Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala
Former archbishop of Kampala, Uganda
Cardinal Priest of S Ugo
Dec 15, 1926
Nov 26, 1994
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English Jul 11, 2016
Cardinal Wamala urges students to stay morally upright amidst dishonesty amongst Ugandans
The Archbishop emeritus of Kampala, Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala, has lashed out at dishonest Ugandans for what he called, taking the country down a wrong path.
English Sept 26, 2015
Cardinal Wamala urges Christians to reconcile and love
Cardinal Wamala urges Christians to reconcile and love
Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala poses for picture with priests after the Holy Mass to Mark 47th anniversary of Padre Pio Day.
English Jul 04, 2015
You were not created to use condoms
Archbishop of Kampala, Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala, called upon Christians to eschew immorality.
English May 29, 2015
Cardinal Wamala to new priests: smile while serving people
Thirty-four seminarians and priests have been awarded diplomas and degrees in various disciplines at St Mbaaga Major Seminary, Ggaba.
English Oct 01, 2014
Cardinal Wamala warns against abortion
His eminence Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala has warned Ugandans to stop carrying out abortions or forget about the kingdom of God and eternal life.
English Sept 13, 2013
Cardinal Wamala publishes family book
Unlike so many people who cannot trace their origin, Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala and his siblings have written and published a book about their family.
English Jan 18, 2010
Cardinal slams breakaway Catholic sect
English Jan 08, 2010
Cardinal slams breakaway Catholic sect
Italian Sept 05, 2008
Il cardinale Wamala invita i giovani a promuovere la pace
Promuovere la pace, la giustizia e la riconciliazione nei Paesi dell’Africa orientale: è l’invito lanciato ai giovani dall’arcivescovo emerito di Kampala, in Uganda, il cardinale Emmanuel Wamala.
English Mar 06, 2008
Cardinal Wamala Blames Genocide On Poverty
Threats of war and genocide will be less pronounced if citizens are not extremely poor, Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala has said.
English Jan 28, 2008
Wamala's 50 Years in the Cassock
He is a staunch supporter of moral living, defender of human rights and advocate of democratic leadership. The phrase 'the greatness of any leader is neither their affluence nor power; but their simplicity and love for humanity' best describes Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala, the former.
English Dec 24, 2007
Cardinal Wamala marks 50 years
Hundreds of Christians filled Rubaga Cathedral on Friday during celebrations to mark Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala’s Golden Jubilee in priesthood.
English Nov 16, 2007
Cardinal advises Govt, Mengo on land
The retired Archbishop of Kampala, Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala has advised the Government and Mengo to stop bickering and find a lasting and amicable solution to their differences in land matters.
English Sept 19, 2007
Cardinal Wamala Criticises Museveni On UPE Lunch Fees
Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala has criticised President Yoweri Museveni for stopping head teachers from demanding lunch fees from parents whose children study under the UPE programme.
English Sept 18, 2007
Cardinal calls for more writers
The retired Archbishop of Kampala Archdiocese, Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala, has called on Ugandans to write books so that people can remember them when they die.
English Sept 18, 2007
Cardinal Wamala calls for hard work
Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala has cautioned Ugandans to stop lamenting about poverty, saying would not help them solve the problem.
English Sept 05, 2007
Prayers Alone Cannot Work
Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala has urged Ugandans not to rely on prayers only but also work hard to fight poverty.
English Aug 07, 2007
Cardinal Mediates in Judges' Bribe Case
Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala is mediating an end to the fallout between Ms Winnie Byanyima and Mr Jack Sabiiti and the two judges they accused of taking a bribe of Shs300 million from State House.
English Dec 26, 2006
Whom Did the Cardinal Vote For?
Retired Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala last week came close to revealing his favourite political camp in the run up to last February general elections.
English Nov 26, 2006
Cardinal Wamala bids laity farewell
Kampala Diocese archbishop Cyprian Lwanga has lauded Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala for his outstanding service to the Catholic Church.
English Sept 12, 2006
Exit Cardinal Wamala, Enter Bishop Lwanga
Pope Benedict XVI has elevated Bishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga from Kasana Luwero Diocese to become the new Archbishop of Kampala. Although Uganda is now divided into four archdioceses, the archbishop of Kampala remains the most prominent prelate in the country. So at a youthful 53, Bishop Lwanga is now the nation's top Catholic.
