iglesia no puede faltar a la verdad del matrimonio»
Es el responsable del más alto tribunal de la Iglesia, que vela por la recta tramitación de las causas de nulidad matrimonial en todos los tribunales de la Iglesia. Pero la Signatura Apostólica es también un alto tribunal administrativo, que resuelve cuestiones jerárquicas y conflictos de competencia entre los dicasterios. El cardenal Burke, nacido en Wisconsin (EE.UU.), en 1948, es una de las voces más autorizadas en materias como la reforma de la Curia.
English Nov 10, 2013
Cardinal Burke visits diocese; students attend cathedral Mass
More than 380 students from 35 Catholic schools in central Illinois formed an enthusiastic welcoming committee for Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who was the principal celebrant and homilist for a Mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Peoria on Oct. 28.
English Oct 02, 2013
Cardinal Burke Warns of ‘Grave Scandal’ at Catholic Colleges
Cardinal Burke laments the "grave scandal" on many Catholic college campuses, brought about by tolerating dialogue in support of abortion and same-sex marriage.
English Aug 20, 2013
Cardinal Burke Writes Book on Eucharist as 'Sacrament of Charity'
Cardinal Raymond Burke has released a new book entitled Divine Love Made Flesh, in which he reflects on Blessed Pope John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s encyclicals on the Holy Eucharist.
English Jul 28, 2013
Cardinal Burke sees ‘perfect continuity’ between Popes Benedict, Francis in liturgical teaching
In an interview with the ZENIT news agency, Cardinal Raymond Burke praised liturgical law, linked liturgical abuse to “moral corruption,” and said that he sees “perfect continuity” in liturgical teaching between Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.
English Mar 06, 2013
Cardinal Burke: The Not-So-Impossible Dream?
English Feb 09, 2013
Cardinal Burke Heartened by U.S. Pro-Life Marches
The American cardinal, who serves as head of the Vatican’s highest court, praises the marches as a witness ‘to the respect for the inviolable dignity of every human life.’
Spanish Jul 16, 2012
Cardenal Burke: Sacerdotes no deben cambiar oraciones de la Misa
English Jun 23, 2012
Cardinal Burke optimistic on reconciliation with SSPX
English Apr 22, 2012
Cardinal Burke: Employers who Provide Contraceptives Cooperating with Sin
Cardinal Burke has illuminated with piercing clarity the controversial issue which has seen dissent from Church teaching on this matter among Catholic institutions and universities here in the United States. Cardinal Burke's statements come at a critical time in this divisive debate over the legality and morality of forcing anyone to act against his own conscience.
English Apr 22, 2012
Vatican Cardinal: A Sin to Cooperate with Obama Mandate
French Aug 07, 2011
La remarquable conférence du Cardinal Burke sur la culture de mort
Spanish Jul 10, 2011
Cardenal resalta ejemplo de Santo Tomás Moro: Mártir patrono de políticos y gobernantes
French Jun 25, 2011
Le cardinal Burke participera à une prière devant un avortoir
Spanish May 29, 2011
Un cardenal vaticano rezará ante una clínica abortista
German Feb 01, 2011
Nur positive Erfahrungen mit der Alten Messe“
French Dec 28, 2010
Le Cardinal Burke condamne les établissements qui ne sont catholiques que de nom
Le cardinal Burke a tenu le 4 décembre un discours à Boston (Massachusetts), où il était l'invité du The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts de Merrimack (New Hampshire. En voici quelques extraits :
English Dec 24, 2010
A cardinal comes home: Burke celebrates Mass of Thanksgiving
French Dec 24, 2010
Le cardinal Burke met les choses au point dans la polémique sur le préservatif
French Dec 24, 2010
Le cardinal Burke a-t-il écrit le communique du RP Lombardi?
German Dec 04, 2010
Kardinal Burke: Für Bekämpfung sexueller Missbräuche alle Mittel einsetzen
English Nov 29, 2010
Cardinal Burke: Vatican Hasn't Lost Touch with Reality
The beauty found in the renaissance art and majestic architecture surrounding the center of the catholic faith can hardly be matched.
English Nov 29, 2010
Cardinal Burke emphasizes: Catholic teaching on condoms has not changed
Catholic teaching on the immorality of the use of condoms has not changed, Cardinal Raymond Burke said in an interview with the National Catholic Register. The prefect of the Apostolic Signatura stated:
English Nov 25, 2010
Full Text: His first sermon as Cardinal Burke (St. Cecilia's Feast Day)
Thanks to Dr. Robert Moynihan of Inside the Vatican who sent the full text of Raymond Cardinal Burke's sermon in his flash email.
English Nov 25, 2010
Pilgrims share fond memories of Cardinal Raymond Burke's pastoral guidance
English Nov 22, 2010
On Communion, "God-Centered Thinking": Cardinal Burke Makes First Ruling
While all the world (or so it seems) has been fixated on the Pope's catechesis on condoms these last 30-odd hours, what for ad intra purposes could be seen as an even more significant set of comments seems largely to have slipped under the radar... even if they merely came from the church's freshly-Porporato "chief justice."
English Nov 03, 2010
Pope appoints central Wisconsin native Raymond Burke as cardinal
Central Wisconsin Catholics are beaming as news circulates that former Stratford resident Raymond L. Burke has been named a cardinal, a top-level leader who would help to select the next pope -- and is eligible to become pope himself.
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