Edward Bede Cardinal Clancy † Edward Bede Cardinal Clancy †
Archbishop Emeritus of Sydney, Australia
Cardinal Priest of S. Maria in Vallicella
Dec 13, 1923
Jun 28, 1988
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English Aug 04, 2014
Spire-building cardinal Edward Clancy dies, 65 years a priest
THE man who completed Sydney’s St Mary’s Cathedral by having its spires built and erected in 2000, Cardinal Edward Clancy AC, died yesterday aged 90 after 65 years’ service as a Catholic priest.
Italian Aug 04, 2014
Vaticano: morto il card. Clancy, emerito di Sydney
Edward Bede Clancy

Edward Bede Clancy
Il porporato si è spento all’età di 90 anni. E’ stato alla guida dell'Arcidiocesi di Sydney fino al marzo 2001.
English Aug 03, 2014
Edward Clancy, former Catholic archbishop of Sydney, dies aged 90
Cardinal presided over the city’s church for nearly 20 years until 2001 when he was succeeded by George Pell.
Spanish Jul 19, 2008
Benedicto XVI visita al retirado Cardenal Clancy en su ruta a la Vigilia
Antes de asistir a la vigilia eucarística con los jóvenes, el Papa Benedicto XVI ha visitado al Cardenal Bede Clancy, Arzobispo Emérito de Sydney.
English Apr 05, 2005
Cardinal Clancy Seeks Ad Ban
Australian Catholic Bishops Conference President Cardinal Edward Clancy, has sought the withdrawal of a controversial TV commercial featuring a priest in a confessional.
English Apr 05, 2005
Homily at Requiem Mass for Pope John Paul II
Little did either of us know then that within a few months he would be elected Pope, Tuesday 5 April 2005.
English Feb 19, 2005
Some Thoughts on Church Dialogue
„I have been labouring the down-side of dialogue in and by the Church. I would not wish to deny, however, that a great deal of good dialogue has taken place at a variety of levels, and that much has been achieved.“ By Edward Cardinal Clancy.
English Feb 19, 2005
Christmas Peace Among Ethnic Groups
Cardinal Edward Clancy of Sydney appealed for harmony among Australia's many ethnic groups in maintaining a still fragile peace in the week before Christmas as a sign of the peace brought by Christ's birth.
English Feb 13, 2005
Interview with the outgoing archbishop of Sydney Edward Bede Cardinal Clancy
If you had one last things to say to the Church, what would you say? I think, I don't know how one could crystallise it, but a recommitment, a total recommitment to the faith. By that I mean there's a lot are committed to it, but selectively. I think we need a total commitment to the faith and to the authority of the Holy Father. I think that's really what I would wish for the Church.
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