John Cardinal Njue John Cardinal Njue
Archbishop of Nairobi
Jan 1, 2000
Nov 24, 2007
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English Jun 09, 2016
Men have the responsibility to mentor the boy-child
John Cardinal Njue, the Archbishop of Nairobi last weekend signed up for the HeForShe Campaign that seeks to build a global solidarity movement for gender equality.
English Aug 21, 2015
Cardinal Njue advises Kenyans to avoid influences that contradict their beliefs
John Cardinal Njue has called on Kenyans living in the United States to shun foreign influences that go against their traditional and religious beliefs.
Italian Apr 27, 2015
“Creare lavoro in Africa per arginare l’immigrazione illegale”
Occorre creare nuove opportunità di lavoro in Africa per arginare i flussi migratori illegali verso l’Europa. Lo ha detto il Card. John Njue, Arcivescovo di Nairobi e Presidente della Conferenza Episcopale del Kenya, durante una conferenza stampa a Monaco, organizzata da Missio München.
English Jul 18, 2014
Cardinal Njue leads thousands at AMECEA opening Mass in Malawi
Cardinal John Njue, the Archbishop of Nairobi has described Africa as a ‘God-fearing continent’.
English Oct 04, 2013
Cardinal Njue Urges Faithful to Walk in Otunga's Footsteps
John Cardinal Njue, the Archbishop of the Catholic Diocese of Nairobi, has urged believers to follow in the Servant of God Maurice Michael Cardinal Otunga's footsteps saying that his humble life need to be emulated by both members and non-members of the Catholic Church.
Spanish Sept 27, 2013
Cardenal de Kenia visita a los heridos del atentado terrorista en centro comercial
El Arzobispo de Nairobi (Kenia), Cardenal John Njue, visitó a los heridos que por cuatro días fueron rehenes de un grupo extremista islámico de Al Shabaabun que tomaron por asalto las instalaciones de uno de los principales centros comerciales de la ciudad y donde han muerto más de 68 personas.
Spanish Jul 14, 2013
Cardenal keniano contraataca a Obama sobre la homosexualidad: los progresistas ‘ya arruinaron su sociedad’
NAIROBI, Kenya, 8 de julio de 2013 (Notifam) – Al unísono con líderes africanos que respondieron a Obama la semana pasada después que el presidente instara a los africanos a aceptar la homosexualidad, un cardenal keniano, enérgicamente instó a Obama a “olvidarse” de su promoción del comportamiento homosexual.
Italian Aug 28, 2011
Kenya: il cardinale Njue esorta a lavorare per una Chiesa autosufficiente
Italian Dec 28, 2010
Violenze post-elettorali: il Cardinale Njue inviata i politici a non infiammare gli animi
French Dec 28, 2010
L’archevêque de Nairobi met en garde contre de nouvelles violences
Après une révélation de la Cour pénale internationale
French Dec 24, 2010
Le cardinal Njue, un homme à suivre
English Feb 10, 2010
Kenya: Cardinal Njue Advises Clergy, Religious On Sacred Life
German Nov 22, 2009
Wissbegieriger Gesprächspartner
Böhmfeld (EK) Hoher Besuch hatte sich in der Pfarrei Böhmfeld angesagt. Der Erzbischof von Nairobi, Kardinal John Njue, war während seines dreitägigen Deutschlandbesuches bei Pfarrer Reinhard Förster zu Gast, der auch als Reisebegleiter fungierte.
French Oct 23, 2009
Le mauvais gouvernement est le cancer de l’Afrique, estime le card. Njue
Archevêque de Nairobi (Kenya)
English Aug 07, 2009
Kenya: Cardinal Lifts Suspension of Holy Spirit Movement
English Jul 15, 2009
Kenya: Cardinal Ban On Holy Spirit Movement Upsets Faithful
French Mar 02, 2009
Message de Carême du cardinal Njue : lutter contre la corruption
KENYA - “Je vous exhorte à invoquer Dieu pour le pardon de nos péchés, cause de nos maux” : le message de Carême du cardinal Njue, archevêque de Nairobi
French Feb 08, 2009
Kenya : Corruption, une des causes de la famine, selon le cardinal Njue
Nairobi, - (D.I.A.)- Lors de la présentation du plan stratégique de l'épiscopat kenyan, le cardinal John Njue, archevêque de Nairobi et président de la conférence épiscopale, a affirmé que sans la culture d'égoïsme et de corruption le pays aurait pu éviter la famine qui menace 10 millions de Kenyans. La nouvelle est rapportée par l'agence catholique Fides.
