Miloslav Cardinal Vlk † Miloslav Cardinal Vlk †
Former Archbishop of Praha, Czechia
Cardinal Priest of S Croce in Gerusalemme
May 17, 1932
Nov 26, 1994
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English The new European Charter is influenced by the ideas of the French revolution
Nov 29, 2004
“Even though nowadays many European politicians do not want to have much to do with Christendom, Europe is Christian by its historical roots,”[italic] said Miloslav Cardinal Vlk, archbishop of Prague, during a recent visit to the HQ's of the Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN).

(ACN NEWS 10/11/2003) The new European Charter which avoids mentioning these roots is, according to the Czech Cardinal, “influenced by the ideas of the French revolution. But remember, the founder fathers of the European Union (EU) were Christians, too,” he explained.

With a view to the future new member states of the EU, Cardinal Vlk expressed his hope that
“Christians in those countries will bring a new, Christian lifestyle” into the EU.

Asked about the situation of the Church in his own country, the Cardinal described it as
“not good, since the pending question of restitution of Church property has not yet been cleared.” He went on to explain that a restitution law approved in 1991 had never been implemented and that “the current social democrat government – in power since 1998 – is not interested in restitution, but rather in controlling” the Church.

“There are strong pressure groups against the Church namely among politicians and lawyers,” he added. According to the Cardinal, such pressure groups are also behind the non-ratification in parliament of an agreement between the Czech Republic and the Holy See which had already been signed by the government.

In the Czech Republic as well as in the secularised Europe,
“new evangelisation is necessary and laity must commit themselves to this task,”[italic] the Cardinal stated.

As projects of priority in his archdiocese, Cardinal Vlk listed a teachers’ seminary near Prague, a journalists’ school and the construction of churches and pastoral centres in the suburbs surrounding the capital. In 2002, ACN supported pastoral projects in the Czech Republic with more than $2 million.
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