Seán B. Cardinal Brady Seán B. Cardinal Brady
Archbishop of Armagh
Aug 16, 1939
Nov 24, 2007
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English Oct 01, 2014
Irish cardinal: ‘Peace would not have been delivered without Paisley’
Irish Cardinal Sean Brady had paid tribute to Rev Ian Paisley, who died last week at the age of 88.
English Dec 26, 2013
Cardinal considers return to parish duty
CARDINAL Sean Brady is considering a return to low-key parish work when he finishes his term as the head of the Catholic Church in Ireland.
English Sept 01, 2013
Cardinal Brady at German celebrations in honour of St Oliver Plunkett
Cardinal Seán Brady, Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland gave the following address today at celebrations in honour of St Oliver Plunkett in Kloster Lamspring, the former Benedictine Abbey for exiled Irish and English Catholics in the Diocese of Hildesheim, Germany...
English Jul 07, 2013
Cardinal Brady describes abortion Bill as ‘Trojan horse’
Catholic primate urges Government to publish Attorney General’s advice on ‘potential constitutional and legal conflicts’
English Jan 27, 2013
Cardinal Brady now has a coadjutor, and will almost certainly retire early, after a wholly undeserved media witch-hunt, incited by the BBC
English Jan 01, 2013
Irish cardinal urges Catholics to make known their abortion opposition
English May 06, 2012
Cardinal Brady's statement in full
Cardinal Sean Brady has issued his response to the BBC's This World documentary, The Shame of the Catholic Church.
Italian Mar 06, 2011
Il cardinale Brady esorta i media cattolici a sfidare la marginalizzazione della cultura cristiana
Italian Jan 10, 2011
Irlanda: il cardinale Brady chiede il rinnovamento della fede e della speranza
English Dec 24, 2010
Disappeared man's killers 'played God', says cardinal
English Jun 20, 2010
Statement by Cardinal Seán Brady on Gaza crisis
English Apr 20, 2010
Cardinal Sean Brady discharged from hospital after health scare
English Apr 20, 2010
Cardinal Sean Brady discharged from hospital after health scare
English Mar 10, 2010
Cardinal Brady defends right to maintain faith schools
English Jan 18, 2010
Homily of Cardinal Seán Brady
Homily of Cardinal Seán Brady, Archbishop of Armagh at the Requiem Mass for His Eminence Cahal B. Cardinal Daly Archbishop Emeritus of Armagh, St Patrick's Cathedral, Armagh:
English May 14, 2009
Cardinal Brady steps into history
The head of the Catholic church in Ireland has made history twice in two days.
English May 13, 2009
Cardinal says poor are still being left behind
English May 05, 2009
Cardinal Urges Sending Prayer Tweets
Italian Apr 29, 2009
Il Cardinale Brady incontra gli unionisti dell'Ulster per parlare di pace
Non ci sono “passi indietro” nel cammino di riconciliazione in Irlanda del Nord
Italian Apr 29, 2009
Irlanda: per la prima volta il cardinale Brady incontra i paramilitari unionisti. Impegno comune per la pace
Spanish Mar 25, 2009
En el día de San Patricio, Cardenal Brady llama a la paz en Irlanda
Italian Mar 09, 2009
Irlanda: il cardinale Brady esorta l’opinione pubblica a non dimenticare i più poveri
Italian Feb 08, 2009
Il cardinale irlandese Brady: le scuole cattoliche sono “strumenti potenti di pace”
German Jan 10, 2009
Irland: Kardinal begrüßt weitere Untersuchungen
English Nov 25, 2008
Cardinal Brady's comments on secular EU rejected
English Nov 20, 2008
Article by Cardinal Seán Brady on the Northern Ireland Peace Process
"Those who actively target members of the PSNI in an attempt to destroy the progress made in recent years, challenge the very principles of a just and a free society.”

“The current political impasse, with the failure of the Executive to meet in recent months, is damaging…. It is undermining those who believe Northern Ireland has a brighter future.”
German Nov 20, 2008
Nordirland: Kardinal Brady ruft dazu auf, den Weg des Friedens weiterzugehen
„Wir laufen Gefahr, all die Gewalt und Zerstörung der Vergangenheit zu vergessen“
English Nov 12, 2008
Cardinal warns against marital rights for cohabiting couples
English Nov 09, 2008
Full text of Cardinal Seán Brady address
The Family as the Foundation of Society”: Address by Cardinal Seán Brady, Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland at the Céifin Conference, Ennis, Co Clare.
