Emmanuel III (Emmanuel-Karim) Cardinal Delly † Emmanuel III (Emmanuel-Karim) Cardinal Delly †
Retired Patriarch of Babylon, Chaldean Archbishop of Baghdad
Oct 06, 1927
Nov 24, 2007
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Spanish Apr 12, 2014
El papa lamenta la muerte del cardenal Delly, patriarca caldeo emérito
El papa Francisco expresó hoy "su profundo dolor" por la muerte del cardenal Emmanuel III Delly, patriarca emérito de la Iglesia católica caldea de Babilonia, fallecido a los 87 años.
Italian Apr 12, 2014
Morto il Patriarca Delly - il ricordo di mons. Warduni
Il cardinale Emmanuel III Delly, Patriarca emerito di Babilonia dei Caldei, è morto ieri sera alle 22 in un ospedale di San Diego (California), all’età di 87 anni.
English Apr 12, 2014
Cardinal Delly, former Chaldean patriarch, dead at 86
Cardinal Emmanuel III Delly, who led the Chaldean Catholic Church from 2003 to 2012, has died in a San Diego hospital, according to a Fides news service report.
French Apr 12, 2014
Le cardinal Emmanuel III Delly est décédé
Le cardinal Emmanuel III Delly, Patriarche émérite de Babylone des Chaldéens, est décédé dans un hôpital de San Diego (Californie) à l’âge de 87 ans.
Italian Aug 07, 2011
Italian Nov 15, 2010
"In Iraq è caccia ai cristiani"
Card. Delly: "Ci cercano casa per casa"
French Nov 15, 2010
Irak : La main du diable est entrée pour tuer, dénonce le cardinal Delly
Le patriarche célèbre les obsèques de victimes de l’attentat de Bagdad
Spanish Nov 09, 2010
Nos quedamos en Irak pese a todo, dice Cardenal en funerales tras masacre en Catedral católica
German Apr 17, 2009
Frohe und flammende Botschaften: Emmanuel III. Kardinal Delly
French Feb 26, 2009
A la Une - Le cardinal Emmanuel III Delly invite les chrétiens à rester en Irak
French Feb 08, 2009
Le cardinal Emmanuel III Delly invite les chrétiens à rester en Irak
Interview à L’Osservatore Romano
Italian Dec 26, 2008
Natale/ Iraq, per la prima volta celebrato come festa ufficiale
Cardinale Delly eloga il gesto dell'amministrazione
Italian Dec 16, 2008
Appello del cardinale Delly a Obama a non dimenticare l’Iraq
English Dec 15, 2008
In Detroit, Cardinal Delly Tells US to do More
Visiting his community's large diaspora in Detroit, the cardinal-patriarch of the suffering Chaldean church -- whose historic elevation made him the "star" of last year's consistory -- called for more effort from Iraq's foreign occupiers:
English Dec 12, 2008
Text size: increase text sizedecrease text size Iraqi Cardinal Emmanuel III Delly visits Mich.
German Oct 30, 2008
Das Leben der Christen im Irak, ein Kalvarienberg-Erlebnis
Kardinal Emmanuel III. Delly appelliert an die internationale Staatengemeinschaft
German Oct 29, 2008
Das Leben der Christen im Irak, ein Kalvarienberg-Erlebnis
Kardinal Emmanuel III. Delly appelliert an die internationale Staatengemeinschaft
English Oct 27, 2008
Baghdad cardinal hopes tragedy of Mosul Christians will waken world
English Oct 25, 2008
Archbishop Urges Leaders to Take Care of Iraq
13,000 Christians Flee Mosul After Receiving Death Threats
English Oct 15, 2008
Cardinal says Iraqi church leaders risk lives in 'tragic' situation
Iraq's leading churchman said the situation in parts of his country remained "disastrous and tragic," and he said church leaders were risking their lives daily to proclaim the Gospel.
Italian Sept 30, 2008
Iraq: incontro tra il cardinale Delly e il leader del partito sciita
Un plauso agli sforzi che il governo iracheno sta compiendo per promuovere sicurezza e stabilità nell’intero Paese.
