Telesphore Placidus Cardinal Toppo Telesphore Placidus Cardinal Toppo
Archbishop of Ranchi, India
Cardinal Priest of Sacred Heart of Jesus in Agony at Vitinia
Oct 15, 1939
Oct 21, 2003
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Spanish Jun 15, 2015
Amenazan de muerte al cardenal Toppo, arzobispo de Ranchi en la India
A través de AsiaNews, el cardenal Telesphore Toppo, arzobispo de Ranchi (India) recibió una amenaza en una carta intimidatoria el 8 de junio pasado y expuso la denuncia en la policía local, que reforzó las medidas de seguridad. «No tengo miedo. La policía se está ocupando del caso y nosotros continuaremos sirviendo de modo desinteresado e intenso a la población, sobre todo a los pobres, marginados, tribales y a los dalit».
English Jun 15, 2015
Indian Authorities Probe Death Threat Against Cardinal
“The police do not have the capacity to arrest our men. If you do not pay, you will be killed.”
Spanish May 08, 2015
El fundamentalismo hindú está “atacando las iglesias”, advierte el cardenal Toppo
Dice que los cristianos deben responder a la persecución como lo hizo Jesús: “Él ha perdonado”.
Spanish Apr 02, 2011
El cardenal Telesphoro Toppo habla de la posibilidad de la próxima canonización de la beata Madre Teresa de Calcuta en India y con la presencia del Papa
El cardenal Toppo ha recordado la especial sensibilidad que el Papa Ratzinger ha mostrado siempre hacia la cultura y la historia de la India.
German Feb 01, 2011
Indien: Kardinal Toppo mahnt zur Achtung der Religionsfreiheit
"Indien kann nicht zu einer wirklichen Demokratie werden, wenn diesen Rechten nicht landesweit Anerkennung verschafft wird"
Spanish Dec 11, 2009
Cardenal pone a San Francisco Javier como modelo para evangelizar India
German Dec 11, 2009
ASIEN/INDIEN - „Der heilige Franz Xaver, ein Vorbild für die Evangelisierung im heutigen Indien“: Kardinal Telesphore Toppo im Gespräch mit dem Fidesdienst
English Oct 23, 2009
Cardinal Toppo: Tribals, saved by Christ and opposed by Hindu extremists
Indian missionary to Congress, being held in Muambai, archbishop of Ranchi, speaks of the importance of the Christian mission among the tribal peoples and their liberation from slavery. Evangelization is not so much "doing something" rather a way of "being.
German Jun 22, 2009
Kardinal Toppo: Gandhi wollte mehr für Indien
Fundamentalisten wollen Christentum „ausmerzen“.
French Jan 18, 2009
Inde : vols dans les églises, appel du card. Toppo
Deux prêtres et un séminariste victimes de violences
English Sept 26, 2008
INDIA  Cardinal's Effigy Burned Over Faulty Protestant Bible Translation
A group of tribal people have burned effigies of Cardinal Telesphore Toppo of Ranchi in eastern India, holding him responsible for a Protestant Bible they say insults their indigenous tribal religion.
Italian May 08, 2008
Il Cardinale Toppo favorevole a un nuovo dogma mariano
Sarebbe importante per il dialogo, afferma.
English May 06, 2008
Cardinal Toppo on a Proposed Marian Dogma
A Look at What It Could Mean for Dialogue.
English Dec 06, 2007
Burning photos of me, a manipulated incident, says Cardinal Toppo
The archbishop of Ranchi rejects accusations of racism against the people of Assam made by a group of Hindu nationalists who burnt photos of him in public. The incident “was manipulated” and “should not be seen as a widespread anti-Christian attitude.”
English Aug 15, 2007
Don’t be blinded by nation’s wealth, reach out to poor
While experiencing great economic, social and political achievements, India has a long way to go to meet the promise to “percolate down” prosperity to the millions living on the peripheries of society, said a cardinal of the Asian nation.
English Aug 08, 2007
Archdiocese Helps Villagers Benefit From Government Scheme For The Poor
Ranchi archdiocese in eastern India is helping illiterate villagers tap a federal government scheme to aid the rural poor.
English Aug 06, 2007
Court Grants Bail to Nuns Accused of Forced Conversion in India
Two nuns who were arrested in the eastern Indian state of Orissa and charged with ill-treating two female students at a residential school run by the Catholic Church were granted bail by a local court this past week.
