Daniel Nicholas Cardinal DiNardo Daniel Nicholas Cardinal DiNardo
Archbishop of Galveston-Houston
May 23, 1949
Nov 24, 2007
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English Cardinal-Designate's Family Prepares For Vatican Trip
Nov 13, 2007
Next Monday, 11 members of Cardinal Designate Daniel DiNardo's family will make the pilgrimage to Rome to see their loved one receive the red hat, KPRC Local 2 reported Tuesday.

(Click2Houston.com, November 13, 2007) HOUSTON -- The humble boy from Pittsburgh will become one of the princes of the Catholic Church.

DiNardo's twin sister, Peg Riesmeyer, told KPRC Local 2, "No way could I have anticipated this particular blessing on him and on our family, so it's extraordinary. We're thrilled."

Riesmeyer is older than her brother, whom she calls Dan, by just 9 minutes.

She said DiNardo, 56, was drawn to the church at a very young age and even said mass daily at a homemade altar in his childhood home.

Riesmeyer added, "We always knew that he was going to be a priest and I wasn't even as surprised when he became a bishop because I always thought he had the qualities to be a good bishop."

Riesmeyer said she will never forget that phone call just after 5 a.m. when her brother told her he'd been chosen to become a cardinal.

She said, "You always think there's something wrong when you get a phone call at 5 in the morning, but Dan called and first thing he said was 'This is not bad. Don't worry.' And then told us that he had been named a cardinal and it was just a stunning moment."

The family can only imagine how DiNardo's parents, Nicholas and Jane, now deceased, would react to his achievement.

Riesmeyer said, "That to me is one of the biggest thrills is how happy they would be. They were elated when he became a bishop, that their son received those honors, so I can imagine that they are just rejoicing in heaven that this happened to their son."

Archbishop DiNardo currently oversees a flock of 1.3 million Roman Catholics within the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.

Next week, he will become the state's first Cardinal.
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