Jaime Lachica Cardinal Sin † Jaime Lachica Cardinal Sin †
Archbishop Emeritus of Manila, Philippines
Cardinal Priest of S Maria ai Monti
Aug 31, 1928
May 24, 1976
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English Jun 23, 2012
Cardinal Sodano downplays significance of conflicts within Vatican
Spanish Jun 23, 2012
Cardenal Angelo Sodano niega "divisiones" en el Vaticano
Sodano recordó que 2.843 personas trabajan en la Curia Romana y 2.001 en la administración del Vaticano
English Sept 26, 2007
Cardinal Sin back where he’s endlessly remembered
Finally, “Ame” is coming home.
English Sept 26, 2007
Cardinal Sin's Birthday
President Arroyo declares August 31 a non working holiday in Aklan.
English Sept 03, 2005
Erap, Sin reconciled before death of cardinal
Detained President Joseph Estrada and his erstwhile nemesis the late Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin had reconciled with each other two weeks before the cardinal's death in June 2005.
English Jul 04, 2005
Thousands bid farewell to Cardinal Sin
Thousands of Filipinos gathered at Manila Cathedral in Intramuros yesterday to bid farewell to the late Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin, the Roman Catholic leader who rallied the nation twice in the last two decades for mass pro-democracy protests that ousted two presidents.
English Jun 30, 2005
Big crowd at state honors, last rites for Cardinal Sin
About 20,000 people gathered at the Manila Cathedral in Intramuros, Manila yesterday morning to witness the state honors and funeral rites for the former Archbishop of Manila, Jaime Cardinal Sin.
French Jun 30, 2005
« Nous avons perdu un frère et un ami », disent les Evêques
Le flot des fidèles ne cesse de passer dans la cathédrale de Manille pour rendre un dernier hommage au Cardinal Jaime Sin, Archevêque émérite de Manille décédé le 21 juin dernier.
English Jun 30, 2005
Teacher of service and of love
Thousands of people joined the funeral rites for Archbishop Emeritus of Manila Jaime Cardinal Sin who was finally laid to rest yesterday at a crypt below the Manila Cathedral in Intramuros.
English Jun 30, 2005
Manila prepares for largest burial
As thousands of mourners are expected to troop to the Manila Cathedral tomorrow to bid farewell to the late Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin, Church officials said they are preparing for what they described as the grandest funeral in the history of the archdiocese.
English Jun 29, 2005
Sin funeral to mimic Pope's on smaller scale
The funeral rites for Manila Archbishop Emeritus Jaime Cardinal Sin would be like that for the late Pope John Paul II's, albeit on a smaller scale.
English Jun 29, 2005
Cardinal Sin, leader of 'People Power' movement, dies
A prime motivator of the "People Power" movement that led to the ouster of two presidents, Cardinal Jaime Sin of Manila died June 21 at the age of 76.
English Jun 29, 2005
Cardinal’s death leaves vacuum in Church, says bishop
The death of Jaime Cardinal Sin has left a vacuum in the Catholic Church and the man who will take his place has yet to be born, according to Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz.
Spanish Jun 25, 2005
Miles de filipinos dan último adiós al Cardenal Jaime Sin
La Catedral Metropolitana comienza a recibir a los miles de filipinos que llegan para dar su último adiós al querido Cardenal Jaime Sin, Arzobispo Emérito de Manila, fallecido hoy a los 76 años de edad.
English Jun 25, 2005
Cardinal Jaime Sin
Cardinal Jaime Lachica Sin, “divine commander-in-chief” of the Philippines is dead. The highly respected cardinal died early this morning (Filipino time) in Manila’s Cardinal Santos Medical Centre of renal failure, aged 76, after two days in intensive care.
English Jun 25, 2005
The life and times of Jaime Cardinal Sin
The times were dynamic and from accounts, the life of the late Jaime Cardinal Sin was no less so. His birth and that of his living siblings preceded by parental grief, and growing to adulthood and the priestly life during World War II, he was tested by fire and emerged sharp, stern and outspoken, but also full of humor -- and grace.
English Jun 25, 2005
Key facts about Jaime Cardinal Sin
Following are some key facts about Jaime Cardinal Sin, the driving force behind two Philippine "people power" revolts who died yesterday morning.
English Jun 25, 2005
Cardinal Sin’s funeral and state honors scheduled on June 28
Jaime Cardinal Sin will receive state honors during his funeral on Tuesday, June 28, in a fitting tribute to a man who devoted his life to helping the country steer through the stormiest of waters.
Spanish Jun 25, 2005
Católicos chinos: Card. Sin ha sido un gigante de la fe para toda Asia
La muerte del Arzobispo Emérito de Manila, Cardenal Jaime Sin, ha afectado también a los católicos chinos, quienes se han reunido para orar y celebrar Misas en sufragio de quien consideran “un gigante de la fe” para Asia.
English Jun 25, 2005
VIPs, plain folk mourn Cardinal Sin’s death
Mourners in the thousands yesterday paid their respects to the late Jaime Cardinal Sin, the moving force of the EDSA I and II people power uprisings.
Spanish Jun 25, 2005
Semana de luto en Filipinas por fallecimiento de Cardenal Sin
La Presidenta de Filipinas, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, declaró una semana de luto nacional por el fallecimiento del Arzobispo Emérito de Manila, Cardenal Jaime Sin, a quien definió en la víspera como “gran libertador del pueblo filipino y campeón de Dios”.
English Jun 22, 2005
Famous quotes from the irrepressible Cardinal Sin
Published on page A9 of the June 22, 2005 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.
English Jun 21, 2005
In near death, Sin still wanted to serve flock
While in the throes of certain death, former Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin still wanted to serve his flock by insisting on getting out of his sickbed to report to his office.
English Jun 20, 2005
Jaime Cardinal Sin’s 49-years of priesthood (8:30 a.m.)
Jaime Cardinal Sin was born on August 31, 1928 in New Washington, Aklan. He was the 14th of 16 children of Juan Sin, a Chinese merchant and Maxima Lachica, a Filipina.
English Jun 20, 2005
Jaime Cardinal Sin dies at 76
Former Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin, the Philippines' moral compass and a key figure in the "people power" revolts that ousted two presidents, died Tuesday. He was 76.
English Jun 20, 2005
Arroyo: Sin never fails to unite Filpinos
"History will mark this day with sadness when a great liberator of the Filipino people and a champion of God passed away," President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo said in a statement on the death of Jaime Cardinal Sin as read by Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye over a radio interview.
English May 02, 2005
Cardinal Sin gets Golden Palm award
Retired Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin, 76, received the prestigious Golden Palm of Jerusalem, the highest service award given by the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.
English Apr 16, 2005
Twilight of the Hierarch
On August 31 this year, another chapter in the history of the local Catholic Church will close, when Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin gives up the red hat that has been the symbol of his 29-year reign in the Archdiocese of Manila. On that day, he turns 75, the retirement age under Church rules.
English Apr 06, 2005
Cardinal Sin raring to go but needs doctors' OK
The Spirit is willing but it is the doctors who will decide if retired Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin can go to the Vatican to help elect the new pope.
English Apr 02, 2005
Cardinal's passion: Visiting poor in village of Sin
The frail figure alighting from the white sedan is an all-too-familiar sight to residents of this poor community in Punta, Sta. Ana district, Manila.
English Sept 16, 2004
Cardinal Jaime Sin Retires
Cardinal Jaime Sin, the controversial Philippine Catholic leader credited with leading popular revolts that ousted two presidents, is retiring after turning 75 last month, the Vatican's representative office in Manila announced on Monday.
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