Paul Cardinal Shan Kuo-hsi, S.J. † Paul Cardinal Shan Kuo-hsi, S.J. †
Bishop of Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Cardinal Priest of S Crisogono
Dec 03, 1923
Feb 21, 1998
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Spanish Sept 16, 2012
Fallece el cardenal Paul Shan, gran figura del catolicismo chino
El cardenal jesuita Paul Shan fue relator general de la Asamblea especial para Asia del Sínodo de los Obispos que tuvo lugar en Roma en 1998. A él se debe el deseo de invitar a dos Obispos de China al Sínodo, a los que el gobierno chino no concedió el permiso para que participaran; durante el Sínodo hubo dos sillas vacías que les recordaban. Fue siempre una figura prestigiosa de la Comisión Vaticana para la Iglesia en China.
English Sept 16, 2012
Cardinal Shan of Taiwan dies at 88; pope praises his service to church
Italian Sept 16, 2012
ASIA/TAIWAN - Il Card. Paul Shan “appartiene per sempre a Cristo”: i funerali il 1° settembre
Italian Aug 22, 2012
Muore a 89 anni cardinale Paul Shan Kuo-Hsi di Taiwan
E' morto questa mattina il card. Paul Shan Kuo-Hsi, vescovo emerito di Kaohsiung, a Taiwan. Aveva 89 anni. Ne ha dato notizia l'Osservatore Romano.
English Aug 22, 2012
Cardinal Paul Shan dies at age 88
Catholic Cardinal Paul Shan, who was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2006, died of multiple organ failure Wednesday evening at the age of 88, Cardinal Tien Hospital in New Taipei said.
Italian Jan 06, 2012
Taiwan: la prima pietra di un nuovo ospedale cattolico per i poveri e gli operai
English Jun 25, 2011
Cardinal Paul Shan’s planned landmark China trip postponed
English Mar 13, 2011
Taiwan cardinal eyes China-Vatican dialogue
English Mar 06, 2011
Taiwan cardinal set for historic China trip
Italian Dec 19, 2009
L'ultimo regalo di Natale del card. Shan ai bambini di Taiwan
Volume autobiografico del vescovo emerito di Kaohsiung, malato di cancro. Si intitola “Seminare per chi ama: storia di Shan Kuo-hsi”. Il ricavato della vendita verrà destinato alla costruzione di un orfanotrofio dedicato alla cura dei bambini delle popolazioni indigene delle contee di Kaohsiung e Pingtung
Spanish Sept 20, 2009
El cardenal Shan recibe el premio presidencial por la paz de Taiwán
English Sept 13, 2009
Dalai Lama Meets With Taiwan’s Catholic Cardinal Shan
English Sept 03, 2009
Taiwan cardinal, Dalai Lama in wide range discussions
The Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, met with Cardinal Paul Shan Kuo-hsi, retired bishop of Kaohsiung, during a visit to Taiwan, urging political and social leaders to carry out their activities with honesty, sincerity and transparency.
French Apr 29, 2008
Emouvant témoignage de foi du Card. Paul Shan
Cité du Vatican, le 29 avril 2008  - E.S.M. - Emouvant témoignage de foi du Card. Paul Shan à travers le « Dialogue qui ne se couche jamais- voyage d’adieu à la vie (terrestre) ».
English Apr 25, 2008
Cardinal Shan Says His Illness Reveals New Horizons For Evangelization
Cardinal Paul Shan Kuo-hsi, suffering from lung cancer since mid-2006, says the "blessing" of his illness has opened many doors and enabled him to explain the Catholic faith to non-Christians "much more than I did in 60 years as a Jesuit."
English Dec 21, 2007
Cardinal's lecture tour shares insights on life and beliefs
In November, Cardinal Shan Kuo-hsi, of the Roman Catholic Church embarked on a lecture tour around Taiwan titled "Farewell to Life."
English Dec 07, 2007
Cancer Is My "Angel," Says Cardinal
Taiwanese Prelate Spreads Message of Courage.
Spanish Sept 12, 2006
Cardenal dispuesto a mediar en impasse entre partidos políticos
El cardenal Paul Shan Kuo-hsi expresó, el jueves 24, su buena disposición de actuar como mediador entre los líderes de los diferentes partidos políticos para que logren sostener un diálogo tendiente a promover la armonía social.
English Aug 27, 2006
Cardinal Shan diagnosed with lung cancer, asks for prayers
Jesuit Cardinal Paul Shan Kuo-hsi has been diagnosed with lung cancer following tests during a medical checkup.
English May 09, 2006
Taiwan cardinal to interreligious congress: Mutual respect can overcome tensions
Cardinal Paul Shan Kuo-hsi said unity and mutual respect among religions can resolve the political tensions in the world today.