English Nov 08, 2008
Primate on Politics
Quizzed by a parliamentary panel in Dublin yesterday on why he didn't lead an ecclesiastical charge in support of the EU-strengthening Lisbon Treaty -- which was handily defeated in a June referendum -- the cardinal-primate of All Ireland said such a push would've been "counterproductive," citing the prospect of repudiation:
English Nov 07, 2008
Cardinal Seán Brady delivers Bishop Stock Address at Humbert Summer School
Ireland owes a lot to the European Union. It is difficult to believe we would enjoy the political stability in the North or the economic progress in the South we do today without it. This should give us pause for thought when we reflect on Ireland ’s place within the EU and our responsibility towards it.” – Cardinal Seán Brady
German Nov 07, 2008
Irland: Katholische Kirche kämpft gegen Homo-Rechte
English Oct 19, 2008
Abortion Bill goes against wishes of people
Cardinal Sean Brady has voiced strong opposition to moves by some British MPs to impose abortion legislation on Northern Ireland, contrary to the democratic wishes of both Catholics and Protestants.
English Sept 05, 2008
Cardinal criticises EU attitude to Christian way of life
Growing unease among Christians at the direction in which the EU is headed may have been a factor in the recent rejection of the Lisbon Treaty by Irish voters, the Catholic primate, Cardinal Seán Brady, has said.
English Jul 25, 2008
Cardinal's Irish cheer
Cardinal Sean Brady returned to Ireland this week with a bagful of wonderful memories, capped by the warmth of the large Irish community in Penrith.
French May 15, 2008
Jérusalem: un cardinal irlandais interdit de Mur des lamentations à cause de sa croix
Le cardinal Sean Brady, archevêque d'Armagh en Irlande, s'est vu interdire jeudi de l'Ascension l'accès au Mur des lamentations à Jérusalem parce qu'il portait une croix pectorale. Malgré la permission de la sécurité israélienne, un colon juif a lancé des menaces.
English Apr 18, 2008
Secular Europe prompts Christian skepticism
Cardinal Sean Brady of Armagh, Ireland, has called upon European leaders to recognize the concerns of Christian moralists, saying that hostility to the faith is threatening European unity.
English Apr 17, 2008
EU should respect Church's teaching
Cardinal Sean Brady has called for “a Europe of values” in which the European Union respects the Church’s teaching on marriage and euthanasia.
Italian Apr 05, 2008
Il cardinale Sean Brady elogia il primo ministro in via di dimettersi
Il cardinale Sean Brady, arcivescovo di di Armagh, ha voluto elogiare il primo ministro irlandese, Bertie Ahern, che ieri ha preannunciato la sua volontà di dimettersi il 6 di maggio.
English Apr 01, 2008
Confession is now the 'forgotten sacrament'
Preaching at Knock Shrine in County Mayo yesterday, the Primate of All-Ireland also linked the decline in confession to a wider spiritual crisis in values in an increasingly violent and celebrity-obsessed society.
English Mar 31, 2008
Cardinal points to spiritual crisis in violent society
Cardinal Sean Brady has said there is an increasingly aggressive attitude in society leading to a more frequent resort to violence.
English Mar 15, 2008
Cardinal Brady calls on Catholics to go to confession during holy week
Cardinal Sean Brady has delivered his St Patrick's Day sermon at St Patrick's Cathedral in Armagh.
English Nov 27, 2007
Old enemies unite to honour Ireland's new Cardinal
Important relationships formed between political leaders in Britain, Dublin and Northern Ireland since the cessation of violence, were further strengthened in Rome during a weekend of celebrations to mark the elevation of Archbishop Seán Brady of Armagh to the Sacred College of Cardinals, on the 24 and 25 November.
English Nov 25, 2007
Brady: Red Hat's For the Bunch
The Ring Mass -- or Day Two of what one denizen dubbed "Guido Marini Presents: Restoration" -- has wrapped, and the Pope is now lunching with all the cardinals present for the weekend.
English Nov 01, 2007
Elect Brady takes strength from his Cavan roots
Family and local parish community are sources of strength and inspiration to the new Cardinal elect, Archbishop Sean Brady, Primate of All Ireland, who sees the achievement of a renewal of faith as the big challenge facing the Church  and the Irish people in this the opening decade of the 21st century.
English Oct 21, 2007
'Red hat' for new cardinal could mean red faces for Government
The 'red hat' for cardinal-elect Sean Brady could lead to a diplomatic incident for the Irish Government.
English Oct 18, 2007
Archbishop Brady appointed as third cardinal in Ireland
The idea that Catholicism was merely a "collection of prohibitions" must be corrected, the Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All-Ireland, Dr Seán Brady said yesterday after the Vatican announced he is to be made a cardinal next month.
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