James Aloysius Cardinal Hickey † James Aloysius Cardinal Hickey †
Archbishop Emeritus of Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Cardinal Priest of S Maria Madre del Redentore a Tor Bella Monaca
Oct 11, 1920
Jun 28, 1988
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English Oct 24, 2004
Letter to the Congregation for the Institutes of Consecrated Life and Apostolic Societies
Concerning a conference on homosexual religious and clergy at which Sister Jeannine Gramick has participated.
English Oct 24, 2004
Faithful Citizenship
There is one issue that rises above the others. When you vote on November 7, I hope and pray that you will not forget the most disenfranchised citizens in this land - the unborn.
English Oct 24, 2004
Recovery of the Sacred
The archbishop of Washington, D.C., was scheduled to be keynote speaker at a Sept. 22-24 1989 conference of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars in Atlanta on the theme: “Recovery of the Sacred: Catholic Faith, Worship and Practice.”
English Oct 24, 2004
Wake Service for the Bishop of Arlington
Officiated by Cardinal James A. Hickey of Washington, the solemn service displayed a diocese united in prayer for its departed bishop.
English Oct 24, 2004
From the Daily Catholic August 27-29, 1999
English Oct 24, 2004
Confidential Document Reserved to the Members of the Mother of God Community
James Cardinal Hickey Address to Mother of God Community September 23, 1995.
English Oct 24, 2004
Letter to the President of the USA, Bill Clinton (March 21, 1994)
Concerning recent remarks of the Surgeon General, Joycelyn Elders, advocating homosexual behavior and the expressing support for adoption by so-called homosexual couples.
English Oct 24, 2004
Nothing Has Devastated our Culture More than Abortion
English Oct 24, 2004
Defending Pius XII Against Slander
Jewish leaders and ordinary citizens publicly thanked Pope Pius XII for his role in saving Jewish lives during World War II. I know this first-hand. I was a young priest studying in Rome shortly after the War when a large number of Jews met with Pope Pius XII to express their gratitude.
English Oct 24, 2004
Cardinal Hickey Urges Parishioners to Actively Oppose Capital Punishment Proposals in the District
The following letter from Cardinal James A. Hickey, Archbishop of Washington, opposing recent proposals to legalize the death penalty in the District of Columbia was read to parishioners in all 41 Catholic Churches at Masses, Sunday, September 14, 1997.
English Oct 24, 2004
Cardinal Calls On Georgetown To Display Crucifixes
English Oct 24, 2004
The Tabernacle on the High Altar
English Oct 24, 2004
Response to Cardinal Bernardin’s "Catholic Common Ground Project"
English Oct 24, 2004
Cardinal James A. Hickey, Former Archbishop of Washington, Dies at Age 84
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