English Aug 27, 2006
Well done Cardinal Wamala
On Saturday, it was announced that Pope Benedict XVI had appointed Bishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga of the Catholic Diocese of Kasana-Luwero as the new Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Kampala, replacing Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala.
English Aug 08, 2006
Cardinal wants research on child sacrifices
The Cardinal of Uganda, his eminence Emmanuel Wamala has called for increased efforts to fight child sacrifices, which are reported to be on the increase.
English Jun 18, 2006
Priests’ families irk Cardinal
The Archbishop of Kampala Archdiocese, Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala has criticised people whom he said invade church parishes demanding property of priests who die.
English May 09, 2006
Cardinal Condemns Election Malpractice
Archbishop Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala felt pain over the election malpractice and violence in the recent national elections, he told a congregation yesterday.
English Apr 24, 2006
Uganda: Who Will Be the Next Cardinal?
The leader of the Catholic Church in Uganda, Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala, is now 79 years old. Officially, he was supposed to retire at the age of 75, however Pope John Paul II, died before consenting to his request to retire. Now the onus is on the new Pope, Benedict XVI, and with every passing day Catholics in Uganda wait anxiously for the name of the lucky cleric who will take the mantle of Catholic leadership in Uganda.
English Apr 21, 2006
Cardinal speaks of Catholicism's future in Uganda
Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala, archbishop of Kampala, Uganda, was on campus Monday afternoon to address the significant blessings and challenges facing the Catholic Church in Uganda.
English Apr 03, 2006
A chat with a cardinal
Though he was ruthless and did a lot of harm to his people, Ugandans must forgive their late president, Idi Amin. In this way, said Ugandan Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala, the nation would live out a Christian grace and also create greater scope for national development.
English Apr 03, 2006
Ugandan cardinal shares vision of world community
With outreached hands and heart, Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala of Uganda is using his first Milwaukee visit to nurture a vision of a world community and to extend his thanks for several strong ties that already exist between Roman Catholics here and in his East African nation.
English Mar 12, 2006
Cardinal Wamala hails FDC’s Kimera
The Ugandan Cardinal, Emmanuel Wamala has commended the late Prince Vincent Basajjabalaba Kimera for exploiting his talents despite being disabled.
English Feb 24, 2006
Cardinal Wamala Calls for Peaceful Elections
The Catholic Archbishop of Kampala has called on the government to maintain peace as voters go to national elections on Thursday.
English Jan 30, 2006
Cardinal pleads for the elderly
Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala, the archbishop of Kampala, has called upon the government to consider the plight of vulnerable people in the country.
English Jan 16, 2006
Cardinal warns on telling lies
Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala has advised Ugandans to desist from telling lies and killing each other like animals.
English Jan 16, 2006
Cardinal meets Museveni
Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala on Friday met president Yoweri museveni at his country home in Rwakitura and presented to him the November 2005 Pastoral letter on the transition period.
English Jan 07, 2006
Cardinal hosts kids
Emmanuel cardinal Wamala has appealed to children to stick to God in the coming year.
English Dec 26, 2005
Cardinal warns on violence
Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala has warned against violence and the use of militant groups like the Kalangala Action Plan (KAP) and youth brigades during elections.
English Nov 18, 2005
FDC Claim Cardinal's Support
The Forum for Democratic Change has claimed that Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala has thrown his weight behind their cause of bringing about change in Uganda's leadership.
English May 06, 2005
Listen to Donors, Advises Cardinal
Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala has appealed to the government to address the concerns of donors that have forced Britain to withhold five million pounds (about sh16.5b).
English Apr 14, 2005
WAMALA Emmanuel
English Jan 07, 2005
Cardinal Declines to Retire in Britain
Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala has turned down an offer to retire in England.
English Nov 11, 2004
Wamala Clocks 10 Years As Cardinal
Today, October 31, is Kampala Archdiocese Day and all roads lead to Rubaga Cathedral for the celebrations. This year, the day also marks 10 years since it was first announced in Uganda that Archbishop Emmanuel Wamala had been nominated to the college of cardinals of the holy Roman Catholic Church.
English Sept 10, 2004
Cardinal Wamala Held Captive for 21 Hours in 1992
English Sept 09, 2004
Locking Churches
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