Miloslav Cardinal Vlk † Miloslav Cardinal Vlk †
Former Archbishop of Praha, Czechia
Cardinal Priest of S Croce in Gerusalemme
May 17, 1932
Nov 26, 1994
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English PM Topolanek, Cardinal Vlk want to settle state-church problems
Dec 21, 2006
Prague- Prime Minister-designate Mirek Topolanek and Cardinal Miloslav Vlk told journalists after their meeting today that they would settle long-lasting problems between the state and the Czech Catholic Church together in the future.

(, 21.12. 2006) "By our meeting we want to show that we have the will to communicate and settle problems," Topolanek said.

Catholic primate Vlk said after the meeting that he felt the political will to solve the problems.

"It is the beginning of a dialogue and a sign that there is the will to solve the problems that still exist between the church and the state," Vlk said.

Former Social Democrat (CSSD) culture minister Vitezslav Jandak who was also in charge of church issues set the improvement of relations with churches as one of its priority goals when he took office. However, representatives of Jiri Paroubek's (CSSD) government said at the end of their election term that they were unable to fulfil this goal in the current situation.

The Czech Republic is one of the few European countries that has not yet signed an agreement with the Vatican. President Vaclav Klaus voiced his open disagreement with the text of the document in the past.

Three years ago Vlk met with Klaus before Christmas but he has not met Vlk since then.

"The prime minister is a man who should discuss the questions of the church-state relations with us, while the president also has his representational function. Maybe this is the reason why we do not meet," Vlk told CTK today.
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