German Sept 28, 2008
Christen sollen Irak nicht verlassen
Der chaldäisch-katholische Patriarch, Kardinal Emmanuel III. Delly, hat an die Christen in seinem Land appelliert, nicht auszuwandern. "Unsere Vorväter haben schwierigere Zeiten ertragen und überwunden", sagte der Patriarch dem deutschen Magazin "Focus". "Niemals unterstütze ich das Verlassen des Irak", betonte der Kardinal-Patriarch: "Wir bleiben hier bis zum Ende".
English Sept 21, 2008
Dinner highlights plight of Iraqi Christians, honors Baghdad cardinal
The plight of Iraqi Christians in the chaotic wake of the war in Iraq has, in some places, become quite desperate. After meeting with two Chaldean bishops who explained the intensity of the situation, Deal Hudson decided to get the message out by honoring Cardinal Emmanuel Delly of Baghdad with the 2008 Partnership Award.
English Mar 15, 2008
Cardinal Delly at Archbishop's Funeral Urges Peace
World Leaders Join in Condemning Death of Kidnapped Prelate.
Spanish Dec 26, 2007
El miedo domina en Irak, afirma el cardenal Emmanuel III Deelly
Las fuerzas estadounidenses han dicho que ha habido una reducción de 60% en la violencia desde junio.
English Dec 24, 2007
New Iraqi cardinal calls for release of Saddam aide
The spiritual leader of Iraq's Catholics, elevated to the rank of cardinal last month, called on U.S. forces to free Saddam Hussein's ailing former deputy prime minister Tareq Aziz if there was no evidence against him.
French Nov 29, 2007
Nouveau cardinal irakien : « Nous sommes fils de l’espérance »
Entretien avec le card. Emmanuel III Delly, patriarche de Babylone des Chaldéens.
English Nov 25, 2007
Delly to Iraqis: "Come Home"
In a press conference earlier today, the Baghdad-based patriarch of the Chaldeans Cardinal-designate Emmanuel III Delly said he'd seek the return of Iraqi Christians who've fled the "tortured" country.
English Nov 25, 2007
Pope says new Iraqi cardinal a sign of 'spiritual closeness'
Popes rarely speak out loud their reasons for making a particular prelate a cardinal, but Pope Benedict XVI broke that informal taboo today with regard to Patriarch Emmanuel II Delly of the Chaldean church in Iraq.
English Nov 20, 2007
Keeping Christianity alive in Iraq
"Peace for all believers," the congregation at the Sacred Heart church in Eastern Baghdad sings, as the Patriarch, Emmanuel III Delly, holds a heavy cross in his hands, his eyes closed.
English Nov 06, 2007
The Prince of Babylon
Philadelphia might've waited 24 years for John Foley's red hat, but between the rivers in what's now Iraq, generations of the Chaldean Catholic community have stood it out a good bit longer to see their patriarch take a place in the papal senate.
English Nov 03, 2007
Iraqi cardinal works to protect Christians
There is neither a cross nor a sign on the heavy metal gate to indicate that this is the official residence of one of this country's most prominent Christians, the first prelate in Iraq in modern times to be elevated to the rank of cardinal by the Roman Catholic Church.
English Oct 30, 2007
Chaldean Patriarch Seeks Ties to Muslims
The Chaldean patriarch of Baghdad, recently named Iraq's first cardinal, said Tuesday that rising violence has made life worse for Iraqi Christians since the U.S.-led invasion, but he is optimistic that "peace will prevail."
English Oct 28, 2007
Al-Maliki pledges to support Iraqi cardinal
Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki pledged Saturday to support Reverend Emanuel III, archbishop of Iraqi Church who was remunerated to Cardinal title by the Vatican.
Italian Oct 18, 2007
Un onore per il patriarca Delly e per la Chiesa in Irak, sotto la persecuzione
Primi commenti a caldo sulla nomina cardinalizia del patriarca di Baghdad. “Un segno della paternità del papa verso il popolo irakeno”.
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