English Jul 25, 2007
Church Leaders Congratulate India's First Woman President
Indian Church leaders have hailed the election of the country's first woman president as a sign of India's strong democratic roots.
English Jul 23, 2007
The Indian Catholic Church salutes newly elected President Patil
Pratibha Patil is India’s first woman president. Cardinal Toppo, president of the Indian Bishop’s Conference, greets the news reflecting on its importance. As governor of Rajasthan she had rejected the anti-conversion law, demonstrating her secular convictions and respect for Human Rights.
English Jul 16, 2007
Denial of church burial of alleged criminals ignites controversy
A parish's refusal to bury two alleged criminals who were born Catholics has stirred up controversy in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand.
English Jul 09, 2007
Pope Wants To Bring About Unity In Church With Motu Proprio
Cardinal Telesphore Toppo of Ranchi sees Pope Benedict XVI's decree authorizing wide use of the Latin-language liturgy in use before the Second Vatican Council as inspired by God's desire for unity in the Church.
English Apr 24, 2007
Subordination of women not of God, cardinal says, stressing role in family
God did not create and does not subscribe to the subordination of women, said an Indian cardinal, stressing the role of women in building a strong family life.
English Apr 22, 2007
Cardinal Toppo meets PM, conveys church concerns
Cardinal Telesphore Toppo, the president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India, met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Friday and requested a committee to study the socio-economic profile of the Christian community in India.
English Apr 21, 2007
Cardinal Airs Concerns With Indian Leader
Cardinal Telesphore Toppo summarized the major concerns of India's Christian community in a meeting he had with the prime minister, Manmohan Singh.
English Apr 16, 2007
Cardinal listens to Soren talk
It was almost a confession to the Cardinal.
English Apr 12, 2007
Cardinal Telesphore Toppo stresses on unity of tribals
Cardinal telesphore P Toppo on Tuesday called for the tribal unity irrespective of religious affiliations in the State.
English Mar 23, 2007
Seeking God? Visit a Shrine
According to the president of Indian bishops' conference, shrines are visible signs of God's loving power.
English Feb 14, 2007
La Chiesa deve essere 'ad gentes'
Intervista al porporato indiano, di ritorno da un incontro in Terra Santa sul tema dell'evangelizzazione in Asia e Australia. Il cardinale invita a non lasciare che le leggi anti-conversione in India  soffochino lo spirito missionario, parte essenziale della Chiesa.
English Feb 12, 2007
Despite Problems, Church In India Is Vibrant
The Catholic Church in India has many problems. However, it is the fourth biggest conference in the Catholic world and it has the highest number of priests and religious in any one country, which is a clear sign of the vibrancy of the faith life of the Indian Catholic community”, declared President of CBCI, Cardinal Telesphore P. Toppo.
English Feb 02, 2007
Tribal front burns effigy of cardinal Toppo
A tribal group affiliated with Hindu radicals is burning effigies of Cardinal Telesphore Toppo of Ranchi and political leaders in Jharkhand state.
English Dec 28, 2006
Hindu forces demolish protestant Church under construction, Lambaste Cardinal Toppo
Hindu radicals demolished a Protestant church under construction in Jharkhand on Christmas Day and accused a Catholic prelate of dividing tribal people in the eastern Indian state.
English Dec 22, 2006
India’s new legislations promising
A top ranking Church official has said the recent developments in the country give reasons to hope for “a better tomorrow for the marginalized” people in India.
English Dec 06, 2006
Recapture spirit of St. Francis Xavier, cardinal says
English Nov 17, 2006
Cardinal Toppo Extols the Heart of Education
Indian Prelate Addresses UNESCO
English Sept 12, 2006
“Condemn violence and cling to hope of better future”
The cardinal, president of the Indian Bishops’ Conference, condemned yesterday’s attack against the Muslim community in India and urged people to keep hoping, and to look to Gandhi’s message as the key to the future of the country and all mankind.
English Sept 11, 2006
Seminary born of delegate's snide remark now backbone of Tribal Church
Cardinal Telesphore Toppo of Ranchi credits a snide remark that a Polish prelate made on India's tribal Church more than a century ago for the development of the local seminary.
English Jul 30, 2006
India’s Top Cardinal Speaks out Against New Anti-Conversion Law
The Catholic bishops of India are speaking out against a harsh new anti-conversion law adopted by the state of Madhya Pradesh in central India.
