Daniel Nicholas Cardinal DiNardo Daniel Nicholas Cardinal DiNardo
Archbishop of Galveston-Houston
May 23, 1949
Nov 24, 2007
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English Cardinal DiNardo Impresses Crowd at Briar Cliff University
Oct 11, 2013
Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, who spoke in Sioux City Wednesday, captivated the nearly 500 member crowd at Briar Cliff University.

nd, while he had great stories to tell... Siouxlanders have stories of their own about the former Sioux City Bishop.

Melvin Wieseler will never forget his first interaction with the now–Cardinal Daniel DiNardo.

He was working maintenance at Nativity Parish in Sioux City when then Bishop DiNardo stopped by while he was moving the church lawn.

"He came walking across the parking lot and stopped and I shut the tractor off and he came over and started talking to me and I'll never forget it, he sat down on the front tractor tire and we sat there and talked for over and hour," said Wieseler.

An informal, personal story about a man who's already made a mark on the Catholic faith.

Cardinal DiNardo returned to a "home" of sorts Wednesday to speak at Briar Cliff University... about some of the changes that came out of Vatican II and their impact on the liturgy of today.

"The Second Vatican Council did something very significant by theologically identifying the liturgy as the work of the whole Christ, head and members – you have to have both," Cardinal DiNardo remarked.

Cardinal DiNardo was bishop of the Sioux City Diocese from 1997 to 2004 before moving to Texas to be the Archbishop for Galveston–Houston.

He was elevated to Cardinal in 2007 and just this year was part of the conclave that elected the 267th leader of the Catholic Church– Pope Francis.

And members of the Sioux City Diocese who have followed the Cardinal's career since he was in Sioux City. Well, they knew long before tonight that he was special.

"I heard him speak and I thought – that man is awesome and he is really going to go places," says Velma Ludwig, a member of Immaculate Conception.

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