French Feb 08, 2009
Kenya - Le cardinal Njue : “Nous devons éliminer la culture de l’égoïsme et de la corruption
Plus de 10 millions de Kenyans souffrent de malnutrition ; le cardinal Njue : “Nous devons éliminer la culture de l’égoïsme et de la corruption qui a provoqué la crise en rehaussant artificiellement les prix”
German Feb 08, 2009
Kenia: Kardinal stellt Plan zur Hungerbekämpfung vor
Italian Dec 21, 2008
Kenya: il cardinale Njue chiede più attenzione per gli sfollati
English Nov 25, 2008
Nairobi cardinal condemns pro-abortion legislation
Italian Oct 10, 2008
Il Cardinale Njue avvia la mobilitazione dei cattolici per fermare l'aborto
“Raccogliamo almeno un milione di firme per bloccare la discussione in Parlamento di una legge ingiusta”
English Oct 07, 2008
Kenyan Cardinal Blasts Government Attempt to Legalise Abortion
Abortion has no place in African cultures and traditions.
English Sept 14, 2008
Kenya: Cardinal speaks out against proposed abortion law
In his harshest criticism yet of a proposed law to legalise abortion, Nairobi Catholic archbishop, Cardinal John Njue, says it would turn the womb from a sacred place of life into a "slaughterhouse.
English Sept 05, 2008
Cardinal Njue urges MPs to tread carefully
Caption: Catholic head Cardinal Njue has urged Mps not to pass the abortion draft bill.
English Jul 23, 2008
Boys defy Cardinal Njue and riot
A school affiliated to the Catholic church was yesterday closed after riots.
English Jun 17, 2008
No amnesty, says cardinal
There should be no political amnesty for those responsible for the wave of post-election violence that swept across Kenya, the head of the country's Roman Catholic Church said on Sunday.
English Mar 19, 2008
Nairobi cardinal cautions Kenyan youths not to be used by politicians
Nairobi Cardinal John Njue has cautioned Kenyan youths against allowing themselves to be misused by politicians to cause chaos.
Italian Feb 21, 2008
Il cardinale Njue esorta i fedeli a dedicare questo periodo di Quaresima alla riconciliazione
Il cardinale John Njue, arcivescovo di Nairobi, ha esortato i keniani a dedicare questo periodo di Quaresima alla riconciliazione nazionale, dopo le violenze a sfondo etnico seguite alle contestate elezioni del 27 dicembre.
Italian Feb 17, 2008
È in passo nella giusta direzione
“Spero che i nostri due leader continuino sulla strada del dialogo mettendo al primo posto il bene comune e le necessità reali del popolo del Kenya” dice a Fides il Cardinale Njue
French Feb 06, 2008
Interview du cardinal John Njue
Interview du cardinal John Njue, créé cardinal par Benoît XVI.
English Jan 28, 2008
Churches Say Skirmishes in the Rift Valley Were Planned
The head of the Catholic Church in Kenya, John Cardinal Njue, says the violence in Rift Valley is no longer a protest over disputed presidential election results.
Italian Jan 15, 2008
È un Paese ferito
Il Cardinale Njue, Arcivescovo di Nairobi, condanna senza appello il tribalismo. Un missionario: “ la gente si sposta silenziosamente da una zona mista a un’altra nella quale vivono le persone della propria etnia”
English Dec 19, 2007
Cardinal Convenes Ecumenical Peace Meeting After Poll Chaos
The Catholic Church will not influence its faithful to vote for certain candidates or parties, but will only educate them on the kind of leaders they should elect, the chairman of the bishops' conference said.
English Dec 01, 2007
Kenya's Cardinal Njue emphasises abstinence in war against HIV/AIDS
Kenya's newly installed Cardinal John Njue on Saturday emphasised abstinence as the best tool against HIV/AIDS as thousands gathered to mark the World AIDS Day celebrations.
English Nov 27, 2007
It's Song And Dance As Njue is Made Nation's Second Cardinal
Kenyans waving the national flag broke into dance and song on Saturday when the country got its second cardinal at a ceremony presided over by Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican.
English Nov 01, 2007
Cardinal-Elect Moves to New Station
Cardinal-elect John Njue received a rousing welcome from thousands of Catholics from the Nairobi Archdiocese as he arrived at his new station on Wednesday.
English Oct 20, 2007
Nation is Excited At Appointment of New Cardinal
The elevation of Nairobi Catholic Archbishop John Njue to the dignity of cardinal is being celebrated here as a great honour not just to the Church but to the entire nation.
English Oct 18, 2007
We Have A Cardinal!
The newly appointed Catholic Archbishop of Nairobi, John Njue, will be made a cardinal, the Vatican announced today.
English Oct 18, 2007
Bishop Njue named cardinal
Barely two weeks after he was appointed the archbishop of Nairobi, John Njue has been appointed Cardinal of Kenya.
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