English Jul 27, 2006
Integrate Social Action Into Day-To-Day Ministry, Urges Cardinal Toppo
“For the Church, charity is not a kind of welfare activity which could well be left to others, but is a part of her nature, an indispensable expression of her very being. Therefore, Christians should integrate social action into their day-to-day ministry,” declared Ranchi Archbishop, Cardinal Telesphore Toppo.
Italian Jul 24, 2006
“La famiglia, scuola di fede al primo posto nella nostra agenda”
Il primo porporato tribale indiano, di ritorno dal 5° Incontro mondiale delle famiglie, invita i fedeli ad una maggiore condivisione del tempo in famiglia e spera in un più ricco contributo asiatico al prossimo raduno.
English Jun 24, 2006
Cardinal Toppo says Pope is right on discriminatory laws in India
President of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India (CBCI) Cardinal Telesphore P. Toppo on Sunday said that he agrees with Pope Benedict XVI that discriminatory laws are against the spirit of Indian Constitution.
English Jun 14, 2006
Cardinal slams Judeo
Church leaders today accused Chhattisgarh M.P. Dilip Singh Judeo of dividing tribals and Christians.
English May 29, 2006
Reservation should help everyone's progress: Cardinal Toppo
Catholic Bishops' Conference of India President Cardinal Telesphore P Toppo says the government should increase seats in institutions of higher learning so that quota meant for backward classes does not negatively affect other students.
English May 17, 2006
Murmu shields Cardinal
Adivasi Adhikar Morcha chief convener Salkhan Murmu today defended Cardinal Telesphore P. Toppo who has drawn the ire of various political leaders for releasing an adivasi manifesto two days ago.
English May 09, 2006
Cardinal in caste conflict
The conflict between tribals and Kurmis resurfaced today after the release of the Adivasi Manifesto, a 24-page booklet. This time, Cardinal Telesphore P. Toppo is at the centre of the controversy.
English May 07, 2006
Tribal manifesto in quota cry
Brushing aside lobbying by a section of tribal leaders, Cardinal Telesphore P. Toppo today went ahead in releasing the Adivasi (tribal) manifesto, a 24-page booklet drafted by a faction of the Adivasi Adhikar Morcha led by former MP Salkhan Murmu.
English May 07, 2006
Cardinal distances himself from 'tribal manifesto' row
Cardinal distances himself from 'tribal manifesto' row
Ranchi: Clarifying his stand, Cardinal Telesphore P Toppo has said that he supported only the "apolitical" part of the tribal manifesto of Adivasi Adhikar Morcha (AAM), released by him on May three.
German Apr 27, 2006
Anti-Bekehrungsgesetze in Indien: Kardinal Toppo sieht keine Gefahr für die kirchliche Missionstätigkeit
Ende März hat die Regierung von Rajasthan als sechster indischer Bundesstaat ein Anti-Bekehrungsgesetz erlassen: Der erzwungene Übertritt vom Hinduismus zu einer anderen Religion, etwa dem Christentum, wird damit unter Strafe gestellt.
Italian Apr 24, 2006
Rajasthan, sesto Stato indiano ad approvare una legge “anticonversione”
Questo “non fermerà la nostra opera”, afferma il Cardinal Toppo
English Apr 05, 2006
Media Personnel Should Be Passionate
Christian media personnel should be passionate and professional, says Cardinal Telesphore Toppo.
English Feb 22, 2006
Toppo to lead plan panel, again
Cardinal Telesphore P. Toppo today was re-elected president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI), by a record margin of 126 votes out of the 150 votes cast. He will hold office for two more years.
English Feb 16, 2006
Cardinal in India Extols Benefit of Catholic Education
The president of the bishops' conference of India says that the Church's contribution in the field of education has had a direct impact on the country.
English Feb 12, 2006
Church should educate marginalized: Cardinal Toppo
In his presidential address at 27th General Body Meeting of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India in Bangalore, CBCI President Cardinal Telesphore Toppo says imparting Catholic education to the marginalized in India should be the Church's common vocation and mission.
English Feb 02, 2006
Education Is for Nation-Building, Says Indian Cardinal
77% in Church-Related Schools Aren't Catholics
English Jan 16, 2006
Cardinal urges Catholics to promote education among poor
Cardinal Telesphore Toppo, president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India, has urged all Indian Catholics to work to promote education among the poor.
