John Patrick Cardinal Foley † John Patrick Cardinal Foley †
Grand Master of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem
Nov 11, 1935
Nov 24, 2007
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English Feb 18, 2012
John Foley dies at 76; cardinal explained Catholic teachings
Cardinal John P. Foley was the Vatican's longtime spokesman on Roman Catholic social teachings and later led a knighthood that supports Holy Land sites. He died Dec. 11 at age 76.
Spanish Jan 25, 2012
A un mes de fallecido, Mons. Celli recuerda a Cardenal Foley como "hombre de la comunicación"
English Jan 06, 2012
Cardinal honored by St. Charles Seminary
English Jan 06, 2012
Cardinal Foley remembered all over the world
English Dec 12, 2011
Cardinal John P. Foley, host of Christmas Mass, dies at 76
Cardinal John P. Foley, a jovial, popular priest of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia who rose from working-class roots to become a "prince of the church" and the Vatican's longtime spokesman on Catholic social teachings, died Sunday. He was 76.
Italian Jul 10, 2011
Usa: il cardinale Foley insignito di un premio alla carriera. Assegnato il “Frannie Award 2011”
English May 10, 2011
Cardinal Foley to aid in beatification of John Paul II
English Apr 02, 2011
Cardinal John Foley returns to Philadelphia for retirement
French Apr 02, 2011
Benoît XVI accepte la démission du cardinal Foley
Il était Grand Maître de l’Ordre des Chevaliers du Saint Sépulcre
English Mar 13, 2011
US cardinal keeps watchful eye on situation unfolding in Middle East
Italian Oct 14, 2010
Intervento a Cleveland del cardinale Foley alla riunione generale dell'Ordine del Santo Sepolcro negli Stati Uniti
German Oct 09, 2010
Kardinal Foley bittet um Gebet für Nahost-Gespräche
Vom Frieden würden besonders die Christen profitieren
English Dec 11, 2009
Christian exodus from Holy Land hurts entire region, cardinal says
English Nov 02, 2009
Cardinal says Israel's security barrier raises human rights concerns
Spanish Sept 13, 2009
Las confesiones del cardenal John P. Foley
El purpurado comparte recuerdos de su vocación
Italian Sept 13, 2009
Le confessioni del Cardinale John P. Foley
Il porporato condivide i ricordi legati alla sua vocazione
Spanish Jul 25, 2009
El cardenal Foley recomienda viajar a Tierra Santa
Italian Dec 16, 2008
Una riflessione su etica e media del cardinale Foley e di mons. Celli al seminario dell'Ucip
Italian Dec 05, 2008
Si apre la Consulta quinquennale dell'Ordine del Santo Sepolcro di Gerusalemme
Inaugurata dal Cardinale Foley, Gran Maestro dell'Ordine
English Aug 06, 2008
Cardinal Foley entertains Knight’s dinner, asks for lifting of excommunication
The “States Dinner” that the Knights of Columbus hold at their annual convention is always a colorful affair as representatives from the different states and provinces express their state pride, but this year’s dinner was graced with the quick-witted humor and insights of Cardinal John Foley.
Italian Jul 10, 2008
Cardinale Foley: l'aiuto ai cristiani in Terra Santa, un aiuto alla pace
Dichiarazioni del Gran Maestro dell'Ordine Equestre del Santo Sepolcro.
English Jun 17, 2008
Cardinal Foley calls friend Russert 'one of the greatest journalists'
U.S. Cardinal John P. Foley had lunch in Rome with Tim Russert and his family June 11, renewing ties of friendship that went back 24 years.
Italian Apr 11, 2008
«La pedofilia è colpa della Chiesa e non dei media»
La Chiesa deve offrire il massimo e quando questo non accade non può essere colpa dei mezzi di comunicazione che danno ampio risalto all'evento negativo.
Italian Apr 11, 2008
I cattolici nei media: aperti, onesti, prudenti
Gli strumenti della comunicazione non riflettono soltanto la cultura di una società ma contribuiscono direttamente a determinarla. Partendo da questa constatazione il cardinale John Patrick Foley - gran maestro dell'Ordine equestre del Santo Sepolcro di Gerusalemme e per lunghi anni presidente del Pontificio Consiglio delle Comunicazioni Sociali - offre un'analisi della realtà dei media statunitensi e indica l'esigenza di una nuova attenzione da parte della Chiesa al mondo dell'informazione nella società globalizzata.
English Feb 04, 2008
Cardinal offers insight on church, media
The Vatican’s former head of communications preached the “good news” of media relations Friday night.
English Jan 30, 2008
Cardinal Foley Returns to Hawk Hill
Foley, '57, celebrates "Thanksgiving Mass" on campus.
English Jan 22, 2008
Cardinal Foley calls trip to Holy Land inspiring, informative
U.S. Cardinal John P. Foley said his first trip to the Holy Land as grand master of the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher was "both inspiring and informative."
French Jan 15, 2008
Terre Sainte : Entrée solennelle du cardinal Foley au Saint-Sépulcre
Une cérémonie sous le signe de l’œcuménisme.
English Dec 13, 2007
Cardinal comes home to roost
The word gospel comes from the old English for "good news," and when it's the story of a Delaware County boy who goes to Rome, becomes a cardinal and gets a victory lap on the Main Line, you can book it.
English Dec 13, 2007
One On One With John Cardinal Foley
Philadelphia's newest prince of the Roman Catholic Church -- John Cardinal Foley -- is home for the first time since his elevation at the Vatican Thanksgiving weekend.
English Nov 27, 2007
For Americans, becoming cardinal was 'on the edge' of happiest day
Kneeling before Pope Benedict XVI and becoming a cardinal was "on the edge" of being the happiest day in the lives of the two new U.S. cardinals.
English Nov 25, 2007
The Land of the Free... and the Home of the Red
With today's elevation of Cardinals John Foley and Daniel DiNardo, the all-time number of US prelates added to the Roman clergy now stands at 46 since John McCloskey of New York received the red hat in 1875.
English Nov 25, 2007
The red hat goes to the pastor
Baseball manager Leo Durocher may not have meant the phrase "nice guys finish last" in quite the sense it's usually understood, but it nonetheless captures the reality that cut-throat tactics are often a more direct route to advancement than humility and kindness.
English Nov 18, 2007
Darby’s Foley set to become cardinal
Around the Vatican, where cardinals and bishops and even monsignors are known to assume patrician airs, Archbishop John Foley stays down to earth.
English Oct 18, 2007
Amid the crowd in St. Peter's Square, new cardinal hears his name
U.S. Cardinal-designate John P. Foley, a Philadelphia native, was standing in the middle of St. Peter's Square among a sea of 30,000 pilgrims when Pope Benedict XVI named him a cardinal.
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