French Mar 29, 2006
Le card. Shan décoré par le président de la République
Le cardinal Shan a reçu une décoration des mains du président de la République pour sa contribution à la promotion des relations entre l’Eglise et l’Etat, indique « Eglises d’Asie », l’agence des Missions étrangères de Paris (EDA 436,
Italian Feb 24, 2006
Il cardinale Shan insignito per contributo a buoni rapporti tra stato e Chiesa nel paese
Il cardinale Paul Shan Kuo-hsi, vescovo emerito di Kaohsiung ed ex presidente della Conferenza episcopale regionale cinese di Taiwan è stato insignito della Medaglia dell’Ordine della Stella Brillante in riconoscimento del suo contributo alla promozione dei rapporti tra Stato e Chiesa nell’isola.
English Sept 26, 2005
Card. Paul Shan Kuo-hsi (profile)
A commitment to inter-religious dialogue and to “peaceful coexistence” between the state and the Church characterize the work of Cardinal Paul Shan Kuo-hsi SJ, Bishop of Kaohsiung (Taiwan). The prelate was born on 3 December 1923 at Puyang, Hopeh, in China in the diocese of Taming. He was ordained to the priesthood on 18 March 1955 in Baguio in the Philippines. He took the four solemn vows in Thuduc in Viêt Nam on 2 February 1963.
French Aug 06, 2005
Le Cardinal Shan ordonne quatre prêtres et les invite à répondre avec générosité au mandat du Seigneur
Le Cardinal Paul Shan, Evêque de Kaohsiung a ordonné quatre prêtres, dont trois Taïwanais : un Jésuite, deux Dominicains, et un du Diocèse de Kaohsiung.
English Jul 15, 2005
Security of Faith and Hope to Humanity
I am very happy that we have a new Pope who is very similar in many aspects to his predecessor. It is an established fact that he was a great friend of John Paul II, his right-hand man, and so many of the great projects of the preceding Pontiff can be continued. By Cardinal Paul Shan Kuo-hsi, Bishop of Kaohsiung (Taiwan)
English May 31, 2005
Taiwan-Vatican Ties Remain Steadfast
Relations between the Republic of China and the Vatican remains steadfast, Cardinal Paul Suan said Friday.
French Apr 26, 2005
« Avec Benoît XVI, nous savons dans quelle direction ira l’Eglise »
« Le clergé et les fidèles chinois ont une grande foi et un grand respect pour le nouveau Pape. Ils sont heureux, et nourrissent une grande espérance, en continuant à prier de manière intense et fervente » déclare à l’Agence Fides le Cardinal Paul Shan Kuo-hsi, Evêque de Kaohsiung à Taïwan.
English Mar 10, 2005
The anti-secession bill does not serve peace, says Cardinal Shan
The bill that authorises use of force shows that the military is getting stronger in Beijing, says the prelate. Christians on both sides of the strait must work closely for reconciliation.
French Feb 19, 2005
Message du Cardinal Paul Shan pour le Nouvel An chinois
Le Cardinal Paul Shan, Président de la Conférence Episcopale Régionale de Taïwan, a publié un message de vœux à l’occasion du Nouvel An chinois, le 9 février.
German Nov 30, 2004
"Unsere Mission als Brücke der Kirche zu China"
Vom 21. bis 31. Januar 2002 hielten sich die Bischöfe aus Taiwan zum alle fünf Jahre stattfindenden Ad limina-Besuch in Rom auf. Fides sprach mit dem Bischof von Kaohsiung, Kardinal Paul Shan Kuohsi.
German Nov 30, 2004
Die Zeit ist reif für eine Vereinigung der beiden katholischen Kirchen in der Volksrepublik China.
In der katholischen Monatszeitschrift “30 Giorni” äußerte er sich zu einer möglichen Aussöhnung zwischen der staatlich anerkannten “patriotischen” Kirche und der romtreuen Untergrundkirche.
German Nov 30, 2004
Taiwan und China
Die Kirche Taiwans verlangt, dass das Wohlergehen der dortigen Katholiken nicht einem Dialog zwischen dem Heiligen Stuhl und China geopfert werde.
English Nov 30, 2004
Interview with Bishop of Kaohsiung
Cardinal Paul Shan Kuo-hsi, bishop of Kaohsiung, is delighted about the canonization this Sunday of 120 martyrs of China.
English Nov 30, 2004
“Lunar New Year in China Will Be Dedicated to Evangelisation”
“Parishes have been asked to draft a plan to evangelise the surrounding area and form mission teams composed of catechumens and baptised persons.”
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