English Dec 26, 2005
CBCI Condemns burning of Cardinal's effigy
The Catholic Bishop's Conference of India today condemned the burning of effigy of Cardinal Telesphore Toppo, the Archbishop of Ranchi and said the malicious campaign against Christian Community has disturbed the communal harmony and social amity among all the tribals of Jharkhand.
English Dec 26, 2005
Church salvo on effigy burning
The highest decision-making body of the Roman Catholic Church in India has finally condemned Cardinal Telesphore Toppo’s effigy burning incident by the various radical groups in and around Ranchi.
Italian Dec 16, 2005
Nuovo Annuario della Chiesa indiana: prezioso testo a beneficio di tutte le comunità cattoliche e strumento di evangelizzazione
E’ un quadro riassuntivo della vita e delle attività della Chiesa in India e ne illustra la presenza viva e dinamica all’interno della società indiana: il nuovo Annuario Cattolico 2005 dell’India è stato presentato di recente a New Delhi dal Card. Telesphore Toppo, Arcivescovo di Ranchi e Presidente della Conferenza Episcopale dell’India.
Spanish Jun 25, 2005
"No generalicemos: India siempre es un ejemplo de tolerancia"
A pesar del reciente llamamiento de la Conferencia Episcopal de la India - que ha pedido al gobierno de la Unión un mayor compromiso en preservar las minorías religiosas - otro episodio conmocionó ayer, 21 de junio, a la Iglesia católica india.
English Jun 07, 2005
Cardinal in aid cry from group of 8
Cardinal Telesphore P. Toppo, leading a Vatican delegation to the European capitals, has appealed to G-8 leaders to help reduce debts of the Third World countries and aid debtridden ones to release more funds for education and health.
English May 06, 2005
Pope Benedict XVI is a Great Visionary
The election of the new Pope in a short span of time is a sign of unity of the Church in the whole world. As described by many, Pope Benedict XVI is an intellectual giant and yet a very humble and simple person. By Telesphore Cardinal P. Toppo.
Spanish May 05, 2005
El cardenal Toppo invita a Benedicto XVI a visitar la India
Benedicto XVI tiene interés especial en la India, en su cultura y en proseguir el diálogo interreligioso, reconoció el cardenal Telesphore Placidus Toppo, presidente de la Conferencia de los Obispos Católicos de la India (CBCI), en un encuentro con la prensa el viernes pasado.
English May 02, 2005
New pope admires India
New Pope Benedict XVI will be good for India as he "really admires the Indian ethos, culture and civilisation", a cardinal who has just returned from the Vatican after the papal election said Friday.
English Apr 19, 2005
Indian cardinal remote contender for 'Pope', but finds support at home
Cardinal Telesphone Toppo, Asia's first-ever tribal to become a prince of the Church, is unlikely to become the next successor of Pope. But, still he remains a serious contender for the post.
English Mar 02, 2005
No need for anti-conversion law
Jharkhand's Cardinal Telesphore P. Toppo Friday said there was no need for an anti-conversion law in India. Announcing a five-day bishops' meet on family values in Ranchi from March 4, the cardinal asked: "If people accept a religion according to their own conscience, how can it be justified as wrong?"
Spanish Feb 05, 2005
Oración interreligiosa en el santuario de Velankanni, arrasado por el «tsunami»
La dirigirá el presidente del episcopado donde murieron más de un millar de personas.
English Feb 02, 2005
We are all brothers and sisters and shouldn’t have to wait for tragedies
During his trip, the Cardinal made a stopover at Vailankanni shrine in Tamil Nadu where he presided over a multi-faith meeting. This gave him the opportunity to encourage mutual solidarity among the different communities of the area and to remind those who met that “we might have secondary differences but we are substantially one family”.
Italian Nov 02, 2004
“Gli attacchi del fondamentalismo indù non ci fanno paura.”
In una stagione in cui gli attacchi dei fondamentalisti contro i cristiani non sembrano diminuire, la Chiesa indiana continua a dare al sua testimonianza e guarda al futuro con fiducia. Lo ha detto in un colloquio con l’Agenzia Fides il Card. Telesphore Toppo, Presidente della Conferenza Episcopale Indiana.
English Sept 16, 2004
Vishwa Hindu Parishad Plans to Drag Cardinal to Court
The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) is contemplating to drag the newly appointed Cardinal, Telesphore P Toppo into a legal battle for accepting a “foreign honour”.
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